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How soft tissue massage can enhance your RECOVERY

Body Tune MassageAthletes and physically active people that train hard, a few or more times a week put a lot of stress through the body’s muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. That’s why it is essential that we have an adequate recovery between our sessions, whether they be cardio, strength or rehabilitation exercises prescribed by our practitioners.

We all know that a warm-down or ‘active recovery’ followed by stretching of the muscles after the conclusion of exercise is performed by serious athletes to enhance recovery time. Other techniques employed by active people include deep-water-running, ice immersion, contrast baths, whirlpools and spas. 

But did you know that soft tissue massage contributes to recovery of intense activity also? Soft tissue massage is becoming more important and popular than ever in reducing recovery time and increasing the health of our muscles. 

Benefits of soft tissue massage can include: 

Decreasing muscle tone (tightness) during times of increased training volume and intensity 

Increase the uptake of nutrients and oxygen to the cells 

Remove metabolites (wastes in the muscle from exercise) 

Decrease biomechanical abnormalities in the muscle 

Improved extensibility and shock absorbency of muscles 

Reduces the chances of soft tissue strains 

Reduces fatigue of the muscles

Reduces pain stimulation 

 Improves muscle function and flexibility 

Address active trigger points that decrease muscle strength 

Decrease chances of injury 

Increasing circulation 

Deactivating symptomatic trigger points 

Improving soft tissue function 

Improved psychological effect 

Studies have shown that a combination of both active recovery and soft tissue massage was more effective then single interventions alone for post exercise recovery. 

So pop into the clinic and see Shaun or Annabel for a Body Tune massage today! 

Tune up Tuesday only $66 for a 1hr treatment, or mention this blog for a 10% discount of any 1hr appointment.

Living Holistic Health

Full Services and Pricing List

Living Holistic HealthLiving Holistic Health is a nutritional medicine clinic now open at Revolution.  Living Holistic Health is owned and operated by Adrian Stone, BHSc (Nutritional Medicine). Adrian is a Nutritionist, who embraces naturopathic principles of health and wellbeing.  He specialises in;

HemaviewNaturopathic Health Assessments – using HemaviewTM Live Blood Screening and VLATM Body Composition Analysis.

Nutrition Programs to assist with training, sports competitions and health improvement.

Health Education Seminars, including Corporate Health Training.

Adrian StoneAdrian completed his Bachelor of Health Science with Distinction, at Endeavour College of Natural Health.  He is a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association and Nutrition Australia.  Adrian is a certified HemaviewTM  Live Blood ScreeningTM  and VLA Body Composition Practitioner.




Nutrition Australia Logo

Naturopathic Health Assessments

Living Holistic Health provides a comprehensive health assessment for all clients, in order to create specific nutritional treatment plans which provide the best possible outcomes, in the shortest possible time, for the best value for money.  

The health assessment is comprised of three appointments, with the costs as below;

Initial – $99

Screening- $120

Treatment Plan- $90

Costs are inclusive of all in-clinic health assessment tools.  Additional pathology testing may incur an additional fee.

NutritionNutrition Programs

Living Holistic Health offers several nutrition programs to improve health and maintain wellness.

Shake It-professional weight management program, real food, lasting results

VLA-measure and monitor body composition and bio-markers to improve vitality

Wellness-nurture the healthy ageing of the body, to stay younger for longer 

Detoxification-boost energy, improve digestion, feel fantastic

Stress Less-manage stress better and reduce the impact of stress in your life

Pregnancy & 

Preconception Care  – specific dietary, nutritional & lifestyle support for optimal pregnancy care. 

(Programs are available only after initial health assessment).

Prices for the programs vary, please consult with the clinic for further information.

