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Lazy Sunday @ Melbourne Bike Hire

Wow, what a massive week. Sunday is finally here with a sleep in and a chance to relax and take it easy. If your stuck for ideas on what to do today then check this out.

The Victorian government recently implemented the Melbourne bike share scheme where user can rent bicycles for a low cost to use for their commute across the great city of Melbourne. The are 50 bike hirestations located around the city and bikes can be picked up and dropped of at any of these.

Why not spend your Sunday afternoon having a casual bike ride around Melbourne and check out some of the great sites and atmosphere that the city offers, and get on your way to burning some extra calories.

Bike hire stations are located near Federation Square, the MCG, Docklands, Melbourne Central & Melbourne Uni to name a few it really is a great way to get to know Melbourne.

Best of all the first 30 minutes of every trip is free.

The only downside to the bike hire scheme is the $300 deposit needed and no helmet hire.

For more info check out the Melbourne bike hire scheme website

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout 10

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to Man Up and get your week started with a great workout.

Today’s workout is a mix of body weight resistance and running.

Start by setting up some cones about 30m apart from each other. Start off next to one cone and do 20 push ups then run to the other cone and do 18, continue this going down by 2 reps every time until you have go down to 2 push ups.

Repeat this for squats, sit ups, dips and get ups.

Time yourself for this and post your time below.

Good luck and enjoy the workout

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Lazy Sunday @ The Royal Botanic Gardens

Good Morning, I hope you enjoyed a sleep in on your Sunday morning. With spring finally rolling in and some great weather starting to shine through it is the perfect time to check out Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

The Gardens are home to some fantastic scenery the perfect place for a spring family picnic. Best of all entry is FREE.

While you are there you might as well also have a walk / run around Melbourne’s famous ”Tan’ running track that does a lap around the gardens and past the Shrine of Remembrance.

The botanical gardens are open year round from 7:30am till sunset. located on Birdwood Avenue in South Yarra.

Have a great day!

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #9

Its the first Monday of spring and so far it’s looking like another great day. So yet again it will be perfect to get outside and have a bit of a run.

For todays workout you will need to mark out 1km, many running tracks will have 1km markers along the way, or it will be 2 1/2 laps of an athletics track and roughly the same for a footbal oval. You will also need a stop watch.

After a good warm up;

Run the 1km as fast as possible

Rest for 3 minutes

Repeat this and try to get your time within 10 seconds of the original.

The workout will end once your time has dropped more than 30 seconds below your original time.

Good Luck

Let us know how you go. Post your best time and the amount of 1km runs you did.

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #8

Welcome to Monday, yet again it looks like it’s going to be another awesome day in Melbourne. Perfect weather to get outdoors for todays Man Up Workout.

The workout is listed below but the exercises do not have to be performed in any particular order and you can break them down into smaller blocks of set and reps as long as you finish on 100 reps.

100 push ups
100 squats
100 sit ups
100 horizontal pull ups
100 dips
100 lunges
100 seated ab twist (with weight/ medicine ball if available)
10 x 100m sprint

Good luck.

Lazy Sunday @ National Gallery of Victoria

Hooray! It’s Sunday again, but what to do? After you have had your much deserved sleep in and breakfast in bed. How about treating yourself to a little bit of fine art?

The National Gallery of Victoria is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon wondering through the  galleries of artworks from Australia and all over the world. Infact there is so much to see that they have spread it out over 2 locations. Which also means that a walk between the 2 can add to all the exercise you will be getting while trawling through the thousands of pieces of art the NGV has on offer!

The NGV international centre is located @ 180 St Kilda Rd and the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia can be found @ Federation Square.

If you would like more information about exibits currently showing you can check out the NGV website here.

Just for fun if you have a pedometer laying around the house you can take that along and see how many steps you can get in while going through the NGV. I would love to know your result.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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