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Follow Through on That New Year’s Resolution with the Help of a Personal Training Studio Melbourne Fitness Professional

Why people should be using a personal training studio Melbourne professional to get on the path to a healthier mind and body

It’s that time of year again… You know, the time when the whole world vows to change for the better.  The number one New Year’s resolution around the world is a tie between the resolution for additional weight loss, and simply better health in general. According to the Australian Health Survey 2011-2012, 63% of the Australian population is either obese or overweight. The study also showed 60% of men and 66% of women had a waist circumference that put them at risk of developing chronic disease. While many people believe that being overweight just means that they have more weight to deal with, they are wrong. Obesity leads to a myriad of health problems, including, but not limited to, heart disease, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure. Taking control of your life begins with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. A personal training studio Melbourne professional can help you achieve your fitness goals and decrease your risk for chronic conditions by helping you to change your body, mind and life.

It’s common knowledge that a balanced diet and active lifestyle help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Less common is the knowledge of where to begin, or the source of willpower to achieve our fitness goals on our own. Perhaps you get out of breath walking through the grocery store, or have too much back pain to do your job effectively. A 10% decrease in your weight drastically reduces the strain on your joints, and also decreases the stress on your lungs and heart. Regardless of your fitness level or goals, a personal training studio Melbourne location can help you. Studies show 64% of people give up on their New Year’s resolution by June, but this number does not have to include you. Only you can make this year different, by getting the right help and the right people to motivate you. Weight is the only thing you have to lose, and health is the major thing you will gain, not to mention additional self-confidence and increased energy.

If chronic pain is your main concern, start working toward improving flexibility and strength so you can begin living a life with less pain. Imagine how excited your doctor will be when your blood pressure is lower on your next visit, or that your cholesterol is lower as well? In fact, imagine his or her surprise if you were able to take control of your pain management by keeping your entire body healthy. Wouldn’t it be nice to take less medication and worry less about your future? On top of the health risks and concerns, do you know how much cheaper your life would be when you no longer have to purchase several medications and supplements to aid in healing your medical problems? What about waking up without any aches or pains? It is never more important than now to be a good example for your children. A longer, happier life begins with physical health, and you can get healthy enough to enjoy playing with your children and grandchildren. A personal training studio Melbourne fitness professional can get you on the path to a healthier mind and body. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of better health with the services that we have to offer you. Check out our services and let one of our trainers speak with you today.

Which Group Personal Training Classes are Best

Group Personal Training is a fantastic way to acquire the help of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. Choosing the right class to join is up to you.

Group personal training is a fantastic way to exercise or even simply add a new twist to your current exercise routine.   Group classes are also an inexpensive way to be able to follow the workout guidance of a personal trainer.  In addition to the lower cost, group personal training classes offer each person a fantastic way to be able to meet other people with similar interests to their own.  When a group of people meet together for a workout routine, the benefits of the team encouragement and support will go that extra mile to keep you involved in your workout regime.

There are endless selections of group personal training classes that can be chosen from.  Different trainers and facilities will offer different types of programs.  Usually, with enough research, you will be able to find the type of class that works best for you. With all of the options and classes available, what is the best type of class for your group?

The answer to this will depend completely on the group.  A successful workout regime always starts with a workout program that the individual is genuinely interested in sticking with.  Find something that you enjoy doing.  If you join a class out of curiosity but do not necessarily enjoy that particular type of workout, then the chances of you staying in the program long enough to see results is minimal.  Cardio lovers may want to look into cycling or step classes. Those that love a challenge may want to try boxing or circuit training classes.  Those interested more in toning may want to try kettle ball or resistance training.  Other options also include group running, flexibility or strength training classes. Group personal training class options are endless.  Begin your search by first taking the time to see what type of exercise you would enjoy excelling at.

