Lazy Sunday @ Hanging Rock

Well people the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. So I think for your lazy Sunday this week there is only one thing to do and that is to get outdoors and make the most of it, especially as summer is officially over so you just never know when the next beautiful day may come around.



Personal Training in South Melbourne

The center is very easy to get to and in a very hand spot in South Melbourne right opposite the South Melbourne market. There is a heap of parking on most days and being right off the freeways has been pretty handy for myself when I have to scoot off after a session.





Fitness for Health

The question that who is fitter out of a marathon runner vs. a sumo wrestler cannot be answered so simply. When we talk about ‘fitness’ often people only think about aerobic fitness. Fitness is such a broad term and a complex subject which can include health and skill related fitness. These components of fitness include endurance, agility, speed, strength, power, flexibility, balance and skill.





The CSIRO ‘Total Well Being’ Diet

One of the more recently founded diets since 2006, the CSIRO diet, hit our shelves and has remained a best seller. Many Australians have since bought the book and tried this diet, many with positive results, and a change to their lifestyle for the better. Last year they released a companion book 2, which has a more detailed exercise plan, a new 12 week menu plan, and fresh recipes to try.