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Lazy Sunday @ The MCG and Etihad Stadium

Well yet again everyone’s favourite day is here. You have got to love a Sunday. But what to do? There is plenty on as usual in Melbourne but with the end of the season just a few weeks out  and teams desperate to make the cut come finals time, its a great chance to see some amazing games of football. While your at it I’ll even throw in a few ways to get in a bit of cheeky exercise while you are there.

If you are deciding to head on down to the MCG for some AFL action then a great way to get into the mood for the game is to catch a train in (also helps you to avoid the hassle of finding a parking space). Get off at Flinders St Station and enjoy the walk and atmosphere with all the supporters making their way into our great stadium. The 2km walk will be a great start to the day and get excited for the match.

If Etihad Stadium is your choice of venue then you can catch a train in to Southern Cross Station for a short walk or drive the car and park a little further away and enjoy the atmosphere on the walk leading into the ground.

And of course there is always the ramps & stairs to walk up and down once you are inside the stadium. Then there is the cheering and yelling at umpires to help get your heart rate up a little.

Alternatively if you would like to get up close to the action then perhaps a VFL game is more your style with smaller crowds you are able to get right up to the fence to view the action, and with most teams filled with young AFL stars trying to find there feet the games are always of a high standard. The best part is the opportunity to run out on the field and have a kick around yourself in between quarters giving you that bit of exercise to help keep you in shape.

For more info and fixtures click on the links below



Enjoy your lazy Sunday full of great football action!

Man Up Monday Personal Training Workout 4

Well folks here it is, the kick start to your weeks training to get you back into the gym after the weekend. The ‘Man Up’ workouts are designed to be tough and not for the faint hearted. And today’s is no exception. And for today’s workout only attempt this if you have a workout partner with you that is a competent ‘spotter’ as you will be required to lift heavy loads.

For today’s session you are going to do a one repetition maximum (1RM) for a few different exercises. Knowing this will be helpful in your training, to help set appropriate weights that will challenge you and help maximize your results.

The protocol for this is the same for all exercise’s but we will start with the bench press.

Warm up with a set of 10 repetitions using a light – moderate weight.
Rest for 3 minutes

With a moderate – heavy weight perform 5 repetitions.
Rest for 3 minutes

Now starting the main protocol add around 5% to the previous weight lifted and perform 1 rep.
Rest for 3 minutes

From here continue to add weight in small increments. Performing 1 rep and resting for 3 minutes.

Your 1RM will be the last weight successfully lifted.
Eg: 50kg lifted successfully
52.5kg lifted successfully
55kg lifted successfully
57.5kg lifted successfully
60kg NOT lifted successfully

Your 1RM will be 57.5kg

You should aim to reach your maximum within 4-5 attempts which is why it is very important to start on an appropriate weight for your strength levels. The 3 minutes rest is important allow your muscles a chance to recover from the previous attempt.

Once you have completed the bench press test repeat the protocol for:
Squat: but ensure you have an excellent technique if you are to attempt this, if you are unsure at all use dumbbells rather than a barbell.

Chin ups: if you are unable to do a chin up you can use the assisted machine for this and reduce the assistance as you go.
To add weight to a chin up you can use a weight belt, chain and weight plate or place a dumbbell between your lower legs and secure by crossing your ankles.

If you suffer from or at risk of heart disease or high blood pressure please DO NOT attempt this for your own safety.
Also as the test requires you to ‘fail’ to determine the result, that is why it is extremely important to have a ‘spotter’ with you for safety reasons.

Be sure to post your results. We would love to know how you went.

Lazy Sunday @ Melbourne Zoo

Stuck for ideas on how to spend a Sunday afternoon. Well look no further we have the answer with some great ideas for a fun and of coarse active afternoon.

Today why not check out the Melbourne Zoo, located on Elliot Avenue, in Melbourne. The Zoo offers a whole hosts of amazing animal attractions to see; lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, butterflies and over 300 other species of animals to admire.

The best part of it all is that it is recommended you allow at least 3 hours to see all of the exibits….and thats is 3 hours of walking that you wont even realise you are doing. Not a bad little calorie burner! If you are really organised preparing a picnic lunch would provide a nice little break halfway through your tour of the Zoo.

For more info jump onto the Melbourne Zoo website.

Hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday. Let us know your favourite animal at the Zoo!

Lacking motivation in your training? Why not take up a sport?

While I have always believed that joining a sport was a great way to get my clients active and make them accountable to exercise outside of their personal training sessions. My encouragement is usually meet with I’m too old, I haven’t done it in years or I haven’t got the time. This post is inspired by a client of mine who actually went through with it and started playing football (Yes… real football AFL style haha) again.

Since then I have noticed a huge improvement in his training with a spring in his step and a realisation that with every little run, every weight lifted all of his hard work is going to help him play better and enjoy the sport he has chosen to play. It also helped him to realise just how fit all his training had actually gotten him. Most of us will train hard to loose weight and get in to great shape but never truly see how much all of the hard work actually pays off. To his surprise he was able to play the whole game running away from opponents with ease and with plenty left in the tank. A credit to how hard he has worked.

But that is not too say I think everyone should go out a join there local football team. Everybody has different preferences and is inclined to enjoy different sports. But no matter what the sport I can just about guarantee one thing. That the fitter and stronger you are, the better you will be able to perform. In every sport, from lawn bowls to cage fighting the higher your levels of fitness the longer you will be able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

The camaraderie that develops with in teams can also help to ensure you keep coming back each week giving you a great work out that you are sure to enjoy every time. So if you are lacking a bit of motivation, especially in the cold winter months perhaps you can take up a sport you enjoy to help reinvigorate your training and keep you motivated to succeed

Have you joined a sport to help you get fit? We would love to hear your story.

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Training Workout 3

Are you in need of a butt whipping after a big weekend? It’s time to “Man Up” and get stuck into our Man Up Monday workout. But be warned these workouts are designed to be intense and are not for the faint hearted.  Make sure you post your results.

This week to get your heart rate going for the ‘Man Up’ workout we are doing a mini triathlon. We have replaced the swim leg with a row so you can stay dry!

1.5 km Row
10 km Bike
3 km Run

Make sure you push hard and aim to complete this as fast as you can and post your time below to see how you compare to others who have completed the workout.

Good luck!

Lazy Sunday @ The 1000 Steps

Along the way you will also find plaques with descriptions of the lives and struggles of the men who fought and died on the Kokoda trail during World War II.

The trail will generally take around 2 hours for a return trip so be sure to carry enough water, and possibly a small picnic to enjoy along with the sights from the top of the One Tree Hill Picnic Ground.

You can be sure this great trail will get your heart beating and your legs pretty sore. Which all in all will provide a great way to get some additional exercise on a quiet Sunday morning.

To Check out the location on Google maps clickhere

Enjoy your Lazy Sunday! We would love to hear how you go!

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