How I lost 80kgs and changed my life!

Hi, my name is Connie and I am one of the very first clients of Revolution Personal Training.

This is my story about the transition that I undertook to change my life.

Well… Where do I start… I have been a big person for most of my life. From at least the age of 10 onwards I have always struggled with my weight…

I’ll cut the story a little short or we would be here forever. Let’s just say I had tried everything under the sun when it comes to weight loss. You name it and I tell you, I have done it.

In the year of November 2002 I got married at the weight of 108kgs. I had actually already lost 10kgs for my wedding at that point. My struggle with my weight became especially hard after I got married. I managed to gain another 32kgs in the next 4 years. I was pushing the 140kg mark. I thought that I was happy, but deep down I really wasn’t. My personality changed in those years of weight gain.

At the time I was trying to fall pregnant but something just wasn’t working. I went through the first couple of stages of the IVF program three times to see if I could make it work. In the end it didn’t. The only thing that was left to do was to try to lose weight and take care of myself first, on the inside and out! Something I should have addressed years earlier.

At the time l did a lot of research, about how to lose weight and how to better take care of myself. Finally l found something that I knew in the end would change my life for the better. I decided to get a Lap-Band, which in other words means Bariatric Surgery. But I knew that if I was going to do this, it wasn’t going to be easy at all. If this was going to help me fix my weight problem forever, it wasn’t going to do it on its own. It was going to be very hard work. That’s how personal training came into my life and helped me get to where I am today.

When I decided go ahead with the surgery, after all of my research, I knew that it wasn’t going to do it all for me. I had to do the hard yards to make it work. Knowing the type of personal I am, and the fact that I had tried almost everything else out there, I looked into personal training. I knew this would force me to make the commitment to myself that I desperately needed to make. I went through the Yellow Pages and trawled through the internet for over a month before the operation. I made A LOT of phone calls. In doing this I asked a lot of questions of everyone I contacted. One of the main things was that I needed someone that would help me through this process from start to finish, no matter what! I wanted a mobile personal trainer. I wanted to be trained at home and to have someone with knowledge about the lap-band surgery and what I needed to do to recover from the surgery and move forward healthily. I wanted to ensure exercise and a healthy lifestyle was something I continued with, for the long term this time!

Finding the right person was not an easy task to achieve. Just when I was giving up hope I called Luke Scott from Revolution and talked to him about my situation. At first as Lap-Band surgery was quite new back in 2004 he mentioned he didn’t know a lot about the surgery. He was willing, however, to find out as much as he could about it and how it would impact on my training before he started working with me. We could tackle this big problem together!

Well, I thought l’m going to give this guy a go, and got him to come and see me at home to discuss what, when, where and how we were going to get me to where I so desperately wanted to be!

Luke did come to see me, and I tell you, it was the best thing l have ever done in my life. It was true that it was going to be a learning process for both of us.

I started doing things that I never thought I could. I started training with Luke 3 times a week and on my own on the days that we didn’t train. He made me keep a diary of food that he would check it every time he saw me, he would ask me questions regarding my eating, my sleep, my energy levels, my water intake. There was none of this “I feel tired today, I can’t exercise” crap that I had convinced myself of in the past. He would not have a bar of it. Rain, hail or shine I exercised my butt off!

At the end of all this, if Luke told me to jump, I would say how high! All jokes aside, I haven’t been so happy and fit in my life for a very long time, and for this I owe Luke a huge thank you for getting me to where I am today. So if you are struggling with anything regarding weight loss or self esteem I would recommend seeing someone from Revolution Personal Training, and have a crack at changing your life forever. Trust me when I say it does work, but only if you want it to work and are prepared to put in the hard work and sweat. It doesn’t work on its own, you need to help it along to get where you want to get to be.

From doing this, now I have moved on with my personal life; I’m the happiest I have ever been. I am about to remarry my first true love of my life in February 2012!

I hope you enjoyed my story and that maybe I have inspired you to do something for yourself.


Here are some photos of my transformation:


Connie before and after


4 thoughts on “How I lost 80kgs and changed my life!

  1. SheRides Cycling

    Hey Connie!

    Great work and what an amazing role model you are. You talk a lot about what you achieved and the Journalist in me wonders if your relationship lasted?

    I’m curious as I’m on a journey to lose that last 14.6kg, my boyfriend is very supportive. Previously when I was 110kg I involved myself in many unhealthy relationships, so my question is, was your relationship unhealthy and why didn’t you like you? Or was simply a lack of education and support?

    Once again well done!

    1. Connie

      Hi Rowena,

      Thank you so much for your interest and your congratulations.

      The answer to your first question is a no, it didn’t last. To be honest it probably wasn’t a lack of education that caused me not to reach my goals in the past, but possibly a lack of support.

      However I did get the support to start this whole journey so I cannot say that definitively.

      I am lucky with where I am at now and am at my happiest.

      I am actually about to start another personal training session right now so must go! 🙂

      Thanks again fo reading!

  2. V_jmciver

    well done! I had a lap band in nov 2011 and am just starting the walk you’ve walked, and its great to see someone else who has achieved and I know I can too. I don’t live in melb any more but keep track of Revolution because they were the best bunch of people I’ve ever met. My hubby and I trained with them for nearly a year. I plan to get back into triathlons and send Luke and nathan a couple of After pics to let them know how we’re going. keep up the good work and you look marvellous!

    1. Nathan

      Hey Vanessa, 
      Hope all is well. How is everything coming along with the lap band? Can wait to see those after pics. Keep us posted along the way there.

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