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Banning The Bounce

sports brasOk, so I know bra fitting is on the top of most women’s least enjoyable experiences list. But, are you also the woman that does not run on the treadmill due to the pain and embarrassment of breast bounce? Or maybe you feel a sports bra is unnecessary? Or is it that you just can’t seem to find a comfortable and supportive sports bra but you’re not sure why?

I have fitted over 10,000 women and I am yet to discover one sports bra brand that works for every-one, actually I don’t believe it’s possible. Women are made in delightfully different shapes so it’s more important to look at what style of sports bra works in harmony with your body.

So where does a girl start….Well if you are one of the many women who participate in high impact activities such as running, playing sport or aerobics who don’t wear a sports bra then this may just be your eye opener.

Why A Sports Bra?

· If your breasts aren’t well supported it can lead to breast sag. Why? Because your breasts are made up of tissue, fat and tendons – there is no muscle to rebuild. If your breasts are not supported with a good sports bra during exercise they will bounce, stretching these tendons. This is irreversible. 

· Not wearing the right sports bra can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain; more prevalent in women with a fuller bust.

· Studies have shown that not wearing the right sports bra can cause painful breasts, in fact 50% of women report this.

· Running strides are affected by swinging breasts, which increases stress on the body and leads to decreased performance.

And if that isn’t enough to scare the bejeebies out of you I have also witnessed bleeding and cuts and grooves in shoulders, back pain especially in women with a fuller bust, chafing, 2-3 bras being worn just to feel supported and worst of all…some women not participating in activity due to not finding the support they need. Not having the right sports bra can lead to lack of confidence and result in decreased performance.

The exact science of bra fitting….I don’t think so

Bra fitting is not an exact science. Any measuring tape system or online calculator used for bra fitting simply cannot be accurate; after all, our breasts are a volume not a straight line – so measuring a bust with a tape measure is like measuring a glass of milk with a ruler!

It’s not rocket science! However, because each woman is so different and there are no universal bra sizings, you will not necessarily be the same size every time you get fitted. And then there is… puberty, menopause, pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain… the changes to your size and shape can be many, but with a little help they can be managed.

Maxine Windram owns two specialty D-cup-and up lingerie stores. On her first marathon Maxine witnessed so much bounce she was compelled to create Brava Sport, the only specialty sports bra store in Australia. With a team of expert sports bra fitters, and an in store treadmill with video analysis, active women can now seek the right help. She can be contacted on 03 9596 1442 or visit


New Years ResolutionWe associate the beginnings of a new calendar with the beginnings of a new self. A Resolution – a new chance to gather the motivation and clarity to achieve something we hold significant. Now is the time to draw on the resources of the professionals around you to help plan and achieve your health and fitness goals for the year.

Some of us have enormous carrots dangling in front of us to lose weight and be healthier (a sporting event, wedding, health concerns etc.) and some have to dig a little deeper to find motivation. When it comes to getting results, you can’t underestimate the power of good planning. I, personally, am reminded of the (albeit crude) words of my under 13’s soccer coach:

“Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”

Our interpretation of a New Years RESOULTION has been rebranded to a New Year’s “BODY TUNE REVOLUTION”. This is where you, Revolutionaries and Body Tuners, have a clear advantage. You have the absolute privilege of having a team around you who have dedicated years of training to help plan and prepare you for these challenges and strive on reaching your goals. 

At BODY TUNE, we can help you plan your recovery and speedy return to activity and work, prepare your body for the new stresses placed on it and can even help to prevent future injuries by correcting your posture and technique while providing tailored stretching programs. We will look at your posture, recommend strengthening exercises and maintain your body by encouraging regular visits for recovery and proactive soft tissue release. 

