[Case Study]: Why I chose RevoPT – Deanna T

We love working with our dedicate passionate and hard working members like Deanna.

Deanna is the perfect example of how training with us can begin with a specific focus but grow to become so much more.

“Everyone’s been so welcoming and it’s just a great group of people!”

We strive to work with individuals to develop there physical and also mental strength, challenging to achieve things they never thought possible.

Our Group Training provides the perfect platform for you to grow as a person as well as develop your physical capabilities.

Who knows, like Deanna you may get to meet some pretty cool people who you click with both inside and outside of the gym.

2 thoughts on “[Case Study]: Why I chose RevoPT – Deanna T

  1. David quigley

    Hi my name is Davis Quigley
    I’m a vfa student.
    I would love to come and do some work placement at revolution personal training.

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