Living Holistic Health offers additional services, including;

Sports Nutrition for both male and female athletes

Reducing fatigue and improving your energy levels

Natural women’s health, fertility and wellbeing

Digestive complaints, including intolerances, bloating and irregular bowel function

Boosting immunity and fighting infections, including allergy relief

Natural pain and injury management

High quality, practitioner only nutritional and herbal supplements

Clinic Hours

Tuesday -11am to 7pm

Wednesday -7.30am to 3pm

Contact information & Appointments

Please contact the clinic on 0400 500 973 to schedule an appointment, or for further information about our services.

Website and online booking services will be available shortly.

Special Introductory Offer- $45 Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Is your health important to you?

Would you like to check how your body is adapting to your training, diet and lifestyle?

How valuable would a scientific report on your health be for you right now?

If you answered yes to the above, then book in for a VLATM appointment at Living Holistic Health today!

Lady holding glassAs a special introductory offer, Living Holistic Health is offering Revolution Personal Training Members a 25% discount on the cost of one VLATM Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), (valued at $60).  This offer is available for June 2014 only.

Call Adrian from Living Holistic Health directly on 0400 500 973, to schedule your appointment today.

Living Holistic Health, improve your health naturally. 

How To Train For A Triathlon 

A lot of people presume that one needs to have something close to superhuman athletic ability in order to compete in a triathlon. This is a complete fallacy. Finishing a triathlon is something that is completely attainable by anyone who has the patience and discipline to properly prepare themselves for the main event. Here are some essential aspects you’ll need to take into consideration.


Before you even begin to train, you need to be equipped with the right gear. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg. But as you’re going to be putting your equipment through the paces (so to speak), you don’t want to buy inferior quality stuff. A decent wetsuit is essential and you should be able to find one from High Octane Action Sports or countless other suppliers online. Equally important are a good pair of running shoes, a well-made racing bike, goggles and a helmet. Again, you’ll have no trouble finding these at an affordable price if you know where to look.

Perseverance and Patience

The ability to compete in and complete a triathlon will not come overnight. As a challenge, it’s very doable of course. But there’s a reason why so many people feel that it is beyond them: the level of perseverance and patience you must show is significant. Expect to spend at least three months preparing your body for the challenge ahead, with hours spent in the pool, in the ocean, on the track and on your bike. Equally, you must be prepared for set-backs. Some people approach a triathlon thinking that, provided they allow a few months for training, they’ll be able to compete. In reality, it doesn’t work this way. Many people suffer minor injuries or extreme fatigue throughout the course of their training. And if this should occur to you, you’ll need to stop training until your body has recovered enough to go on. This probably sounds like a lot of hard work – and it is. After all, if a triathlon were easy, many more people would be putting themselves forward to do it.

You Will Get There

There’s no denying that triathlons are not for the feint-hearted. They require total dedication to the cause. They require an ability to push your body to its limitations, but equally, to accept when you need to take a break from training. Provided you have these qualities – as well as some quality equipment – you will get there.

Eat real food and your body will see real benefits.

Fish FingersOk I’ve jumped the gun on this. It was meant to be posted up on Monday but what the hell! Today is the first instalment in your weekly nutritional updates.

In 2011 I discovered that especially with our Group Personal Training customers, you were all working incredibly hard both within your sessions and with your homework, but falling over when it came to probably the most vital thing that was standing between yourself and your goals. Your nutrition.

Our One on One Personal Training clients seemed to fare much better than our Group Personal Training clients in the nutritional stakes as they have the opportunity week in, week out, to pick our brains with the most important questions they have on nutrition, and trial what works and what doesn’t work for them. Whether it be for weight loss, increased performance, muscle gain or just over all well being they can ask the questions and get the answers they need. This has seemed to be a little harder to do effectively in a group environment.

So this is the first step in trying to fix this.

We want this to be interactive! We want you to ask questions here on our blog in the comments section so as others can see the issues you are having and we can respond to them. I’m sure many others have the same questions and problems you are having. Don’t worry you can do it anonymously if you wish! Just make sure you come up with a witty screen name, not something like “Ben Dover”.

So to kick things off, one of the most important things we believe you need to focus on for long term health and wellbeing is to eat unprocessed whole foods.

