Time to go shopping – Weightlifting Equipment and Accessories

Weightlifting Equipment and Accessories Various tools of the trade exist for weightlifters.  These tools or pieces of equipment can greatly assist a lifter that is performing high load, high volume training by protecting the joints that can be affected by performing the classical lifts and their various assistance exercises.  Below is a list of some […]



So, how do I stop my thumb tearing off?

The hook grip (demonstrated in the figure below) is used in weightlifting to increase the total load lifted with each lift (during the pulling phase) by approximately 10%. This grip is not used for the jerk or pushing overhead movements. The grip itself can be quite painful, protection on the thumb is sometimes utilised. An example of this […]



Why you need to be lifting weights if you’re an endurance athlete.

Endurance athletes have typically shied away from performing heavy resistance training exercises or weight training.  This is often due to time restraints associated with the high volume and time associated with their training schedules, or due to the belief that there are no associated performance benefits from this method of training. Maximal strength training with […]







Our eBooks are now available directly from our website!

For a while now you’ve been able to grab our two eBooks from the Amazon Store as well as the iTunes iBooks store. As of the week they have also been available directly from our website for download as PDFs. …   … These books contain all you need to get started with a mobility […]