10 Really Bad Excuses For NOT Seeing Your Personal Trainer

personal training comfortIn the 13 years of running my personal training business, I came across a broad range of clients ranging from extremely the serious athlete to the extremely serious drinker. Every client had their own level to which they could be pushed and for how long. Obviously, some clients like the hard work and commitment that comes with training more than others.

But that’s OK.

Because for those clients who don’t warm themselves to the weekly task of putting in the work, they tend to provide us with some of the lighter moment’s of our job – listening to your really bad excuses.

Here are my top ten bad excuses that clients have used with me to bail on their training:

Bad Excuse #10: I forgot to set my alarm.

Bad Excuse #9: If I came to training I wouldn’t make it to drinks on time. Something had to go…

Bad Excuse #8: My legs still hurt from last session.

Bad Excuse #7: My arms still hurt from last session.

Bad Excuse #6: Jan cancelled and I didn’t want to train on my own.

Bad Excuse #5: It’s too wet to drive to training.

Bad Excuse #4: It’s too early to drive to training.

Bad Excuse #3: I had a massive night last night and I am really hung-over.

Bad Excuse #2: I’m stuck at work (when they are really rugged up in front of the TV).

Bad Excuse #1: I am just too lazy to train today (gotta love the honesty).

So there are my top ten lamest excuses for not doing your personal training session. I am not showing you these so you can use them for evil on Luke and the team. But rather to demonstrate that people say some stupid (and slightly amusing) things to justify to themselves that it is OK to give in.

Yeah, sometimes we all feel like making up a stupid excuse at different times to avoid some of life’s discomfort but half the battle is actually showing up.

Not listening to that little punk voice in you head who is convincing you to ring up and cancel your next session. Not giving in to the old you who would have previously found any excuse to stay in bed instead of slapping on your runners and getting out there.

All of life’s great things are created with simple, consistent actions. Being fit and healthy falls squarely into this category as it is the daily actions that contribute to the end result. So if you found that reading through this list had a strange feeling of familiarity, maybe it’s time to drop the excuses and throw back a shot of accountability.

It works much better than Sambucca on a training night.


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