This means eating as little out of a packet as you can. Stay away from anything that has had human intervention wherever possible as a basic rule. Or as I’ve heard a few times, stick to the outside isles of your supermarket. Never stray down the inner isles as they are evil! The outside isles are where you will find all of the best things for your body, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish.

Why should you aim for unprocessed whole foods? Well, through the processing process of most foods some of the nutrients are lost and part of your bodies job in digestion has been done for you. So essentially all your digestive system needs to do is act like a bit of a vacuum and suck up what’s left over. Foods that are very highly processed have an extremely fast update into your blood stream.

This might sound like a good thing, and in some small cases it is. As a general rule however it is a bad thing. To put this in context think of a bag of glucose lollies, one of the fast things your body can absorb. The reason a small child is bouncing off the walls almost immediately when they eat a whole packet of glucose lollies is because it has had an immediate effect of their blood glucose levels and they are running on rocket fuel! Their small bodies have less of a potential to lower that blood glucose level as quickly as an adult and therefore some crazy behaviour will be the result and possibly a headache for their parents. What we want to do, particularly for those of you who are after weight loss is provide you with a slow and constant drip feed of energy, not a shot of “Nos” like the glucose lollies.

By eating foods that your body needs to work for to get energy out of the digestion process itself will slow the release of the nutrients into your blood stream. This way you can hopefully use these nutrients more effectively as they are released.

So for long term health as well as for weight loss and body fat regulation we need to make our bodies work for their nutrients. We need our digestive systems to stop being sluggish. We need to eat whole foods.

A good way to think of it is this. Can you imagine what you are eating as a living thing? A beautifully cooked salmon fillet isn’t too hard to imagine as something that was swimming out in the ocean a day or so earlier, a birds eye fish finger however, well thats a bit of a stretch…

So for week one of your training for 2012, week two of this new year, your focus is to be on eating as unprocessed as possible, wherever possible.

Eat real food and your body will see really benefits.

Remember we would love to hear your comments and we will respond as best and quickly as we can to help you with your eating. Don’t forget next week we will have another topic for you to focus on so any suggestions would be welcomed!

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The Jawbone Up!

The Jawbone Up! – Product review

jawbone-upRecently a friend and former colleague of mine Nathan Tieppo from Momentum Personal Training slung me a pretty sweet birthday present, the Jawbone Up. The Up is a sleek little wrist band that is like a pedometer however a little more powerful and a whole lot more geeky cool.





Jawbone Up ActivityThe Up helps you measure how active you are throughout the day.

You can set your desired ‘step’ count for the day and the Up will help you to make sure you get there.

You can set the Up to vibrate at intervals should you be in-active for too long.

I have mine set for 15 minutes of inactivity to vibrate and my  desired step count is set to 10,000 steps per day which is the recommended step count.


Jawbone Up App Activity

This is probably a little conservative for me however as being a personal trainer I am typically quite active throughout the day and as you can see from the chart to the left I average around 17,000 steps per day.

My most active days are Mondays, Fridays and Thursdays. My personal training schedule reflects this too so I can definitely vouch for this being a heavy day on my feet.




Jawbone Up Sleep

I had been very keen to get my hands onto an Up for a while, and not so much because I was worried I wasn’t active enough, it’s pretty clear I’ve got that covered, more because I was worried I wasn’t sleeping enough.

I included this image as it was one of the only times I’ve hit my 100% number which is set to 7 and a half hours.

My early hours and long days mean my sleep can sometimes gets a little neglected. Hopefully through tracking both time and quality of deep sleep I can get a little closer to my goal.


Sleep Average

As you can see here my average hours of sleep is only around the 6 hours and 20 minute mark which is certainly a little off from here I’d like to be.






Syncing Up your Data

Up Earphone Jack

The Up is really easy to sync up with your iPhone. You simple pop off the little cap and plug it straight into you earphone jack.






