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Do compression garments really work?

Compression Tri ShortsSo… You can’t leave your house these days without seeing someone jogging along here in Melbourne without the big X on their legs from their 2XU compression tights.

Every footy club down here is flooded with a sea of Skins long sleeve compression tops, or 2XU tights, right through from the start of April to the end of the season, to help get the players through the long, cold season.

So, are these magical compression garments turning all of these weekend warriors into supreme elite athletes? Or do they just feel good and arguably look good?

I’ll confess to being on the team of these tights wearers. And worse, on the side with no shorts over the top back in the days when I used to play footy a few years ago. This is an extremely vigorous debate amongst fellow players when involved in local level footy. You either wear your tights on their own and leave very little to the imagination, or you wear a pair of footy shorts over the top to leave people guessing… Either way, this is off topic and not really addressing the key question here. So yes, I have worn and still am a fan of compression garments. But why?

Do compression garments really work for the purpose they are intended or are they just an expensive excuse for men to get away with wearing tights?

Firstly we need to examine what are these garments trying to achieve?

The answer is they are aiming to speed up your recovery from exercise by aiding in circulation of the extremities and increasing veinous return of blood and metabolites.

As we know, blood is pumped away from your heart, but returned to your heart via contractions in your muscles squeezing blood back to your core with much less pressure. Your veins have one-way valves preventing blood from traveling in the wrong direction. A genius design by whomever you believe did the designing. Compression garments increase the pressure around the muscles at the extremities and aid your circulation to bring the used blood back through your lungs for oxygenation. Graduated compression is the key, with greater compression at the extremities becoming less firm and tight as it moves closer to the core, otherwise arterial (or blood on its way out to your working muscles), may become compromised and therefore impede performance.

The benefit compression garments are trying to achieve is an increased rate of veinous return and to increase the rate at which metabolic waste product, caused by exercise, is cleared from the working or worked muscles. By aiding in the clearing of this waste product from the muscle back into the blood stream, recovery is faster as less damage is caused to the muscles tissue by the waste product post exercise. Also when used during competition the compression can reduce the negative effect this waste product may have on your performance. Think of it as helping to reduce that lactate burn you sometimes feel when exercising intensely.

Nathan and I were lucky enough to have a meeting with exercise scientist and developer of the new Skins A400 range a couple of years back when we were given some free product to trial (always a handy little perk of our job). He gave us a great run down on how the garments work and how a hell of a lot goes into there design. Here is there run down from their website:

“When you apply compression to specific body parts in a balanced and accurate way, it accelerates blood flow. This gets more oxygen to your working muscles – and boosts your performance.

Better blood flow also helps your body to get rid of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes – which helps you work at a higher rate for longer. Plus, improved oxygenation reduces the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness and accelerates muscle repair. So BioAcceleration Technology™ plays a big part in helping you recover from exercise too.”

So in my opinion and as proven in various studies, yes compression garments do in fact work and can achieve at least some of what they claim to achieve. They will aid in increasing your performance in certain scenarios and they will also help you to recover quicker post exercise. So join the men in tights!

Revolution Personal Training Inaugurates a New Personal Training Studio in Melbourne

Monash University Obesity and Diabetes Institute ranks Australia among the fattest nations in the world. Opening of the New Melbourne training studio has come as a welcome relief for the South Melbourne residents. With the “state-of-the-art” personal training centre, people can now stay healthy, strong and fit.

Managing director of Revolution Personal Training, Luke Scott said, “We are now gearing up to train our customers in our new centre. We offer customized training solutions for corporate training as well as personal training in our studio”.

Scott further stated that the training studio offers mobile personal training services for the convenience of the customers.

The fact that this fitness studio is not a gym makes it all the more different from the rest of the fitness centers or gyms in the areas, said the managing director.

“We do not operate like the gyms and offer personalized training sessions for small groups. We dedicatedly offer high quality personalized training services for benefit of our clients”.

Cases of obesity have doubled in Australia over the past 20 years.