After deciding what type of workout you would like to pursue, the next step would be to find a group personal training class that offers this routine.  This can be achieved simply by asking around at your local gyms or talking to personal trainers. If they do not specifically offer this class, they can give you advice on where to go to find it.  At the very least, they may offer a similar type of class to what you are searching for. Once you have found your class and location, take time to ask the trainers questions.  Inquire as to what level they think you should begin at and what their group personal training schedule is.  Let them know about any medical issues you may have as this will help them better be able to train you.

With the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of the general population, it is extremely important to your own physical well being to ensure that you are getting the recommended amount of physical daily exercise required. Group personal training classes do not have to be large and impersonal. Revolution Personal Training offers classes that do not go over a maximum of 10 people.  Their large variety of classes and schedules can accommodate almost every workout style and schedule.  The key to a successful workout is the ability to be able to enjoy it. When you look forward to and enjoy your workout, you are more likely to stick with it.  The long term benefits of working out will only enhance you both mentally and physically. Have a happy workout.

It’s Time to Take a Look Through the Personal Training Melbourne Listings

If you are looking for personal training, Melbourne has a great community of fitness instructors.

Working up the motivation to hit the gym is something that is difficult for many people. Everyone has their list of favorite excuses. “I’m too tired.” “I have errands to run.” “I can’t miss my favorite television show.” “I’m too self-conscious to go to the gym because I don’t want everyone else there to see how out of shape I am.” Do any of these sound familiar? The best way to combat the wall of excuses is to schedule some sessions with a personal trainer. If you are living in the Melbourne area, take a look through the personal training Melbourne listings and book some sessions today! It’s the best way to get yourself off of the couch and into the gym.

One of the biggest advantages to working with a personal trainer is the accountability. If you have already booked sessions with your trainer, you will probably feel obligated to keep them. You will have already paid for them and won’t want to see your money go to waste, and unlike a gym membership, you’re paying per session, so you can’t fool yourself into believing you’ll just go at a later date and still get your money’s worth. Once a session is paid for, that’s your session. You can’t put it off. Also, you will feel guilty about putting out your trainer by canceling last minute, so off the couch and over to the gym you’ll go. The personal training Melbourne community is filled with wonderful, charismatic, skilled trainers who you will probably find enjoyable to work with, so you will want to go anyway!

Sometimes going to the gym to work out on your own can be a little bit frightening, because many people simply don’t know what to do when they get there. How do you use the equipment? Which exercises will help you to achieve your fitness goals? What are realistic goals? There is no need to stress over all of these questions when you can have someone to answer them for you. When it comes to personal training, Melbourne has some of the greatest instructors. They will guide you through the process and make sure you achieve your goals in a healthy way.

Instructors in the personal training Melbourne community are experts in all things fitness and will help you to keep your progress in perspective. Sometimes when people work out on there own, they feel like they do not progress quickly enough, or might not recognize signs of dangerously progressing too quickly. Your trainer will help you to identify positive progress signs and warning signs that you might be pushing yourself a little too hard. Having someone to objectively measure your success will help you to achieve your goals in the most effective and healthy way possible.

If you are living in the Melbourne area, it’s time to take a look through the personal training Melbourne listings and find yourself a personal trainer who will motivate you to stay in shape. Having someone to help, encourage, and teach you will help you achieve your goals and give you something to be proud of.

Revolution Personal Training will keep you motivated and having fun as you progress towards your fitness goals.

Sign Up for a Group Personal Training Melbourne Class

Why work out alone when you can invite your friends to a group personal training Melbourne class?

Working out is so much fun! There is nothing better than hanging out alone with a strict personal trainer pushing you to do more squats and sit-ups, while a bunch of strangers in the gym watch you sweat through your spandex! Okay, so maybe working out isn’t always so fun. Being in shape is fun. Feeling good about your body is fun. Being stronger is fun. But getting there, not always a party, unless you make it a party. Many personal trainers in the Melbourne area are offering group training sessions that allow you the expertise of working with a trainer, but the support and comrade of a group of people working together for the same goals.  The next time you are planning an evening of fun with your pals, you might to skip the book club, the nightclub, and the bridge club, and enroll in a group personal training Melbourne class instead.

