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How I lost 60kgs and became a personal trainer!

tim bruni dallHi, my name’s Tim; I am one of the personal trainers at Revolution Personal Training, and this is my story about the transition I undertook to change my life.

My journey began when I went for a regular check-up at the doctors. The doctor got me to hop on the scales, the arrow went back and forth before stopping and resting on the 150kgs mark. My heart skipped a beat as I thought to myself, “I knew I was fat, but not that fat”. The doctor looked up at me, shaking his head; he had seen me go from a fit healthy child to an obese young adult. He sat me down and proceeded then to tell me the risks associated with being this heavy. Did I really want all this?? Heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol? I would struggle to do anything; I was stuck in a routine of doing nothing and I needed help fast. So that was it! I finally decided – enough is enough. So I set out to start my new journey!