What is Clinical Pilates and how could it help me?

Clinical PilatesMost of us are familiar with the word “Pilates” and no doubt images of impossible holds, awkward positions and rubber-band like flexibility spring to mind.

Pilates has fast become one of the most popular ways to exercise the world over, spreading through gyms, community centres and sports groups like wild fire.

But did you know that Pilates has been around for almost a century? And since its conception, normal everyday people have been discovering things about their bodies they didn’t know it could do.

Pilates offers endless possibilities with a multitude of exercises, making it possible to tailor a program to suit all your individual needs.

At Transform Physio, we offer Clinical Pilates at both of our sites.

Clinical Pilates is an exercise approach developed by specialised physiotherapists that aims to condition the body by improving body awareness, muscle pattern efficiency and core stability.

As an active form of treatment, it is an individualised program that is guided by your physiotherapist to safely manage acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

This is achieved by training your stabilising muscles through a progressive regime utilising machine, ball and floor exercises.

Benefits from Clinical Pilates include:

·         Decreased pain

·         Rehabilitation from injury

·         Efficient muscle patterns

·         Better balance

·         Gradual strengthening and increased flexibility

·         Exercising without pain or stiffness

·         Improved postural awareness and movement

If you find you have the same injuries occurring over and over again, ranging from low back pain all the way down to Achilles pain, Clinical Pilates may be the best way to cure your chronic issues once and for all!

So if you’re interested in improving your posture, movement efficiency, stability, or just simply sick of associating exercise with increased pain and stiffness, contact us today or jump onto our services page to view more about what we do and book yourself in for a consultation.

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How soft tissue massage can enhance your RECOVERY

Body Tune MassageAthletes and physically active people that train hard, a few or more times a week put a lot of stress through the body’s muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. That’s why it is essential that we have an adequate recovery between our sessions, whether they be cardio, strength or rehabilitation exercises prescribed by our practitioners.

We all know that a warm-down or ‘active recovery’ followed by stretching of the muscles after the conclusion of exercise is performed by serious athletes to enhance recovery time. Other techniques employed by active people include deep-water-running, ice immersion, contrast baths, whirlpools and spas. 

But did you know that soft tissue massage contributes to recovery of intense activity also? Soft tissue massage is becoming more important and popular than ever in reducing recovery time and increasing the health of our muscles. 

Benefits of soft tissue massage can include: 

Decreasing muscle tone (tightness) during times of increased training volume and intensity 

Increase the uptake of nutrients and oxygen to the cells 

Remove metabolites (wastes in the muscle from exercise) 

Decrease biomechanical abnormalities in the muscle 

Improved extensibility and shock absorbency of muscles 

Reduces the chances of soft tissue strains 

Reduces fatigue of the muscles

Reduces pain stimulation 

 Improves muscle function and flexibility 

Address active trigger points that decrease muscle strength 

Decrease chances of injury 

Increasing circulation 

Deactivating symptomatic trigger points 

Improving soft tissue function 

Improved psychological effect 

Studies have shown that a combination of both active recovery and soft tissue massage was more effective then single interventions alone for post exercise recovery. 

So pop into the clinic and see Shaun or Annabel for a Body Tune massage today! 

Tune up Tuesday only $66 for a 1hr treatment, or mention this blog for a 10% discount of any 1hr appointment. 




Banning The Bounce

sports brasOk, so I know bra fitting is on the top of most women’s least enjoyable experiences list. But, are you also the woman that does not run on the treadmill due to the pain and embarrassment of breast bounce? Or maybe you feel a sports bra is unnecessary? Or is it that you just can’t seem to find a comfortable and supportive sports bra but you’re not sure why?

I have fitted over 10,000 women and I am yet to discover one sports bra brand that works for every-one, actually I don’t believe it’s possible. Women are made in delightfully different shapes so it’s more important to look at what style of sports bra works in harmony with your body.

So where does a girl start….Well if you are one of the many women who participate in high impact activities such as running, playing sport or aerobics who don’t wear a sports bra then this may just be your eye opener.

Why A Sports Bra?

· If your breasts aren’t well supported it can lead to breast sag. Why? Because your breasts are made up of tissue, fat and tendons – there is no muscle to rebuild. If your breasts are not supported with a good sports bra during exercise they will bounce, stretching these tendons. This is irreversible. 

