Lazy Sunday @ National Sports Museum

Good Morning, well its the last Sunday before Christmas, so I trust that al of you have your Christmas shopping sorted and are looking for a way to enjoy your afternoon and stay away from the crazy Christmas crowds at Melbourne’s shopping centres.

Check out the National Sports Museum located at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It contains loads of exhibits with the history of Football, cricket, horse racing and the Olympics.

The most entertaining exhibit though would be the interactive exhibit that enables you to test out your football abilities with goal kicking competitions with AFL players, challenges against cricket stars and loads of challenges and activities.

So get on down and see how you compare to our sporting stars.

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #23

sprint trainingWell it looks like it is going to be an amazing day today (getting so confused with this up and down weather). So for todays workout we are going to get outside and enjoy the glorious Melbourne sunshine while it lasts, just remember to put on a bit of sunscreen.

Ok so todays workout is going to be a pretty high intensity running session and you will need a timer & a couple of cones or markers 50m apart.

The workout is 10 x 50m sprints in 15 seconds. The aim is to sprint the 50m as fast as possible and use the remainder of the 15sec as your rest (ie: sprint 50m in 8sec & rest for 7 sec)

Keep doing this until you have done 10, 50m sprints then have a rest for 2 minutes repeat all of this for 4 sets.

However if you find you are tiring and just making it to the 50m marker and having to run again reduce the distance by 5m.

Good Luck.

Let us know how you go with it



Lazy Sunday @ Luna Park

Good Morning, hope you enjoyed a sleep in this morning and are prepared for a fun filled, action packed afternoon in St Kilda to cap off your lazy Sunday.

So if you have nothing to do this afternoon get some friends & family together head on down to Melbourne’s iconic Luna Park in St Kilda where you can enjoy an afternoon full of rollercoasters, thrill rides, dodgem cars and all sorts of carnival fun and get your heart racing with a little bit of an adrenalin boost.

After you have had all of your fun you can also relax in one of St Kilda’s parks with a picnic/BBQ followed by a cheeky ice cream.

Hope you have a great day!

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….Christmas Countdown 13 sleeps to go!!!!



Body Trim Diet- what’s it all about?

Over recent years there has been lots of information about many new diets and nutrition options. Today we are going to look at one of these diets, the Body Trim program.

Body Trim has been touted as a revolutionary weight loss system which educates you on how to lose weight quickly, easily and naturally without the aid of pills, tonics or shakes. It is an educational program, which is designed to help you understand how to eat, and guarantees permanent weight loss. It will also help to eliminate cravings, stop weight loss plateaus, convert your body into a fat burning machine, show you a permanent long term solution to weight loss, and increase your energy levels. It has been designed by Geoff Jowlett (former Personal Trainer of the year), along with dieticians and doctors.

The program is based around the 3 W’s – what to eat, when to eat and why. It promotes being able to still enjoy the foods you love, while being easy to follow and understand, and is tailored to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The entire premise of this program is to consume 6 meals a day: 3 main meals and 3 protein snacks. The program is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1- This is a 3 day carbohydrate-free phase, where you are essentially detoxing. You are only allowed to consume protein for the entire 6 meals and there are many options provided to you to choose from.

Phase 2 – This is the weight loss phase and is targeted towards your personal weight loss goals. This phase is continued until you reach your ideal weight and allows you to eat 3 main meals (consisting of protein and salad or vegetables (not potatoes or starchy options), and 3 protein based snacks. You are allowed to consume 1 slice of bread for breakfast or lunch only. This is followed for 6 days and then you are given a free day. This is where you are allowed to eat whatever you like (within reason, watching your fat and sugar intake). After these 7 days you continue the cycle again, with Day 1 being a protein only day and days 2-6 mainly protein and vegetables.

This diet focuses primarily on what you eat, not on strenuous exercise; however, they recommend you must complete 10,000 steps each day (including a 30 minute walk).

Overall, this program has received very positive reviews from people who have taken up the offer and adopted this new way of life.

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Lazy Sunday @ Getting Prepared for Christmas

Good morning, hope you are enjoying the change of weather and the sunshine we are getting. Today for your lazy Sunday as it is the first weekend of December get yourself into the festive spirit and get yourself prepared for Christmas.

Check out the Christmas Cave on the corner of William & Franklin St, it is Australia’s largest Christmas store and has everything you will need to get your house decorated as though it belongs in the North Pole, from bon bons to lights, stockings and decorations your are sure to find everything you need.

After you finish up there, get your exercise on and walk down to Burke St and check out the Myer Christmas windows and grab a bit of lunch while you’re down there.

Finish the day off by heading out to your nearest Christmas tree farm and picking out your own Christmas tree.

Hope you enjoy your day getting into the festive spirit!

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Exercise Myth Busters #40

Six-pack Abs = heaps of crunches

Doing repeated crunches and abdominal exercise will help you to improve your abdominal strength and develop ‘six-pack Abs’. HOWEVER if there is a dense layer of fat over your abdominal area you will not be able to visually see the results of all of your abdominal work. To tone your stomach muscles you must first reduce your body fat by exercising well and eating right. Once you have sufficiently reduced your body fat levels you will be able to enjoy your ‘six pack abs’. But just crunches alone will not be enough to bring out your washboard body. Besides keeping your abs/core properly engaged throughout a regular strength training workout will give you a better abdominal training session than just performing loads of sit ups.

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