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Personal Training in South Melbourne

We have been working within the Fusion personal training studio in South Melbourne now for quite some time and we are finding it a great location and space to get some fantastic results with our clients.

We now have both myself and another Revolution personal trainer Nathan Tieppo working within the center and achieving some great results with our valued members.

The center is very easy to get to and in a very hand spot in South Melbourne right opposite the South Melbourne market. There is a heap of parking on most days and being right off the freeways has been pretty handy for myself when I have to scoot off after a session.

The studio is also quite close to the Clarendon Street tram line as well as the St Kilda tram line so public transport is hand as well if that is the most convienient way for you to get around.

A number of our customers who use the train also find the short walk from Southern Cross train station not too bad either.

The center is very well equipped and has a heap of gear, so whether you are wanting to build strength, get fitter or lose weight and drop a few kilos this is a great place to train.

So if this would work for you we would love to see you down in South Melbourne for a personal training session. Remember that we also offer Group Personal Training and partner sessions with our personal trainers in this locations.

We hope to see you down there soon!

P.S. Remember to either email or ring ahead to book on 1300 362 311. Or you can visit our get started page at get started to send us through your questions via email, then we can get back to you at the most convient time for you.

Struggling To Find Healthy Snack Options?

Eating regularly can help to maximize energy levels and concentration, and can help improve food choice. Take food with you to make sure something suitable is always available.

Select from the following low fat, low glycemic index foods. As with everything however, remember portion control is the key

– Fresh fruit.

– Canned fruit in natural juices.

– Low fat flavored yoghurt such as Yoplait light, Nestle, or Vaalia.

– Light Fruche or Le Rice.

– Dry Crackers such as Ry Vita or Vita Wheat topped with low fat cheese, low fat dip, tomato, jam, honey or vegemite.

– Homemade popcorn.

– Fruit loaf topped with jam or honey.

– Fruit salad.

– Skinny milk cappuccino.

– Sultanas.

– Mixed dried fruit.

– Handful of mixed dried fruits and nuts.

– Low fat yoghurt and mixed nuts.

– Fruit and bran muffin

– Breakfast cereal and low fat milk.

– Grainy toasting muffins

– Commercial salsa dip with oven baked pita bread.

– Low fat fruit smoothie.

– Low fat dips and chapatti bread.

– Low fat milkshake.

– Low fat soy milkshake.

– Toasted soy linseed bread or fruit toast

– Hard Boiled Eggs

– Rice Crackers

– Tinned Tuna

– Tinned bean and corn mix

Ten Tips when looking for a personal trainer.

Tips on finding a professional personal trainer

1.) Registration with the peak body.  In Australia that’s Fitness Australia – Fitness Australia is the peak registration body for personal trainers throughout Australia. Trainers need to fulfill ongoing requirements to maintain their registration.  Make sure your trainer is up to date!

2.) Experience – I wouldn’t trust my car to an apprentice Mechanic for a full engine rebuild.  A minor service… Maybe. Make sure if you have specialist needs you seek a specialist trainer.

3.) Personality – Do you click with this person? You will need to as you will probably be spending a fair bit of time with them. You also need to know what you don’t want as well.  Like a trainer pictured in this photo…

4.) Qualifications – As with No. 2 if you have specialist needs ensure your trainer has the quals to match that. If you are only after some basics then you probably won’t need to be quite as picky. For me, my body is my number one asset so I’m not taking it to any old butcher!

5.) Connivence – Are you someone who finds appointments hard to keep? Look for a trainer who fits your schedule perfectly or your appointments will become another inconvenience as opposed to them fulfilling your need of a structured routine.

6.) Can they deliver – This may seem a little shallow but shouldn’t you have a trainer that looks the goods? After all if they cannot practice what they preach what good are they to you? Your trainer doesn’t need to be the reincarnation Arnold in Conan the Barbarian but the should exhibit some of the qualities you are looking to improve in yourself.

Have you heard the saying never trust a skinny chef? Well, the same kinda goes in this industry I believe. Never trust an over weight trainer!

7.) All the gear and no idea – Don’t let a trainer with all of the latest bells and whistles fool you.  A lot of the time this could be considered compensating for something! This industry once again is one that can ofter be drawn into a fad.  The tried and tested traditional methods with the years behind them to back them up can be the most effective option the majority of the time. Don’t be fooled.