Email Updates from Up

Email UpdateUp also sends me some cool little email updates each week to help keep me on track.





Email Update








Email Update








Up Friends

But the handiest feature for me as a trainer is the way I can check up on my clients or friends who also have an Up. This makes the Up more interactive and maybe even a little competitive…





Client Interaction








The Up also has a few up handy little features that I haven’t tried out yet like a food and exercise log or diary helping your calorie budget to be even more accurate for your day.

Stay tuned as I’ll update this post on those features soon.

All in all, for the price of the Up (around $150 AUD) it’s a pretty cool little device and certainly something I would recommend.

It could be more accurate, but I’m sure the technology will continue to develop as at the moment it is only really tracking walking/running based activities and many activities such as weight training that could burn even more calories however you stay relatively confined to the one space are neglected a little however the Up is certainly a super handy gaget for a trainer like myself.

My rating (4.2/5) Thumbs UP! 🙂

The Good Life

The Australian Good Life

The ever-prominent importance of sports, health and fitness within the Australian lifestyle has always been infamous to people across the world. Fashion retailer has conducted research to determine whether Australia really is the healthiest place in the world. Revolution Personal Training have been asked to help them with this quest.

Boohoo are always looking for ways to promote good health – Cassie Griffiths, Company Model Booker, recently was asked about what she looks for when booking a model and the importance of a clean model lifestyle;

“As a fashion brand we have a responsibility to promote a healthy body image for the men and women who shop with us, as the model booker for boohoo I always make sure the models we use take their health and fitness seriously.

Whether the models used on our TV shoots, Billboards or Gallery it’s really important that they have a healthy diet as well as an active lifestyle. We encourage all our models to eat well. As well as a good hearty breakfast I always like to make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks on our shoots for the models to help themselves to throughout the day.”

Australia is renowned as one of the greatest health and sporting competitors on the globe. This is made more apparent every four years in the Olympic Games; where to date Australia have won 120 gold medals in both summer and winter sports.

50 of those 117 Summer Olympics gold medals came from the sport of swimming, 18 gold medals from track and field and 13 gold models from cycling. 2 of the 3 Winter Olympics gold medals came from freestyle skiing and the other from short-track speed skating.

The country’s enthusiasm for sporting success has been noted and later rewarded by hosting the Olympic Games twice since its birth in 1894, the first time in Melbourne in 1956 and a second in Sydney in the year 2000. Here the country got to expose their nation’s talent, leading to further sporting motivation from their Olympic heroes.
Sport is not the only health and fitness drive that entices the modern Australian. Queensland’s Government recently released an article that stated they had noted a growth in consumer demand for healthy foods, organics, wholefoods and biodegradable packaging. Concluding that customers are becoming more inclined to pay more for a better and balanced diet, resultant in;

  • Safer food with a longer lasting shelf life
  • Food that is certified organic or bio-dynamic
  • Increased nutritional value
  • More appealing food with improved texture, taste or freshness.

The clean Australian lifestyle is well documented in all corners of the world. The big question that Boohoo was therefore wanting answered is why a healthy diet and fitness regime is so important in Oz? Furthermore, why is it publicised more in Australia in comparison to the rest of the world?
Can Australia really be the healthiest place in the world – are they the heart of the good life?
To investigate further Boohoo asked the professionals about why sports, health and fitness play such a key part in their personal and professional lives, and why they think it is an immense factor in a modern citizen’s daily regime;

Influencer 1

Rugby Player Sam Obst

Sam Obst – Professional Rugby League Player
Favourite sporting quote: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” – Vince Lombardi

Sam Obst is a professional Rugby League player who has had a triumphant sporting career, currently playing in Northern Queensland for Northern Pride.
Sam has played for some of the most prestigious clubs in the world, centred in Australia and the UK; these rugby clubs have included Redcliffe Dolphins, Sydney Roosters, West Tigers, Whitehaven, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Hull FC and Keighley Cougars.
His dedicated attitude to sports and fitness has enabled him to have a sterling career; starting at the young age of 20 where he made his first NRL debut for the Sydney Roosters. It was ever apparent sports were a huge part of his day-to-day life when growing up;

