Exercise Myth Busters #5

All Fats Are Evil

Your body needs fat for vital functioning. It can help slow down the ageing process by keeping skin, hair and nails maintained and also satisfies your hunger for longer. The main thing you have to strive to do is cut out bad fats (saturated fats) found in chocolate, fried foods, butter and processed meats and replace them with good fats (unsaturated fats) which you can find in nuts, seeds, olive oil, and avocados and can help reduce your risk of heart disease. These good fats should be eaten as part of a balanced diet with a variety of foods eaten in moderation.



Exercise Myth Busters #4

If Your Not Working Up A Sweat Your Not Working Hard Enough.

I am sure many people have experienced a hot 40 degree day in summer when all you have to do is sit in the sun to start sweating your not even exercising but you are sweating. This is because as opposed to your work rate, sweat is an indication of your body heat, it is your bodies own air conditioning unit to help make sure your core body temperature stays around 37 degrees, it does this through the cooling effect that evaporating the sweat has on your skin. The loss of fluid through sweating is another important reason to drink plenty of water.



Exercise Myth Busters #3

If you stop working out, muscle will turn into fat.

Muscle and fat are two distinct tissues that cannot be converted from one to the other. If you stop exercising your muscle tissue will shrink, which means you may feel flabbier. Also, when muscles get smaller they do not need as many calories to function, which means your metabolism slows down, so if you eat the same amount of calories, you may gain body fat.



Exercise Myth Busters #2

I need exercises to work my ‘lower abs’ and reduce my pot belly.

Doing crunches will not help you get a ‘six-pack’ if there is a layer of fat over your abdominal area. In order the see the muscles, you must first reduce your body fat through exercising well and eating right.


Exercise Myth Busters #1

If You’re Not Going to Work Out Hard and Often, Exercise Is a Waste of Time.

This kind of thinking keeps a lot of people from maintaining or even starting an exercise program. Research continues to show that any exercise is better than none. For example, regular walking or gardening for as little as an hour a week has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.