How to get the best out of yourself.

So you want to improve your fitness. I’ve heard it all before. You want to want to exercise. You want to want to get out there and go for a run. Or you want to want to get that gym session done.

You wish you got that feeling that all of those other fit people must get when they are out there running enjoying themselves, smiling, barely huffing and puffing. You wish you felt like that when you went out for a run. Running must be so easy for all of those people

For them it all must be so easy.

Am I right?

Well guess what. I am here to tell you that it is not. I’m hear to tell you that all of that is a load of crap!

I am a personal trainer. I have completed a number of fun runs, a half marathon and I am training now for my second. By the end of this year I will have completed my first full marathon. I am by no means a professional runner but I do compete in my fair share of endurance events these days and I think I am getting close to getting the best out of myself and learning what works best for me and my body. If anyone out there should have the right to feel like this when they are out there training, running, exercising it should be me right? It should be someone like me who is around exercise, day in, day out all of my life I should love all of this stuff then, right?

Well guess what…

I HATE going for a run. I HATE chewing up all of my private time, after work, late at night in the dark on a Sunday night when I have to go for run. I HATE not spending quality time with my girlfriend and family. I would much prefer getting one sleep in a week on a Saturday morning when I have to head out for a 5 hour bike ride in preparation for an event. But guess what… I do it!

And a lot of the time, after I have warmed up, particularly when I’m running. When I start to get into a bit of rhythm, when my breathing rate settles and my heart rate finds somewhat of a steady balance, I start to enjoy what I am doing. I forget about all of the problems of my day and of my week and concentrate just on what I am doing. When I’m out there in the cold, wet and dark at this time of year, this is just about one of the only times for me that I really allow myself to relax.

I HATE all of that other stuff but, I LOVE how I feel when I’m finished. I get an amazing sense of achievement when I finish my run, or when I roll into the driveway from a long ride or finish a tough weights session and start to stretch.

Every session you finish will have been easier once it’s done than before you begin.

So what am I getting at here?

What I want to talk about now is how.

How do I force myself to get off the couch, convince my girlfriend that I need to go for that run and make sure I get that session done? Well. The most effective thing I have found to keep myself motivated and my training on track is… To sign up for an event. Something a little out there, something not in the realms of ridiculous but definitely something you have a little doubt about. Something that you will have to work at to be able to achieve.

Sign up, pay the money, and get your training plan sorted or even ask us to write one up for you. Then here comes the trick… Tell everyone about it! Tell anyone who will listen. Bore your friends and family with all of the little details of the where and when. Get yourself a little excited about it all! PUT YOUR ARSE ON THE LINE!

Every time you see one of these people in between now and your big day they will ask you how you are going. Everyone will be interested in how you are tracking especially if the event is a little out there and crazy for you.

When you put yourself out there like this for an event the late night run in the cold and wet on a Sunday will seem that much easier with the impending event approaching that you will be judged upon.

2011 Melbourne Half Marathon

This is me running in the 2011 Melbourne Half Marathon. Here I am at about the 20 kilometer mark and really feeling the pinch!

For me this year, I have completed the 180km ride of the Melbourne Ironman, which is part of my long term goal to complete a full Ironman.

The photo to the left is me running in the 2011 Melbourne Half Marathon. Here I am at about the 20 kilometer mark and really feeling the pinch!

I have never been a lover of endurance events. This Ironman journey started with my first ever 10km run in July last year, followed by a half marathon last October. This year July will be my second half marathon, followed by a full marathon this October. Before that 10km run this time last year I had never entered a fun run. In fact quite a few years ago when I mentioned to a childhood friend that one day I would like to compete in an Ironman they almost laughed!

So, what are you wanting to achieve? What event are you going to sign yourself up for? What are you going to scare yourself with? I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments section here and put yourself out there to help you stay true to your training program. It doesn’t need to be a run, or an endurance event. It could even be your first novice body building event, or local football or netball game.

If you want any help with your training plan, or even finding the right training plan or person for you, just ask. We’d be happy to help out!

I will revisit this post after each of my events and post my times, so that you know that I am staying true to my goals.

Will you to do the same? 🙂

5 thoughts on “How to get the best out of yourself.

  1. H Openstein

    I concur Luke!!!! I’ll admit that I hate exercise….but the rush, the endorphins afterwards…makes you feel like you can concor the world!!

    Just this weekend I sent a link out to some of my mates, to get together & partake in some group fitness….what did I get back?? Nothing but excuses!


    My realisation….something I obviously have to concor myself!!

    1. Luke

      When you know you don’t need anyone else to rely on you will be able to achieve anything you want.

      Just get out there and get it done!

  2. RevoPT

    So after an injury just after writing this post I’m back on track. Half marathon completed over the weekend in preparation for my goal of the October 14th Melbourne Marathon. Time for the Sandy Point Half Marathon was a cruising 1:53 Definitely not my quickest time possible but its more about getting the k’s in at this point. What’s your next goal?

  3. dan

    A person too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. great post mate.

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