Many people find that once they’re at the gym and already working out, it’s not so bad. Sure, it’s strenuous, but the rush of adrenaline is usually worth it. The toughest part for most people is working up the motivation to actually go to the gym. It can seem like a real hassle at times. If you and your friends sign up for a group personal training Melbourne class, you’ll have many reasons to want to get up and go to the gym. First of all, having a group waiting for you gives you someone (many people, actually) to be accountable too. You’re the only person who knows if you skip a solo gym session, but if you play hooky for a group session, you’ll have to explain yourself to your friends. The best part about signing your group of friends up for a group personal training Melbourne session is that you will probably actually want to go! Who doesn’t like spending an evening with their pals? All of the bonding time might make lunges seem like fun!

Having a support system is an important part of achieving any goal in life, and a group personal training Melbourne class will do just that for your fitness goals. Your friends won’t let you say “I can’t do it!” They know you can do it and they know what to say to encourage you. They will likely also be struggling trough some parts of it, and seeing them overcome their fitness obstacles will motivate you to want to do the same. It’s often been said that laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes being able to laugh with your friends about a dropped barbell, a tangled jump rope, or an inadvertent fall during a push-up will make the follies of fitness less frustrating.

Unless you’re a real fitness enthusiast, it can be tough to work up the motivation to get to the gym on a regular basis. Signing you and your group of friends up for a group personal training Melbourne class will encourage you to stay focused, and will make working out way more fun than you ever thought it could be.

Are you ready to have a fun while getting fit?  Then check out the group personal training Melbourne classes offered by Revolution Fitness Training.

My First Marathon.

tim bruni dall

Ever thought of completing a marathon? I had, but never, ever in my wildest dreams thought it was something that I could do, or even possibly come close to doing. Seven weeks before the Melbourne Marathon I decided this was the year that was all going to change. My friends and family thought I was insane training for a marathon in just 7 weeks. However, their doubts just made me want it more; I got the usual sarcastic “good luck” comments, but all they did was to feed my fire and helped me push on and be more determined to get it done!

Although I was a regular runner throughout the week the difference between the usual 10km run and a 42km run was massive!

I had to start training in a completely new and unknown way; bit by bit I had to get the km’s out each week. Starting off with a slower pace that I was not used too, this in fact this was one of the most challenging things for me as my body only knew one speed, and that was fast.

My weeks were now divided into 4 running sessions. Monday became to be known as my “easy run, slow pace” day, Wednesday was “the tempo and speed work day”, and Friday was “easy run, moderate pace”, followed by Sunday’s painful “long run”.

You don’t realise how much running takes a toll on your body until you complete a long run; in the end it would hurt to stop. My legs slowly felt like they were turning to stone. After each Sunday’s run I would struggle to even walk, making Monday night’s easy run at a slow pace seem like your worst nightmare.

This all started to become a mental game; most of the time you had to just switch off and not consciously think about what you were doing if you wanted to keep going. It was easy for your mind to start making excuses to stop.

As the weeks went on I would like to say it got easier but the truth is some days it wasn’t, there was not only the training side to take into consideration, but now you also had to think about your diet and lifestyle too – making sure you had adequate energy levels to complete each run.

If it wasn’t for my running partner, some days I wouldn’t have kept training. If this is something you are really looking at doing, having someone to share the glory with helps to keep pushing you along the way too.

We completed our last long run a week before the marathon and it wasn’t until then I gained the confidence and started believing that I could actually do this.

The day arrived and like starting a new job or first day at school I was nervous, not knowing what the day was going to hold – was the weather going to be okay? Did I have enough to eat; did I remember to pack everything? So much to think of; even though I checked my bag 4 or 5 times the night before and even once more in the morning, I didn’t want to be searching and rushing around more than I needed to that morning.

The participants started to gather at the start line, a sea of people in the thousands. I made sure my laces were double knotted, my iPod play list was on, and began to start to stretch.