Our two professional and resident therapists at Body Tune South Melbourne will help you achieve your 2013 goals. Annabel is Qualified in Remedial Massage and has a background in Osteopathy and Kelwyn is a qualified in Myotherapy. Together they work with professional athletes of Melbourne Heart Soccer Club and Melbourne Rebels Rugby Team. This knowledge and experience translates into every treatment at Body Tune, and we look forward to working with you to reach your healthy best.

Happy New Year from the team at Body Tune South Melbourne

Annabel Ranford and Kelwyn Chaston.

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Revolution Trainer: Timothy Riley

Personal Trainer Tim RileySPECIALITY: Crossfit

Fitness for Timothy is a serious subject. After 8 years in the Australian Army he sees fitness as not only a great way of staying healthy but an integral part of preparing one’s self for the challenges and trials that life can throw at you. This former Infantry soldier saw service in the Solomon Island, East Timor and Afghanistan knows all about how fitness shapes you mentally as well as physically. He qualified as a Combat Fitness Leader, slogged it out on a Reconnaissance Course, and successfully passed the SAS Selection Course. He loves doing obstacle courses and how they have found their way into the civilian fun run world. After completing his Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness his intent is to combine his knowledge learnt during his career and bring that same know how and ethos to those willing to challenge themselves. So see you in the gym. Who dares wins.

Training Style & Influences

I love my fitness to be functional and applicable to everyday settings. I believe that your fitness needs to be across multiple disciplines from running to boxing, from weights to gymnastics. Crossfit is definitely what I spend most of my time doing, however I believe there are a lot of other forms and styles of fitness that can be applied to ready oneself for the combat of daily life. Obviously my time in the military has shaped this view and I fervently believe that inside every person there is a warrior spirit waiting to burst out, a warrior spirit which can be applied to everyday living.


  • Level 1 Master Trainer

  • Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

  • Punchfit Trainer Qualified

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Certificate III in Fitness                   

Personal Profile

•    Favourite Food:     A good gourmet pizza.

•    Favourite Drink:   Water always does the job.

•    Favourite Sport:    Boxing and obstacle courses.

•    Favourite Music:   Probably the only person who loves the bag pipes, but for day to day listening I’m always tuned to Triple J.

•    Favourite Movie: Warrior, Thin Red Line, The Odd Man Out (don’t know it, look it up, classic!).

•    Likes:     A good sunny day, the potential feels endless.

•    Dislikes:     The word can’t.

•   Hobbies:     Hiking, fun runs and the occasional computer game.

•    Who Inspires You:     My family and anyone who pushes themselves to the limit.

•    Life Philosophy:     Nothing ventured nothing gained. Who dares wins.

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

I’ve always enjoyed instructing and training people. One of the best courses I did in the army was the Combat Fitness Leaders Course. A course designed to qualify soldiers in taking their comrades through fitness testing and group fitness circuits. I loved that course and once I had the chance to put it into practice I went at it whole heartedly. Upon leaving the army I wanted to bring all that knowledge and experience to the rest of the world, so becoming a personal trainer seemed the right fit for me.

Has Your Training Progressed Yet?

For many of us working out is an enjoyable pastime, the challenge of pushing your body as far as you can, to see just how much you can get out of it, is its own reward. But for a lot of people exercise is just seen as the lesser evil: ‘If I lose weight I can avoid heart disease.’ ‘When I’m fitter I’ll be able to run around with the kids.’

No matter what your goals in health and fitness are, knowing where you have come from and tracking how you progressing along the way can not only help to get you there faster, but also make the journey a little more exciting and challenging.

There are numerous ways to test and keep track of your progress, from traditional fitness tests such as the beep test, max. bench press etc. to some more new-school challenges similar to the Crossfit benchmark workouts. Knowing that each squat, push up, burpee, cartwheel and 1km run you do along the way is going to help you to get a better result, once it comes time to test yourself again, is often the motivation you need to keep working hard.

Garmin Connect

It can even be as simple as writing down some basic information about your workout, like the weight used and repetitions completed, or distance and time completed. So the next time you do that exercise, your aim is to ever-so-slightly improve on one facet of the workout. Just like having a mini competition with yourself to kick your own butt.