· Not wearing the right sports bra can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain; more prevalent in women with a fuller bust.

· Studies have shown that not wearing the right sports bra can cause painful breasts, in fact 50% of women report this.

· Running strides are affected by swinging breasts, which increases stress on the body and leads to decreased performance.

And if that isn’t enough to scare the bejeebies out of you I have also witnessed bleeding and cuts and grooves in shoulders, back pain especially in women with a fuller bust, chafing, 2-3 bras being worn just to feel supported and worst of all…some women not participating in activity due to not finding the support they need. Not having the right sports bra can lead to lack of confidence and result in decreased performance.

The exact science of bra fitting….I don’t think so

Bra fitting is not an exact science. Any measuring tape system or online calculator used for bra fitting simply cannot be accurate; after all, our breasts are a volume not a straight line – so measuring a bust with a tape measure is like measuring a glass of milk with a ruler!

It’s not rocket science! However, because each woman is so different and there are no universal bra sizings, you will not necessarily be the same size every time you get fitted. And then there is… puberty, menopause, pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain… the changes to your size and shape can be many, but with a little help they can be managed.

Maxine Windram owns two specialty D-cup-and up lingerie stores. On her first marathon Maxine witnessed so much bounce she was compelled to create Brava Sport, the only specialty sports bra store in Australia. With a team of expert sports bra fitters, and an in store treadmill with video analysis, active women can now seek the right help. She can be contacted on 03 9596 1442 or visit www.bravasport.com.au



Improve Your Relationship By Getting All Hot and Sweaty…. In The Gym of Course

Working out improves your long-term health and your fitness levels, and it can help you discover your ideal weight. Working out might be good for your love life as well. Exercising with your significant other can produce a number of benefits. With a workout partner—one that you know well and care about, no less—you have a built-in support system, which can be particularly useful on those days when you’re not in the mood to work out or push yourself. Exercising with your significant other can strengthen your relationship as well; by overcoming challenges and working together to meet a goal, whether it’s to improve your health or lose weight, you and your partner will bond in a new way. Even more, working out with your significant other allows you to spend quality time together. With many ways to work out as a couple, there’s no better time than to exercise with your love.


It might seem like a solo activity, but running is ideal for couples. You can do it anywhere, whether you want to jog around your neighbourhood or discover a scenic route through a park in your town. Running can be challenging, especially when you start. Having a running partner to push you through those moments when you want to stop is essential. For serious runners, this form of exercise can become a major part of your life. You and your partner can sign up for everything from 5Ks to marathons, traveling to participate in the races, achieve a common goal, and spend some quality time together.

Strength Training

Strength training is an important part of any well-rounded exercise routine, but it can be rather dull. Fortunately, this type of exercise is perfectly suited for two people. Head to the gym, and move from machine to machine with your partner, rotating turns between sets. You can do strength training just as efficiently with your significant other as you do it alone. Rather than resting between sets, your partner can move in and do his or hers. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of having a supportive teammate when you work out.

Outdoor Activities

Exercise doesn’t always have to take place in the confines of a gym, and more creative ways to work out are perfect for couples. If you live near the beach, surfing, skim boarding, and paddle boarding are hobbies that you and your partner can learn together, all while getting in shape. Skiing and snowboarding are cold-weather activities that give you a great workout. Hiking is effective exercise as well, and it gives you and your partner the chance to spend some quality time in nature.


If your standard workout routine is getting old, sign you and your partner up for a class to learn a new skill. Find a yoga or cardio class that challenges you. You might not know what you’re doing at first, but you and your partner can learn together—and perhaps laugh at yourselves in the process—while getting in shape.

Working out as a couple improves your health and your relationship. Don’t be intimidated by sharing your workout routine with your partner. Having a teammate who supports your fitness goals is the first step in establishing a long-lasting exercise routine. Plus, you can spend quality time with your partner at the same time.

Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Sarah Paulsen, for Factoryfast.com.au – suppliers of a wide range of sports and fitness products.

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How I lost 80kgs and changed my life!

Hi, my name is Connie and I am one of the very first clients of Revolution Personal Training.

This is my story about the transition that I undertook to change my life.

