Benefits of Fish

Fish is considered an important food that we should include in today’s diet and it has many positive benefits for our body. Most recent research has found the many health benefits fish has in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Fish can be described as rich in ‘brain selective’ nutrients such as omega-3 polyunsaturated fats (DHA & EPA), iodine, zinc, copper, iron, and proteins. Omega-3 is important in many functions of the body, including the production of blood platelets and red blood cells, improved blood clotting and blood vessel functioning, developing the retina, and brain development.

It is also believed that a diet rich in fish will help with circulation, concentration, memory, healthy eyesight and skin, and the prevention of some diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, coronary heart disease and stroke, Crohn’s disease and even some cancers.

It is recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia that men consume around 610mg of omega-3 per day and women around 430mg of omega-3 per day. Consuming this quantity of omega-3 through fish products is achievable through the many varieties of fish we have on offer at the fish markets. The higher the fat content of the fish, the more omega-3 is available per 100g. There are many excellent sources of omega-3, predominately found in fish such as salmon, herring, sardines, fresh and tinned tuna, flounder, cod, mackerel, swordfish and halibut, to name a few.

Overall, we should be eating fish 2-3 times a week, if not more, and cooking it in a healthy manner (not fried). This way we ensure that we are consuming adequate amounts of protein, omega-3 and other vital minerals our body needs to function at its optimal level, and are maintaining a well balanced diet.

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