Technology can be really useful to help you with tracking your progress. There are loads of smartphone apps and online tracking systems that you can use to record and measure your progress. For all of you technophobes out there, don’t stress; it can also be as simple as recording each session into a book.

However you choose to do it, start recording your training progress and see how much you are improving. If all else fails you may even be happy in the knowledge that all of your hard work means that you are not going backwards with your fitness, especially as we get a little older.

Kicking It Up A Gear

Garmin 910XTSo you have been training hard for a while now and have been getting some great results and now you are ready to step up your training to take yourself to that next level. Well, here is a list of some of the kick-arse gear you should get your hands on that can not only make sure you are looking the goods, but also help to improve your training and performance. I have used all of these products before and think they are a great addition to my training bag and wouldn’t leave home without them.

Garmin GPS Heart Rate Monitor
While there are numerous brands and models of heart rate monitors on the market. I have used the Garmin brand, and the GPS models are awesome for not only giving you real time feedback on your training intensity, heart rate recovery and energy expenditure. The built-in GPS can give you data on your running or cycling speed, distance and pace, just to name a few things. This data can help you to get the most out of each training session, but the goodness doesn’t end there. Sync your device with your account and you can view minute by minute and beat by beat graphs of your session’s outcome to see where you are improving and also plan your next session.

2XU Compression Garments
No, these are not just an excuse for fully grown men to pretend they are ballerinas and squeeze into a pair of tights; there is actually scientific evidence to support the theory that the 2XU compression gear does improve performance and recovery. The graded compression can help improve oxygen delivery to working muscles as well as preventing the build up of other metabolites and waste products. This will not only help you to run further, but also increase your rate of recovery post exercise.

Massage Ball / Foam Roller
These are really handy bits of equipment to have in your kit bag and should be used regularly, even if you are feeling fantastic already. The myofascial release that foam rolling and massage balls will give you is great for managing and preventing injury as well as improving flexibility.

Fly Active Wrist Pocket
Oh yeah, the sweat band is making a come back but this time it is with a handy little addition. A zip. The fly active wristbands allow you to easily take keys, cards, cash or any other little bits of gear you may need along the way. The sports wristbands come in a host of funky colors so you can make sure they match your outfit and also double as a safety band with a reflective logo for night training as well a tag to store any emergency information which you will hopefully never need.

Rudy Project Photochromatic Sunglasses
It may be a fancy way of saying transition lenses but these all round sunglasses from  Rudy Project are all you will need whether you are running, cycling, hiking, kayaking or whatever. The lenses will automatically adjust to your lighting conditions to ensure you have the best vision at all times as well as protect your eyes with a lifetime unbreakable guarantee on the lenses. 

Amphipod Runlite Hydration Belts
Finally for the serious runner looking to head out on some long distance journeys, the Amphipod Runlite Hydration Belt is the perfect way to carry any fluids, energy gels or nutrition that you will need along the way to help you go at your best. The bottles are easy to clip in and out, so there is less fiddling around and there are additional addons for race numbers, iPhone, storage, lights and reflectors.

So get your training gear sorted and not only look the part, but perform better as well. 

Let us know if you have any other bits of kit that you think should be on this list by adding a comment below.

Man Up Monday – Balls of Steel

At the Revolution headquarters kettlebells are one of our favourite pieces of kit to throw into a session and as such todays workout is dedicated to those marvellous little balls of steel.

For this session we have a rep challenge; so for each exercise you have a 3 minute round to get out as many repetitions as you can. Have a 1 minutes rest then move onto the next exercise.

 Kettlebell Swing 

Renegade Row (push up followed by a row on each side counts as 1 rep)

Kettlebell Clean  





Enjoy kids, and dont forget to keep count of your reps and post your result in the comments section below.Turkish Get Up (alternate Sides each rep)