Caffeine: Part 4 Are the negative side effects of caffeine enough to warrant concern?

Last week we discussed moderate negative side effects of caffeine, this week we will discuss some of the more serious side effects you can suffer from use of caffeine

Anyone in a high risk group should be aware of the severe negative effects. People in this high risk group who should minimise caffeine intake include people with mood disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, chronic intestinal issues, work night shift or women who are pregnant… or even men that are pregnant! ūüôā

The negative effect of caffeine in increasing heart rate can create problems for people with heart conditions, and in high doses, caffeine can induce irregular heartbeats in healthy people.

The physical dependence on caffeine can cause excessive sleepiness and ultimately cause sleep disorder. Caffeine can disrupt sleep cycles, causing less deep restful sleep, particularly when the person drinks caffeinated beverages within a few hours of bedtime. So while one person may be using coffee to get started in the morning, one reason they might need this extra boost because they are getting inadequate sleep the night before. This is in big issue for night shift workers who constantly use caffeine to try to adjust to the time of day.

People with any panic or anxiety disorders are much more prone to reacting badly from increased heart rate. Even in small doses, caffeine can create panic attacks and interfere with medications taken to calm the system.

People with high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels need to be very weary of consuming caffeine as both of these things are raised after intake. The liver releases glucose into the bloodstream after adrenalin has been released from the adrenal glands. This rise in blood glucose levels can be dangerous for diabetics.

Overall caffeine can cause a range of moderate to severe side effects. It is extremely important that people in a high risk category that have certain physical conditions will tend to have more problems with caffeine and should definitely minimise intake. On the other hand people who are healthy and drink caffeine occasionally will only have minimal side effects. So should you be using caffeine to boost your performance? Let us know what you think.

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