The Human Adaptation to Exercise

Have you been training for a while and ever noticed a plateau in your performance? There is definitely science behind constantly improving your performance. Exercise training is an adaptive process. The body will adapt to the stress of exercise with increased fitness if the stress is above minimum threshold intensity. Therefore you cannot just go for a 20 min job 3 times a week for a few months and expect to see an improvement.





The Jawbone Up!

The Jawbone Up! – Product review Recently a friend and former colleague of mine Nathan Tieppo from Momentum Personal Training slung me a pretty sweet birthday present, the Jawbone Up. The Up is a sleek little wrist band that is like a pedometer however a little more powerful and a whole lot more geeky cool.   […]



The Good Life

The Australian Good Life The ever-prominent importance of sports, health and fitness within the Australian lifestyle has always been infamous to people across the world. Fashion retailer Boohoo.com has conducted research to determine whether Australia really is the healthiest place in the world. Revolution Personal Training have been asked to help them with this quest. […]



The Best Tunes To Train To

Ok, so we all know that with the right music pumping on your ipod you can get so much more out of ourself on those long tough runs, or gruelying gym sessions.

So what are the best tunes to have on your training playlist?

Well here is my list. Would love to know your thoughts, additions or changes.