Well… Where do I start… I have been a big person for most of my life. From at least the age of 10 onwards I have always struggled with my weight…

I’ll cut the story a little short or we would be here forever. Let’s just say I had tried everything under the sun when it comes to weight loss. You name it and I tell you, I have done it.



To CrossFit or not To CrossFit…

CrossFitCrossFit, when mentioned in the fitness industry gets a lot of mixed responses. ‘Ooooh, it’s dangerous’ and ‘isn’t that just circuit training?’ are the most common I get, I guess it’s kind of like judging a book by its cover, and I s’pose that when all you have ever seen of CrossFit is from YouTube posts of people doing their 1RM of barbell snatch with some crazy weight on it, or looking like they are committing kamikaze by exercise with the ‘Fran’ workout then lying lifeless on the floor, you could be mistaken by thinking those things.

The things you don’t see in these video posts is the time spent at the box with their broomstick going over and over with technique, doing mobility drills and SMR to promote more effective movement before graduating to doing the exercise with a weight that is appropriate to their skill level and physique. They are actually quite anal when it comes to performing an exercise!

The other thing you don’t see in these video posts is the culture of CrossFit. People who do CrossFit feel like it was developed just for them. Are you the type of person who gets bored doing the same thing over and over in the gym? Always changing, now doing weights, now I want to run, now I want to do HANDSTANDS and BACKFLIPS! People who do CrossFit feel like they belong. I don’t know about you, but I have this amazing body that bends and twists and moves and can do all of these awesome things, I want to use it to its fullest capacity! And I’m guessing that if you are reading this article, then these possibilities aren’t foreign to you either? CrossFit uses your body to its fullest capacity, whether your capacity be using the roman rings and doing handstand push-ups or doing supported bench dips and pike push-ups as a downscale. That is your fullest capacity.

You see, CrossFit is all about function for the everyday athlete. Yes. I said Athlete, because CrossFit philosophy trains for no one specific thing, they are athletes of life, doing everything they can really well, not specializing at one thing. As I don’t know about you, but in my everyday life I have to do a lot of different things, run for the tram, jump over the river running down my street when it pouring rain or chasing kids around and being the ‘horsey’ for their amusement! I don’t know what better way to train for these things than doing CrossFit.

The focus for training covers 10 domains: cardio and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. 

Their theory is that the needs of you and the needs of an Olympic athlete differ by degree, not kind. You both need to be able to squat, though you may not need the same load as an Olympic athlete! The aim is to cover all of these domains in a way that is constantly varied using functional movement and a high intensity. Intensity depends on the person. Chuck this all together with making sure it is observable, measurable and repeatable so you know you are getting fitter, faster, more powerful and more dynamic!

Since taking on the CrossFit way of training and training others has not only improved my movement 100% but that of every one of my clients.

You see, I have a really crappy back, as do a lot of my clients. Going along to do my CrossFit lvl 1 course I was worried that due to my back pain I would not be able to participate fully in the program, not be granted my qualification and that I wouldn’t be able to use their fundamentals with my clients due to their back pain also.

After doing 2 days of continual movement – no weight, just broomsticks! I was remarkably better. Low and behold it was back squats done incorrectly years ago whilst in training to become a Personal Trainer that was the main trigger to my back problems getting to the state they were in. It was overhead squats, done with correct technique of course, that I believe were the biggest help in me being free of back pain!

You see, I was not flexible; I couldn’t even reach my arms straight overhead! It was CrossFit that taught me that you should train for the things you CANNOT do well instead of only doing the things you can do well.

By training in only the things I could do well only made my back worse. That included doing only partial back squats, excessive bench presses and a lot of running. These things only contributed to me becoming stiffer, have less range of motion through my shoulders and therefore amplifying my back pain. I could not perform an overhead squat for my life! So I made it my training to be able to perform one. That is what has loosened those evil muscles tugging on the wrong places and eased my pain.

So what is it you never do just because you are not good at it? Perhaps you should start trying?

So I say, get out there, don’t read a book by its cover, don’t even take other peoples word for it, read it and make your own decision on it. Do the preparation first, don’t just go out and grab a heavy weight and start throwing it around, create mobility, ensure correct technique, then enjoy smashing a solid workout everyday for the rest of your life!

-Love Larissa 

Assassin Personal Training


P.S. Contact us at info@assassinpt.com.au to get started training by CrossFit theories – Anything is achievable! 

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