Exercise Myth Busters: Exercise is useless for weight loss

Well, this blog post has been inspired by the recent article on The Age website titled : The exercise myth that I have had brought to my attention yesterday.

The article is goes on to talk about exercise and weight loss and new book which claims that exercise is useless for weight loss. The article then shares a number of great points from David Driscoll an exercise physiologist and sports dietitian.

My summary of this would be that as many of you may have found when you exercise you can have an increased appetite.  Keep this in check and you will go a long way to dropping the kilos and improving more than just your weigh, as we all know exercise has vast and important benefits that are far greater than weight loss or even weight maintenance.

Another thing thing mentioned to be mindful of is the fact that many of us want to reward our hard work with a larger serving size at our meals or a treat after dinner because of how very hard we have worked! However the fact is that sometimes these rewards can actually throw us back over our calorie budget and we can many times end up doing more harm that good in the overall scheme of things. Being over our daily calorie budget we can end up actually putting on weight if we do this consistently.

So the moral of the story… Exercise can certainly help us with more than just losing weight but don’t lose sight of the simple fact that what is going into your body is key when you are watching your weight. It will determine how much out put you need to achieve to bring your body to a point of calorie deficit and therefor weight loss.



Myth Busters #52

Why Does It hurt So Bad But Feel So Good?

Studies have shown that exercising above 70% of you maximum results in an increase in the levels of endorphins in your blood. Endorphins are hormones that act as your body’s own pain reliever. This has been credited as the reason why many people often experience changes of mood after an intense bout of exercise. So if you are stressed, upset or angry try and have a hard work out and get rid of that pent up frustration. A boxing workout is a great way to release some stress so combining that with an endorphin release will surely get you feeling great.

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Myth Busters #51

I Need To Take In As Deep a Breath As Possible So I Can Swim Further

When holding your breath for long periods of time it is a build up of carbon dioxide in your body that forces you to take a breath and not so much a lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide is a toxin and your body wants to get it out of your system as fast as possible. By holding your breath, you are trapping the carbon dioxide in your body, once levels of carbon dioxide start to head towards unsafe levels your bodies natural mechanisms force you to exhale it out (Pretty sure the girls in the picture must have had a lot to exhale).   Therefore when performing activities such as swimming it is a good idea to remember to exhale even while under water to try and get rid of as much of the carbon dioxide in your body as possible, this helps to increase the efficiency of your breathing as well as your swimming.

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Myth Busters #50

Balance Training Is Only Necessary For Elderly and Uncoordinated People

Balance training is often seen as something that is only beneficial for the elderly, however working on your balance even at a young age can help to improve your quality of life and make simple tasks even easier. It is also beneficial for sporting and training performance as well. This is because balance training can improve your proprioception; which is your body’s knowledge of what is happening to your limbs. Improving this can help to reduce the chances of injuries occurring as you will be more adept at correcting unpredicted changes to your limbs such as when you roll your ankle. On top of this it will also place you in good stead as you begin to age.

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Myth Busters #49


There are no ‘magic’ hours when you should be eating. People associate late-night eating with a greater chance of weight-gain because we usually consume more calories at night. The current recommendation is to start your day with breakfast and eat every 3-4 hours throughout the rest of the day. Be sure to keep lunch the same size as dinner so that you will be less likely to over-indulge at night. Lastly, know that you can enjoy a small, late-night snack without the fear of waking up heavier in the morning.



Myth Busters #48

Running On A Treadmill Gives You The Same Effect As Running Outdoors.

While running on a treadmill is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, stay warm indoors and watch TV which you are exercising. It does not provide you with the same workout that you would receive from running outdoors. This is due to the belt on the treadmill, as you place your foot down on the moving belt rather than having your glutes, hamstrings and quads propel you forward, the belt will move your foot back for you removing a lot of the hard work from running. As mentioned before you can still get a great cardio workout for the treadmill but if you are training for a running event, then just training on the treadmill is not the ideal way to prepare.

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