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Want to know How to Turkish Get Up… and not look like a clown in the gym?

Want to know How to Turkish Get Up… and not look like a clown in the gym?

The Turkish Get Up is an amazing full body and core exercise.

HOWEVER, there are a few brief points that will make your life easier when trying to remember where all of your limbs have got to go when you’re getting the hang of them.

Here are the steps broken down for you.

Step 1. Hug the bell and roll onto you back (trust me, this will make life easier as the loads increase).
Step 2. Drive the bell up and make sure keep you eye on it the whole time.
Step 3. Arm and leg on the same angle, bell on the bent knee side.
Step 4. Create as much room as you can to slide you foot under yourself.
Step 5. Lunge up into position.
Step 6. Reverse through the same steps as you lower yourself back to the floor.
Step 7. Slide your hand back along the ground to prevent yourself from collapsing as the load increase.
Step 8. NEVER lose your teeth in the gym.

Good luck with these.

Using the Chains to break through Strength Training a plateau

RevoPT Trainer Tip of the Week

Episode 2 – Using the Chains with Nathan McCulloch

This week we look at how you can use the Chains to improve your Overhead Pressing.

Mainly this works on your end range strength and stability rather than load variance like other chain movements.

Make sure you get in to @revopt for a strongman class and see what these are all about (plus all our other awesome equipment).

What are you capable of with a little passion and action?

A good reminder of what we’re all capable of with a little passion and action.

HAYDEN QUINN – Episode 61 (iTunes) (Android – Stitcher app)

I am just so excited to bring you Episode 61 of the Your Revolution Podcast. This week’s episode featured Hayden Quinn. What drew me to Hayden was his energy and his zest for life. He’s passionate, excitable, and he’s one of those people that we can all learn something from. I actually came across Hayden a few years ago when I was setting up my gym, and I found his gym on YouTube. His gym is called The Cube, and it’s in Brookvale, in Sidney. I absolutely loved the training style. I loved the energy that came from their gym. I loved their community. I really loved how the entire operation was set up.

What I learned when I started to follow The Cube was that a whole bunch of guys had actually created it, started it, and Hayden was one of them. When I looked into who Hayden actually was, I realised that he’d been on Master Chef a few years earlier, and since then he’d gone on to write books, he’d created TV shows. He had actually even won the CLEO Bachelor of the Year. He’s definitely one of those people who has changed the whole foodie scene in Australia. What I really loved about Hayden was that he’s so natural. He’s fun, his approach to life is balanced, and while he’s really into health and fitness, he realises that life is really here to be enjoyed as well.

The other thing that really drew me to Hayden was that Master Chef was just the first step. While it was the initial vehicle he needed, what he’s gone on to achieve since then has far and away surpassed the opportunity that Master Chef presented. It really got me thinking about our attitude to fame and success. We think that once we’re there, once we get the chance, then everything will be as we want and life will be perfect. Often that’s just the first bit. Once you get success, you’ve got a whole new challenge to sustain it. Hayden isn’t a success today because of Master Chef. Hayden is a success because he chooses to be every day. He works and sometimes he even struggles, but none of it has been handed to him. It’s his attitude and work ethic that keeps him climbing.

What I want for this podcast today is for you to realise that his story isn’t a fairytale of luck. It’s a story showing us that we can do anything we want. We don’t need to wait for perfect conditions to start. We just have to start. Once we start, that’s when the magic really begins. The process of our life is our life, and the longer you put everything on hold because the conditions aren’t perfect, the further away your life gets. With that being said, I hope you enjoy today’s episode with Hayden as much as I enjoyed recording it for you. Thanks for listening.

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the Your Revolution Podcast. My name is Jane Erbacher, and I’m your host. I’m so excited. I’m so, so, so excited because I’m sitting here with Hayden Quinn. Hi, Hayden.

Hayden Quinn: Hey, guys. Hello, Jane.

Survivor, Surviving and getting the best out of yourself with Lee Carseldine

This weeks Your Revolution podcast is all about overcoming set backs and creating your own strength, both inside and out. In a world where we have so much negativity, it’s so awesome to meet such a positive and determined man who really is making the lives of those around him better with his attitude, energy and actions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tune in and inspire the change necessary to make your life even better too.

Jane Erbacher: Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the Your Revolution Podcast. My name’s Jane Erbacher and I’m your host. I’m beyond excited, I’m actually really hot and sweaty I’m so excited. But I am so excited and extremely nervous because I’m sitting next to one of my heroes I would say. I feel like I’ve just made an awkward situation way more awkward. I’m so excited because I’m sitting next to Lee Carseldine.

Lee Carseldine: Great to be here.

Jane Erbacher: I just started second guessing myself there and I’m like what if I pronounced his name wrong.

Lee Carseldine: Yep that’s me, Carseldine.

Jane Erbacher: Famous from Cricket and Survivor, and pretty much being the hottest healthy dad there is out there.

Lee Carseldine: I’ll take that.

Jane Erbacher: Yeah so I was a huge huge huge fan of yours post to your cricket career because I apologise I know nothing about cricket.

Lee Carseldine: That’s good.

Jane Erbacher: Absolutely that’s good.

Lee Carseldine: That’s a good thing.

Jane Erbacher: But I saw you on Survivor and I thought, “This is someone who I wanna be friends with.” So before I introduce you I did want to say thank you so much for being on Podcast. I know how busy you are these days and I really really really really appreciate you giving up your time. And I know that I’ve been a little bit annoying trying to book you in because you live in Brisbane and I have this thing where I like to do Podcast face to face. So I’m really sorry if it has been a hassle at all.

Lee Carseldine: Not at all, not at all.

There’s no substitute for hard work – Hamish Blake

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the RevoPT High Performance Podcast, which from today, has a new name — a brand new name. It’s called the Your Revolution Podcast, which I’m really, really excited about. I decided… I’ve been thinking about it for a few months that I wanted to change the name, because the stories that we tell on this podcast are all about the turning points in people’s lives. And the idea of that is to encourage a turning point in your life if it’s something you want to do. And so I thought Your Revolution fits really nicely with that because we’re also keeping in line with the gym that this has come from, which is Revolution Personal Training, and that’s the idea of the podcast.

Today is probably the most exciting day of my life because I am talking to one of my really good friends, and the person that absolutely epitomises the mission of this podcast, Hamish Blake.

Hamish Blake: Jane, what an honour.