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Exercise Myth Busters #41

You burn more fat if you exercise on an empty stomach

Studies have shown that more fat is utilized when exercising after a period offasting than if you eat a few hours before exercise. However when trying to decrease weight it is total energy consumption vs. total energy use and not which form of energy is utilized most that will result in weight loss. Therefore when exercising on an empty stomach there will be less fuel available for your body to use to help you perform and you may actually feel more tired reducing the intensity that you exercise at as well as decreasing your level of performance.

Exercise Myth Busters #39

High-carbohydrate, low-fat diets work best

This form of diet does not equal balanced eating! Just because something is fat-free does not mean that it is healthy for you. A lot of products now add more and more carbohydrates in place of fat to be listed as ‘fat-free’. But lowering your dietary fat intake and increasing your carbohydrate consumption is not the best way to get lean and healthy. The fact is, our bodies work much better with a balance of carbohydrates and protein. Protein is essential for building healthy muscles, maintaining a strong immune system and helps stabilise insulin levels. It also provides stable energy levels through its effect on insulin and blood sugar and controls your appetite. So much sure your eating a balanced diet of carbohydrates and protein.

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Exercise Myth Busters #38

If you eat right, you don’t require additional supplements

Research has shown that some individuals do need to take additional nutritional supplements to enhance the benefits of their training. Even if you attempt to prepare the best, most nutritious meals you still aren’t guaranteed that you will get all the nutrients your body requires. It is also impossible to predict the nutrient value of whole foods which is why vitamin and mineral supplements can be beneficial for certain people to ensure their bodies have the resources to perform during both everyday tasks and exercise sessions. The best solution is to take a good quality multi-vitamin once a day to insure that you are receiving all the daily dietary requirements you need.

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Exercise Myth Busters #37

Home workouts are less effective compared to gym-based workouts

It is a long standing dilemma many people face when they are considering starting a new fitness regime but unfortunately there is no clear cut answer. There is research has shown that some people find it easier to stick to a home-based fitness program than a gym –based program. But there are also many people that feel they don’t have the same motivation to train as hard at home as they would in a gym environment.

So for this one it is more of an individual preference as the “best” program for you is the one you will participate in consistently. As consistency is the key to obtaining great health and fitness results long term.

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Exercise Myth Busters #35

No pain, No gain.

This myth is one of the most common misconceptions about getting fit. There are very intense people who push themselves to ridiculous lengths to feel pain while they are exercising, that is their choice and most of them have been exercising for years and gradually built up to such a high intensity and tolerance of physical pain through exercise. But for the common exerciser pain should be a limiting factor not a target to aim for. I’m not talking about muscular fatigue and the burn you may have experienced in your muscles before, they are welcome side effects of exercise, but physical pain is not. If it hurts stop! Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right. There are always alternate exercises that can be performed without pain that will also give you a good workout and the results you’re after.

Exercise Myth Busters #34

You can lose fat from specific parts of your body if you target those areas with particular exercises

You can’t pick and choose the specific areas that you’d like to burn fat from.  In order to reduce your fat stores you need to carry-out a calorie restricted diet together with a training program that combines both cardiovascular and strength-based exercises.  Doing hours of abdominal exercises will provide basic strength to your abs, but these exercises will not eliminate any excess fat that overlies your abdominal muscles.  Only once you significantly lower your overall body fat content will you start to notice any definition in these muscles.