8.) Motivating? You want someone who is going to be able to push you. Can they inspire you to get out those last few reps?

9.) Respect – Will they respect you? Respect your goals what motivates you and and what you are wanting to achieve? Are they a legitimate operator in it for the long haul? Or someone in it for a quick buck? Are they well respected by their peers? Or a bit seedy and shady?

10.) Do they have the runs on the board? Looking for a trainer with results in the area you and wanting to improve is key. Look for testimonials from current or former customers. A trainer who has changed someones body or life would definitely be some people want to tell others about!

What bloody good is exercise?

What bloody good is exercise?Great Question. You’ve gotta exercise. You have to train. Your life depends on it. Well…

Everyone tells you, you have to train!  You gotta get moving. You’ve gotta start!

Well, what bloody good is all this exercise? And what are the benefits?

It seems to all be too hard. Too sweaty.  Too smelly. Too sore the next day. Too hard. Too time consuming. You’re too busy right?

Well here are some of the benefits.  Maybe they will start to convince you.

Well where do I start…

The benefits of exercise are so wide and varied that it would be impossible for the benefits to be ever mimicked by medication, supplementation or anything you might buy on T.V.

From increased bone mineral density to a healthier blood pressure, exercise is the best wonder drug we will ever have!

So what are the benefits you ask?

Increased red blood cell count

Increased bone density

Better blood pressure regulation

Increased muscle mass

Increased immunity

Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

Decreased stress levels

Increased sense of wellbeing

Regulation of body weight

Greater sense of wellbeing

As you will see the benefits are endless. So stop looking for that wonder drug that doesn’t exist. The best one we have is also the most simple.

A bit of hard work (that you might even enjoy!) it’s the best thing we can ask for.

Do you know any more? List them in the comments.

How Can Exercise Reduces Stress?

How can exercise reduce stress

In today’s society we try to fit so much in which leads to a busy and hectic life. Between work and family there is often a reasonable amount of stress that we need to deal with in our day to day lives. The stress begins to build and often there is no outlet for it, therefore, we carry it with us creating emotional and physical problems.

As you know, (because it has hopefully been drummed into you by now) there are many physical benefits of exercise – exercise reduces obesity, reduces the risk of heart disease and increases the longevity of life. But did you know that exercise is a great way to reduce stress. So how does exercise help reduce stress?

Exercise is a very effective stress management technique because it provides an outlet for negative emotions such as worry, irritability, depression, hostility, anger, frustration, and anxiety. You can dissipate these feelings by simply taking it out on the tennis court, by running, or punching a bag.

Exercise reduces stress in a number of different ways:

Exercise relaxes muscles. Have you ever felt ‘uptight’ when stressed? Well A typical symptom of stress is muscle tension. Exercise can help the muscles to use the pent up energy and is effective in releasing muscle tension before it can result in muscle pain or spasms. A good example t relieve muscle tension is a yoga class.

Utilizes the stress hormones. A number of hormones are secreted into the blood stream when stressed. These hormones if not used up these can lead to feelings such as irritability which can eventually lead to a number of stress related illnesses. Exercising can help you to use some of the stress hormones that can accumulate in the body in response to stress. An example exercise for releasing stress hormones is boxing (also a great way to punch your trainer for making you work too hard).

Exercise gives you a feeling of happiness. Exercise also releases endorphins into the body, which give your body a natural boost of happiness and positive well being. They usually peak about one hour after exercise. An example of a good exercise which gives you the feeling of positive well being is a long run or cycle.

Exercise can reduce pent up frustration. Stress can lead to higher levels of pent up frustration. Exercise can help to reduce this pent up frustration.

Exercise can take your mind off your problems. Exercise can help to take your mind off your problems. How often have you been stressed after a hard day’s work or worrying about paying a bill, only to have it all wash away as you take in a change of scene, kicking a ball, or running in a beautiful park.

Improve your resiliency to stress. Exercise can also improve your resilience to stress. Research shows that those who exercise are more likely to have less of a stress reaction to adverse situations. Fit people are more likely to handle the effects of stress and are less likely to ‘burn out’.

Now that we now how exercise reduces stress lets all go for a run and relax!

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