At Revolution Personal Training, we offer a wide variety of classes. Please see below for more information or give us a call on 1300 362 311. Our classes are all part of our Group Personal Training program.

  • Bootcamp

    This session has a bit of everything. Expect a tough full body work out with something different every week. Be prepared to head in and beat your last performance. Get the best out of yourself and start your weekends with a bang!

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  • BoxFit

    There is a reason boxers are among the fittest athletes on the planet, it\'s because pounding the pads is hard work! That’s exactly what you will be doing in here. Combining boxing with cardio, strength and core work it is a session that\'s sure to...

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  • Cardio HIIT

    Get your heart pounding. Run, skip, row, box, jump, ride, ski. High intensity intervals that will send your heart rate sky rocketing for a great calorie burn and fitness gains. Great for cross training to support sports specific training.

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  • Core Strength

    A strong core is the key to performance and injury prevention. Make sure yours is strong enough. More than just sit ups and crunches, a strong core will require working on your hips, lower back, balance and stability.

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  • Kettlebell Training

    Before the Eastern Europeans turned to science to get a competitive edge Kettlebells were what kept them fit and strong. This old school training method is tough full body functional strength training that get you phenomenally fit & strong fast.

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  • Man Up Monday

    Are you man enough? Our workout of the week will challenge even the fittest of you. Dynamic warm up and technical work precede the competitive challenge of the week. Do your best and see how you compare to your peers and your trainers.

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  • MetCon

    Lots of hard work and short rests. Need we say more? This high intensity interval training session will leave you gasping for air and your muscles burning. The perfect way to burn loads of calories and rapidly increase your fitness levels.

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  • Mobility & Flexibility

    Feeling stiff, tight or sore? This session is perfect for you. Having tightness can play a big part in injury and decreased training performance. Free your body with dynamic movement, myofascial release and some good old fashioned stretching.

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  • Open Gym

    Our Open Gym sessions are a great way for you to focus on what you need to improve. Revolution Personal Training is a boutique appointment only personal training studio. However at pre booked times we allow our studio to be accessed as a gym. To ...

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  • Pilates

    Pilates - These are matt work Pilates classes. Beginners and intermediate level matt work Pilates class designed to help you strengthen your core and aid in preventing injury.

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  • Primal Movement

    Who needs weights? Your body is the best piece of training equipment you could think of so take full advantage of it. Focusing purely on bodyweight exercises you’ll be amazed at how hard you will be working and what you are capable of.

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  • Pure Strength

    How strong are you? Strength is one the key elements of almost all sports endeavors as well as a crucial component of everyday life. Get outside your comfort zone with some fundamental lifting to improve your strength and power.

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  • Strength Endurance

    Intervals, repetition or timed based challenges combined with all of our favourite equipment, from kettlebells, power ropes, ViPR’s, sleds, tyres, free weights and monkey bars. Nothing is off limits and you never know what will be coming your way.

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  • Suspension Training

    Make your body the Machine! If your body weight isn’t enough for you these classes are for you. The TRX and olympic rings will transform the simplest of exercises into a full body and core workout that will have you strong through your entire range...

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  • Yoga

    Chill out after a tough session or a rough day with some stretching and relaxation. Our beginner to intermediate level yoga will stretch out and align your body leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world.

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