“As a kid I was quite sporty and enjoyed all kinds of sports, but I never really thought about playing it professional. I just enjoyed being active – being able to play sport outside in the backyard, whether rugby/cricket and swimming in the pool on daily basis”

With any professional sport it is vital to uphold a healthy and balanced diet alongside durable fitness levels, Sam comments this is not only for sporting professionals but for all backgrounds, ages and authorities in Australia;
“I believe health and fitness is extremely important in day to day life. It’s important for everyone to eat well and exercise for your own health and general wellbeing. As adults it’s important to set good examples for the younger generation and become good role models.
Exercise is not the only quality that Sam needs – a balanced diet also is prominent in his day-to-day lifestyle;
I am pretty strict with my diet especially during the pre-season and playing season. I like to relax my diet a little in the off season. The night before a game I like to have a big carbohydrate meal and a few days out before a game I make sure I’m drinking plenty of water. Generally after a game I will have my cheat meal and eat what I want.”
When asked if he thought sports are encouraged in Australia from a young age he mentioned how the climate enables them to be more outdoor active;
“Australia is blessed with a climate that encourages people to participate in outdoor activities. There are plenty of facilities in Australia which make it more accessible for people to engage in some type of sport and live an active lifestyle”.

There are many young children who aspire to lead a career as successful as Sam’s. When we asked if he could give one piece of advice to sporting hopefuls, his response was simple;
“The harder you work and the more commitment you are willing to show will determine the outcome. At the same time I feel it’s important to have another career path which you are able to fall back on after your professional playing career has finished. Another side to sport is the unexpected injuries which can occur. Having some sort of qualification under your belt if an injury was to suddenly end your sporting career is important”.

There is not one specific influencer that has played a key part throughout his career, excluding that of his family, however Sam has huge ‘admiration for a lot of professional athletes for their hard work and dedication’.

Influencer 2
Dance Teacher Lauren PortmanLauren Portman – Dance Teacher (UK born and currently living in the Cairns, AU)

Her personal quote: “Dance is a great, fun way to exercise and enjoy being physically active” – Lauren Portman

Physical activity can range from all kinds of exercise and sporting genres. Dance is a fantastic way to keep fit whilst having fun.
We interviewed Lauren Portman, a secondary school dance teacher to see what her thoughts are on health and fitness in Australia. Lauren is originally from the UK, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Performing Arts (Dance) and a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector). She has been living and working in Australia for over 12 months.
“After taking up a few dance lessons here and there when I was younger, it wasn’t until I reached secondary school that I really started to enjoy and get into dancing.
Throughout secondary school, dance and sport was a big part of my life. I attended every after school dance class and participated in every possible sporting activity. I knew I wanted my career to go down the path of either dance or sport. I think the achievements I’d made through dance and the support I gained from my dance teachers at school inspired me to want to do what they were doing for me.”
Lauren is currently working as a dance teacher in a credited high school in Northern Queensland, her personal support throughout her education has inspired her to be the teacher that she is today, and Lauren is fortunate enough to be working within an environment where an active lifestyle is encouraged on a daily basis.
“I am very lucky to be working in a secondary school which has a great Performing Arts department and students have to audition to be part of certain courses which are available. The majority of the students I teach already are very active and participate in a number of after school and outer school activities, which is how they have been brought up living in Australia”.
When asked if she thinks dance is a good way to exercise, Lauren replied with no hesitation;
“Dance is a great, fun way to exercise and enjoy being physically active. If people want to get fit and healthy, I feel there is no better way than spending hours in the gym than taking a few dance classes a week. Dance is a full body workout for all muscles in the body, and great cardio.
Our bodies all move in different ways and that’s the same when dancing. Some styles of dance we can do and other we physically can’t. When I am teaching my students a certain style, some pick it up straightaway and others struggle. It was the same when I was studying; ballet was always a major let down for me and something which my body didn’t allow me to do. It always makes it easier if you start with some dance styles, such as ballet, from a younger age.”
When asked if she thinks leading a healthy lifestyle is important Lauren replied;