The countdown began. I looked across to Luke for reassurance, I got the nod that yep this was it, we were about to head off. Slowly we started to make our way across the start line, the sea of people all started to charge forward, leaving each person with only minimal space to make their way up the course.

1, 2, 3 km’s passed and we started to gain some room to move, we could now get our pace sorted and set ourselves up for what seemed to be the most physically challenging thing I’ve done in my life. The first 15 kms were a bit of a blur to me, as I was focusing more on the surroundings rather than what I was doing. The area was all new to me I’d never run along this section of Melbourne before.

As we hit the 20 km mark we noticed the 3 hours and 50 minute pacer runner just ahead of us. Seeing this helped me a lot as our original goal was to complete this under 4 hours so it confirmed we were on track.

We stuck with him for quite some time, but slowly bit by bit he started to break away. We were at the 36km mark, our legs were getting heavy and we were heading into the unknown, we had never run this far before. My knees and ankles were now feeling every single step, looking around people were dropping off, giving in, obviously it was all too much for them, their minds had won the game.

I had to keep telling myself the hard bit was done and we were on the home straight. Not long now, nearly there, keep it going, I could hear myself saying. The MCG was getting closer with each step, the crowds were cheering, complete strangers handing out lollies as we passed to help get us through that last bit.

Finally the doors of the MCG.., I think I was the happiest I’d been all day, my pace started to speed up; we were there; onto the ground we ran. I never knew how big the MCG was until I set foot on the grass. The stands were full of cheering family and friends.

Across the line we went, a huge overwhelming feeling hit me we were done, we made it, we just completed a marathon!

Group Personal Training Makes Exercising fun

If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise, group personal training is a perfect fit. Our classes take away the stress of working out alone. It’s the best way to get in shape, and socialize while having a blast.

If you are looking for a fun way to exercise, group personal training is the perfect solution, especially if the idea of exercising alone causes you anxiety. This fear often stops you from even attempting to achieve your fitness goals. Working out with a small group of like-minded individuals removes this stress for you completely. People generally don’t like to experience new ventures on their own; it is human nature to want to socialize and be part of a group. This makes group personal training the best way to exercise and interact with others while having fun. Our class sizes are small, up to 10 people per class, and you have the option to start up your own group with your friends or co-workers. If you come on your own, we can find you an exercise class with other individuals who have similar fitness goals.  

If you set up a group personal training session of your own, you don’t have to come to our studio. Your personal trainer will come to you, if it is more convenient. We know that sometimes time constraints also stand in the way of your physical fitness.  As well, your group can have your workout customized to match your party’s fitness needs.

If you join on your own, the others in your group personal training class will likely be there for the same reasons as you; so you will already have two things in common. Everyone wants to exercise as a part of a group and increase their fitness levels. Whether you know them or not, working out with other people is a great way to get inspired. Exercise is always more enjoyable and stimulating when you work together and encourage each other.
Our group personal training classes are designed so everyone can work on their goals no matter what fitness level they’re at. Although you will be exercising with up to nine other people, you will still have your own personalized plan. Your highly-experienced personal trainer will consider everyone’s fitness targets when they prepare the class exercises. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase your flexibility or endurance, we offer classes to help you achieve what you want to. The workouts are high energy and entertaining so you can improve your strength and fitness level without feeling like you’re exercising.  

To get the most fun out of your group personal training session, you have to choose physical activities that you will enjoy doing and find challenging. If there is any type of exercise that you detest, stay away from it. You will not enjoy your time in your workout sessions, and this may make you quit before you reach your goals. If you don’t feel challenged, you may get bored so we offer various mixtures of different exercises so you are sure to find one, or more classes, that you will love taking part in. The primary goal of each session is for you to get as fit as you want to be in the most engaging way possible.

Group personal training classes take away the stress of working out by yourself. It’s a great way to get in shape, and socialize, while having a blast. Our fitness instructors are waiting to help you realize your personal fitness goals. Our facility is by appointment only, so contact us today to get started.