While celebrating the studio’s eighth birthday Scot said, “Our trained experts take good care of each of the clients to offer maximum benefit. We are proud to announce opening of another fitness studio in South Melbourne”.

One of the satisfied customers of Revolution Personal Training studio was very excited to share her experience with Revolution Training Personal Studio.

“Luke trained me for six years and I have no words to express what a fantastic trainer he was. He was a health guru and had tremendous knowledge about different exercises and healthy diet. He makes each of the sessions exciting and different. His inspirational messages during the training keep me going. I must say Revolution Personal Training has some of the most committed and professional team of experts. I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues to join this fitness-training institute.”  

For more information about Revolution Personal Training, please visit:

Small Group Personal Training: The Bane of Un-motivation

You have made the decision: you want to get in better shape. Perhaps you are fed up with the way you look in (or out of) your clothes, or how lousy in general you feel, or any number of things related to these. With this goal of personal transformation squarely in mind, you make a trip to a gym or fitness center, only to be overwhelmed and a little intimidated by the sight of all the equipment, mirrors and strange people. You think maybe such a public setting is not a good idea after all, so you check out the cost of personal training, only to find that it unfortunately does not suit your budget at this time. Your enthusiasm for the notion of better health begins to wane, and then you think of another option: small group personal training.

What is it?
Small group personal training allows you to reap the benefits of personalized training at a lower price, often by splitting the cost among the group’s participants. The groups are kept small (usually between five to ten people), which gives the double bonus of individualized attention from the trainer and consistent workout partners.

What are the benefits?
The benefits of small group personal training are many. As mentioned, you will receive all the advantages of working with a personal trainer. The group is put together with each individual’s fitness goals in mind, so you will be training alongside people whose goals are either the same as or very similar to yours, with routines tailored towards your personal needs. In such a group, you will not only have the support and encouragement of others’, but also the feeling of real accomplishment and camaraderie when you tackle your mutual milestones together. You will not only be motivated by others, but you will also motivate others in turn to succeed.

This small group personal training setting also gives the structure of accountability: it is harder to skip out on sessions if you are aware that others will notice your absence. A study done by IDEA Health & Fitness Association showed that more people were likely to stay on track with a group training program as opposed to those who exercised by themselves. This is not to say that you cannot succeed on your own, but it is easier for a single trainee to make excuses, slack on nutrition and blow off workouts if there is no one about to reinforce responsibility for their actions (or inactions, as it were).

In a larger group, you may feel lost, unnoticed or uncared for, with your specific needs ignored and age or injuries unaddressed. With small group personal training, the trainer’s personal attention will ensure none of these issues are discounted. It will not be only the trainer who cares about your personal progress, but your group mates will care as well and help push you to do your best every time.

If the idea of spending one-on-one time with a trainer is too intimidating or financially out of reach, consider small group personal training as an alternative.

If you are looking to shape up and get fit, check out our services. We have a wide range of personal training services to suit every need.

Invest in Yourself with Personal Training Melbourne Instructors

Good health is the one thing nobody can afford to do without. No one likes to feel terrible constantly, and anyone who has been so ill to the point of being incapacitated knows the value of a healthy body. It should not take a major personal crisis in order to persuade anyone to take a more active part in maintaining good health, and with obesity becoming more and more of a common issue across the country, it has never been more important to look after yourself. Some may find that getting started down the road to fitness is an intimidating and sometimes overwhelming endeavor, with so many resources available it can be difficult to determine what advice is sound and what is well-intentioned but misleading. So, where do you one begin? Personal training Melbourne makes an excellent starting point, and here are several reasons why.

1) Get started. For many, simply getting motivated to begin is too large a hurdle, whether that is at the very beginning or further down the road. A good personal training Melbourne instructor can offer you encouragement and help bolster your self-confidence from start to finish.