“I think it’s very important for everyone no matter what age to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. I would encourage young children as much as possible to participate in some kind of physical activity, not only for the physical health benefits but for their mental well-being. It’s a proven fact that exercise releases endorphins which can overall boost your mood and brain activity, not only that but the social benefits of people taking part in these activities, meeting new people and being socially interactive, are invaluable”.
As Lauren is not a native Australian we asked if she could draw any obvious comparisons between lifestyles in Australia and the UK;
“Yes, the overall lifestyle of living in Australia is different to living in the UK. The weather has a major impact on keeping healthy and active. I find there seems to be a lot more opportunities to participate in physical activities, some of which are free of charge, and there are more facilities to do this. Also I have found from working in a Queensland school the competitiveness is also much higher in both sports and dance.”

Influencer 3
Personal Trainer Luke ScottLuke Scott –Managing Director / Personal Trainer at Revolution Personal Training
(South Melbourne, Victoria, AU)

His Personal Tip: “Do something every day” – Luke Scott

Personal trainers experience many challenges from day to day but when we asked personal trainer Luke Scott from Revolution what his biggest challenges were, he mentioned his busy schedule;
“My schedule is an on-going juggling act! Early mornings, late nights and fitting in my own training is tough, but definitely worth it. As a personal trainer we are generally working around everyone else’s work schedule.”
This fitness enthusiast is proud of his fellow Australian citizens and he praises how being health and fitness conscious is just part of the lifestyle;
“I do think Australians are health and fitness conscious. A chat with a visiting Manchester local recently really brought this home. He mentioned that he couldn’t believe how many people were running or exercising outdoors in the parks and gardens or along the beach, every day, regardless of the weather. This is just life here for most Australians and something as much a part of our routines as brushing our teeth”.
We asked what made Luke decide to peruse a career in fitness, he replied;
“I love the industry and keeping active. I originally wanted to be a school physical education teacher… But I thought adults might listen to my advice a little more intently. I was right.”
If there is one piece of advice that Luke would give, it’s this;
“Do something every day. It doesn’t have to be much, a walk or even a light stretching session just at home in front of the TV on those days when it’s hard to get moving will suffice a lot of the time. Don’t let a day go by when your health and fitness is not a priority because one day can turn into two, two to three and so on. Just get moving and your fitness and love of being active will snowball into a habit.”
Training is obviously Luke’s passion but he is also a sporting enthusiast;
“Sport is also a big part of my day to day life. Sport has always played a big part in my life. Initially Australia Rules football and cricket and now moving more towards running, Triathlon, Brazilian Juijitsu and anything else that I can find along the way. I’m also a big armchair sports fan and a huge Liverpool fan in the EPL. I’m hoping to get along to the game here in Melbourne soon with Liverpool playing our local team the Melbourne Victory. I have even managed to see a game live from Anfield sitting in The Kop, a dream come true! Unfortunately a game they lost but the experience was something I will never forget.”
The above influencers have confirmed that the Australian existence is based on a clean and healthy lifestyle. Sports and fitness is encouraged from a young age and the Australian climate allows sporting activities to be relished outside on a common basis. Sam Obst mentioned just why it is important to get the younger generations interested in a healthy lifestyle; “As adults it’s important to set good examples for the younger generation and become good role models”.
There is no doubting that the counties legacy is that of its sports and active men and women. Whether this is an active personal trainer from Melbourne or a professional football player; the inheritance of such a lifestyle is encouraged on to the future generations and will furthermore inspire a much cleaner and well preserved diet.
So is Australia the heart of the good life? We can’t see any other country in the world that even remotely compares.

The above article was created by Boohoo Australia: