Boost Your Metabolism, The Natural Way

Food is a necessity to life and there are many foods which do more good for our bodies than we realise. The foods which I am referring to are those which help to boost our metabolism and in turn assist in weight loss. It is also said that by eating smaller and more frequent meals, you keep your metabolism continually running and stop it from switching into fat storing mode. There are many different foods which can be consumed alone or combined in your favourite meal to add an extra kick to your metabolism. Let’s look at some popular metabolism boosters.
Chilli is a common spice (along with curry paste, wasabi, horseradish, & Tabasco sauce), which can cause a rapid increase in your metabolism, resulting in you feeling hot, flushed or even sweaty. It does so by increasing body temperature via thermogenesis (this is the process by which cells in the body convert energy into heat and consequently increase fat burning). This one might not be for everyone, so take it easy.
Green tea is a natural appetite stimulant and not only has an appetite stimulant affect but also activates the process thermogenesis. This is a great product to get you through those afternoons, without having too many calories; just watch how much you drink because it also contains caffeine, like coffee, so only a few cups a day.
Water: I know it’s said all the time, but you must drink at least 8 glasses a day. By not keeping up your hydration levels and letting yourself become dehydrated, you risk slowing down your metabolism. Your body will also begin to retain fluid which may result in occasional bloating and possible weight gain. Therefore, by not drinking enough your body will not run properly.
Fish is a great source of omega-3 as you may already know; however, eating more of it prompts our body to produce a hormone called leptin. This hormone allows our body to burn calories instead of storing them as fat. Ensure you include a variety of fish sources in your diet, not just the one type (i.e. tuna).
Cinnamon is an aromatic herb that works by maintaining blood glucose and insulin levels. This reduces spikes in your blood glucose affecting your energy levels, and keeps your insulin levels low to inhibit fat storage. By maintaining these levels it helps your metabolism run at its optimal level. Mix it with your breakfast cereal or in your favourite smoothie, or just with some fruit and yoghurt for an afternoon snack.
The above mentioned products are just a few that help to keep our metabolism running at its best. Obviously, all in moderation, but as always a healthy diet full of fresh produce and variety will ensure that this balance is achieved.
Michela DiTocco

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