Improve Your Relationship By Getting All Hot and Sweaty…. In The Gym of Course

Working out improves your long-term health and your fitness levels, and it can help you discover your ideal weight. Working out might be good for your love life as well. Exercising with your significant other can produce a number of benefits. With a workout partner—one that you know well and care about, no less—you have a built-in support system, which can be particularly useful on those days when you’re not in the mood to work out or push yourself. Exercising with your significant other can strengthen your relationship as well; by overcoming challenges and working together to meet a goal, whether it’s to improve your health or lose weight, you and your partner will bond in a new way. Even more, working out with your significant other allows you to spend quality time together. With many ways to work out as a couple, there’s no better time than to exercise with your love.


It might seem like a solo activity, but running is ideal for couples. You can do it anywhere, whether you want to jog around your neighbourhood or discover a scenic route through a park in your town. Running can be challenging, especially when you start. Having a running partner to push you through those moments when you want to stop is essential. For serious runners, this form of exercise can become a major part of your life. You and your partner can sign up for everything from 5Ks to marathons, traveling to participate in the races, achieve a common goal, and spend some quality time together.

Strength Training

Strength training is an important part of any well-rounded exercise routine, but it can be rather dull. Fortunately, this type of exercise is perfectly suited for two people. Head to the gym, and move from machine to machine with your partner, rotating turns between sets. You can do strength training just as efficiently with your significant other as you do it alone. Rather than resting between sets, your partner can move in and do his or hers. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of having a supportive teammate when you work out.

Outdoor Activities

Exercise doesn’t always have to take place in the confines of a gym, and more creative ways to work out are perfect for couples. If you live near the beach, surfing, skim boarding, and paddle boarding are hobbies that you and your partner can learn together, all while getting in shape. Skiing and snowboarding are cold-weather activities that give you a great workout. Hiking is effective exercise as well, and it gives you and your partner the chance to spend some quality time in nature.


If your standard workout routine is getting old, sign you and your partner up for a class to learn a new skill. Find a yoga or cardio class that challenges you. You might not know what you’re doing at first, but you and your partner can learn together—and perhaps laugh at yourselves in the process—while getting in shape.

Working out as a couple improves your health and your relationship. Don’t be intimidated by sharing your workout routine with your partner. Having a teammate who supports your fitness goals is the first step in establishing a long-lasting exercise routine. Plus, you can spend quality time with your partner at the same time.

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Guest post contributed by Sarah Paulsen, for Factoryfast.com.au – suppliers of a wide range of sports and fitness products.

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Why You Should QUIT Smoking

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health. Half of all long-term smokers will die of a smoking-related illness and smoking affects every organ in your body.

What happens to your body after quitting      

• Within a month your immune system begins to show signs of recovery. |

• After two months your lungs will no longer be producing extra phlegm caused by smoking and blood flow to your hands and feet improve.

• After twelve months your blood pressure returns to normal.

• After ten years of stopping your risk of lung cancer is markedly lower than that of a continuing smoker and continues to decline (provided the disease is not already present).

• After fifteen years your risk of heart attack and stroke is close to that of a person who has never smoked.

• Stopping smoking reduces your risk of developing, or worsening of, lung disease including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

• Over time, your sense of taste and smell will slowly improve

Financial benefits of quitting

• A pack a day smoker can save around $4,000 after one year of quitting.

• You’re less likely to suffer from some illnesses, which means fewer trips to the doctor, less money spent on medications and fewer sick days.

How smoking impacts your fitness

• Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available to your muscles, which means they tire faster than normal.

• A study conducted at the National University Hospital in Oslo, Norway, found that regular smokers experienced a greater decline in physical fitness over the course of seven years than non-smokers. As the participants aged, the smokers saw an average decline of 217 joules per kilogram — a measure of energy density — whereas the non-smokers only saw a decline of 86 joules per kilogram. Smokers had less energy available to them, thereby affecting their fitness level.

Quit support

• Call the Quitline on 13 7848 (13 QUIT)

The Quitline is a confidential telephone quitting information and advice service.  Professional telephone advisors provide strategies and support to help you quit. They really understand how hard it is to give up smoking. And all this just for the cost of a local call (higher from mobiles).

• Go online with the Quit Coach

www.quitcoach.org.au is a free online tool giving ideas and suggestions that are relevant to you  It does this after you have answered some questions about your lifestyle and your smoking. The Quit Coach can help you before, during and after you quit.

• Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or other health professional

Doctors and pharmacists are good sources of advice about quitting, especially for advice on quit smoking medications. You will need to see a doctor if you’re considering using prescription quitting medications.

It’s also important to see your doctor if you’ve suffered from a mental illness or are taking medication for one. If you have asthma, diabetes or other health problems it can be useful to discuss quitting with a health professional. See your doctor regularly while you’re quitting, and seek advice if you experience symptoms that worry you. The Quitline can also offer advice and support while you’re quitting


Special thanks to Luke Atkin of Quit for putting this article together for us and letting you know some great reasons and fantastic resources available to help you quit smoking.  

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Man Up Monday – Making Waves

Good Morning, I hope you had a fantastic weekend, but all the fun and games from the weekend are gone and its time to get stuck into todays Man Up Monday workout of the day.

For today’s session you will need to get hold of some battling ropes.

The workout will be 

100 Rope Waves

20 Chin Ups

100 Rope Waves

20 Squats

100 Rope Waves

20 Push Ups

Repeat these exercises reducing the number of repetitions each time, so next is 80/16, 60/12, 40/8, 20/4.

Have fun.

Post your finishing time below



Man Up Monday – How Strong Are You?

Good Morning and welcome to our first man Up Monday Session for 2012.

I hope you had a refreshing break and are raring to get stuck into some training.

For todays workout we are going to see just how strong you are with a 1RM (1 Rep Max) strength test. So for this one make sure you have a partner to spot you.

We are going to do 3 exercises

Bench Press –  Lay flat on the bench, lower bar down towards your sternum, stopping about 5cm off your chest, press the bar back up.

Deadlift – Start with the weight on the bar on the floor, with knees bent and back flat. Rise to an upright position while holding the bar.

Chin Up – Hold onto a chin up bar and pull yourself up until your chin is over the top of the bar. 

After a good warm up, start with a challenging weight and do 1 rep, if you can complete the rep add more weight on and repeat after a couple of minutes rest. Your final result will be the last weight you can successfully lift on your own. Ideally your starting weight will allow you to find this within 4 or 5 attempts.

You can add weight to the chin ups through the use of weight belt,chains, powerbands and a few other aids.

Remember to post you results below



Man Up Monday – 10 Minute Sled Challenge

Hey Guys,

Todays workout is going to be well, torturous to say the least so strap your self in and get ready for some pain courtesy of our old mate ‘The Mule’ the trusty sled we keep down at the South Melbourne Personal Training Studio.

There are 2 exercises you have to know for this work out.

The Sled Push: Basically pushing the sled, get as low as you can keeping you back flat and parallel to the floor and use you legs to push and propel the sled forward.

The Sled Pull: Start standing on the end of the sled holding onto the handles, without letting go jump back then in a rowing motion pull the sled towards you.

The workout will be 10 minutes of pushing and pulling the sled back and forth over a 10 m track (push one way, pull the other).

The aim is to complete as many laps as you can in the 10 minute challenge.

Have Fun. Post your lap total below once you have completed the workout



Man Up Monday – The 8 Challenge

It Monday again and that means its time to Man Up a little with the perfect little way to get your week kick started.

This workout is based on the number 8. So you will be doing just 2 exercises but do as many sets of 8 repetitions as you can in 8 minutes.

The 2 exercises you will be doing are:

K/B Single Leg Deadlift: Holding a kettlebell in each hand, stand on one leg and bend from the hip, keeping your back flat, and touch the kettlebells to the ground. Use your glutes and hamstrings to pull yourself upright. (8 reps on each leg)

K/B Renegade Row: Start in a push up postion on top of the kettlebells, perform a push up, then pull the kettlebell up to you hip, on arm at a time.

Do as many sets of these 2 exercises as you can in 8 minutes and post your total sets in the comments below

Have fun!