2) Set goals and monitor and maintain personal progress. At the beginning, the personal training Melbourne instructor will sit down with you and determine what your fitness goals are, whether that is to improve overall health, lose weight, tone up, eat better, or some combination of all of these, and they will also keep track of how you are progressing.

3) Develop a personalized regimen. There are only so many hours in a day and every one of them is precious. To this effect, your personal training Melbourne instructor will help you develop a workout routine tailored to your specific needs and personal schedule that will allow you to train for maximum benefit in minimum time, whether the venue of choice is at a fitness centre or in the privacy of your own home. Your trainer will also ensure that your personalized training addresses any specific medical needs (e.g. diabetes, arthritis, spinal concerns, injury rehabilitation, pre- or post-pregnancy conditions, limited mobility) and take care to work with you on them.

4) Plan healthy eating alternatives. As if finding enough time in the day isn’t hard enough, making healthy food choices is even more so, especially with so many cheap fast-food products readily available. Eating with an eye for good nutrition does not have to mean starving yourself or sticking to plain, uninspiring dishes you will get bored of quickly. Your personal training Melbourne instructor can help you with a food plan that allows you to eat well while staying within your budget.

5) Prevent injuries. There is a lot of exercise equipment available both in fitness centers and for personal home use; using incorrect form can cause injury or aggravate existing ones. Your trainer will teach you the correct form and techniques for using the equipment necessary for your homework program, whether those are using machines, free weights or even just yourself.

6) Gain and enhance skills. Perhaps you would like to start a new sport, or enhance your performance in one you currently play. A good personal trainer specializing in your chosen sport can help teach you the skills you need and maximize your potential to give you the edge over your competitors.

Personal training Melbourne instructors are no longer the sole province of the well-to-do social elite. It is a worthwhile investment, as the person reaping the ultimate reward will be you, and the long, healthy years you gain as a result will be worth it.

How to get the best out of yourself.

So you want to improve your fitness. I’ve heard it all before. You want to want to exercise. You want to want to get out there and go for a run. Or you want to want to get that gym session done.

You wish you got that feeling that all of those other fit people must get when they are out there running enjoying themselves, smiling, barely huffing and puffing. You wish you felt like that when you went out for a run. Running must be so easy for all of those people

For them it all must be so easy.

Am I right?

Well guess what. I am here to tell you that it is not. I’m hear to tell you that all of that is a load of crap!

I am a personal trainer. I have completed a number of fun runs, a half marathon and I am training now for my second. By the end of this year I will have completed my first full marathon. I am by no means a professional runner but I do compete in my fair share of endurance events these days and I think I am getting close to getting the best out of myself and learning what works best for me and my body. If anyone out there should have the right to feel like this when they are out there training, running, exercising it should be me right? It should be someone like me who is around exercise, day in, day out all of my life I should love all of this stuff then, right?

Well guess what…

Exercise Myth Busters: Exercise is useless for weight loss

Well, this blog post has been inspired by the recent article on The Age website titled : The exercise myth that I have had brought to my attention yesterday.

The article is goes on to talk about exercise and weight loss and new book which claims that exercise is useless for weight loss. The article then shares a number of great points from David Driscoll an exercise physiologist and sports dietitian.

My summary of this would be that as many of you may have found when you exercise you can have an increased appetite.  Keep this in check and you will go a long way to dropping the kilos and improving more than just your weigh, as we all know exercise has vast and important benefits that are far greater than weight loss or even weight maintenance.

Another thing thing mentioned to be mindful of is the fact that many of us want to reward our hard work with a larger serving size at our meals or a treat after dinner because of how very hard we have worked! However the fact is that sometimes these rewards can actually throw us back over our calorie budget and we can many times end up doing more harm that good in the overall scheme of things. Being over our daily calorie budget we can end up actually putting on weight if we do this consistently.

So the moral of the story… Exercise can certainly help us with more than just losing weight but don’t lose sight of the simple fact that what is going into your body is key when you are watching your weight. It will determine how much out put you need to achieve to bring your body to a point of calorie deficit and therefor weight loss.