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Lazy Sunday @ The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Good Morning, hope you are having a great weekend. And even if you are not it is about to get there, if you have nothing to do today you can get some laughs from one of the numerous funny men/women that are on show for the comedy festival.

Over the next month or so Melbourne is playing host to some of the best comedy acts in the world as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. There are plenty of acts to go and see including Arj Barker, Adam Hills, Car Barron, Charlie Pickering, Josh Thomas and Wil Anderson just to name a few.

You can check out a full list of the acts showing by jumping onto the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website and head on down to get a huge abdominal workout courtesy of the worlds best comedians.

Comment below and let us know who your favourite is.

Myth Busters #48

Running On A Treadmill Gives You The Same Effect As Running Outdoors.

While running on a treadmill is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, stay warm indoors and watch TV which you are exercising. It does not provide you with the same workout that you would receive from running outdoors. This is due to the belt on the treadmill, as you place your foot down on the moving belt rather than having your glutes, hamstrings and quads propel you forward, the belt will move your foot back for you removing a lot of the hard work from running. As mentioned before you can still get a great cardio workout for the treadmill but if you are training for a running event, then just training on the treadmill is not the ideal way to prepare.

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Myth Busters #47

Im dripping with sweat! Somebody get me a towel!

Do not wipe off your sweat! Sweating is like your body’s own air conditioning system, used to cool itself down. When you exercise your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat to try and bring your body temperature back down to a normal level. This is done through a process of evaporation where the heat from your skin will cause the sweat to evaporate, which results in heat loss. If you were to wipe the sweat off your body it will take longer for you to cool yourself down and will also result in a extra fluid loss. So no matter how yucky it feels try to avoid wiping off your sweat.

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Lazy Sunday @ Hanging Rock

Well people the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. So I think for your lazy Sunday this week there is only one thing to do and that is to get outdoors and make the most of it, especially as summer is officially over so you just never know when the next beautiful day may come around.

A great way to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine is to head off on a picnic lunch and Hanging Rock near the Macedon Ranges is a pretty cool place to check out. It is the site of one of the worlds largest volcanic plugs and over the years weathering and erosions has added some strange rock formations around the place.

So pack your picnic basket and grab your walking shoes and head on down to hanging rock and bask in the sunshine.

For more information on the area check out their website:

Lazy Sunday @ Moomba

Good Morning boys and girls, there is only one thing better than waking up on a Sunday morning and having the day all to yourself, and that is knowing it’s a long weekend and you have Monday to relax to.

If your stuck for ideas on what to get up to today then you are in for a treat because over the long weekend Melbourne’s annual Moomba festival is running. With loads of activities and fun things to see and do your sure to be in for a great day. There is the music stage with performances from Lisa Mitchell, The Verses and Ross Wilson to name a few. Along with a carnival, silent disco, the Moomba Parade, Waterskiing and a fire show just to name a few things. But how can you forget that today is also the day of the Birdman Rally, so get down there and have a laugh at some crazy people jumping into the Yarra river.

The Moomba Festival is located in the heart of Melbourne, spilling across Alexandra Gardens, Birrarung Marr and the Yarra River, between Princes Bridge and Swan Street Bridge.

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Lazy Sunday @ Werribee Mansion & Open Range Zoo

Happy Sunday, hope you enjoyed a nice little sleep in this morning. but now that the sun is up and your wide awake, what to do? How about spending the afternoon exploring a mansion and having an African safari?

About 30 minutes from Melbourne the Werribee Park mansion has is pretty good day out. you can wander around the 10 hectares of parks and gardens as well as exploring the 130 year old mansion. You can even pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a feed in peaceful surrounds amoungst the gardens.

Then after you are done you can head just a little around the corner to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Set on 225 hectares the African themed zoo brings you up close to some of Africa’s amazing wildlife. From lions, hippos, giraffes and zebra’s to those curious little meerkats it has the best of African wildlife for you to enjoy.

So pack your lunch and head down to Werribee for your lazy Sunday

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