Lazy Sunday @ The MCG and Etihad Stadium

Well yet again everyone’s favourite day is here. You have got to love a Sunday. But what to do? There is plenty on as usual in Melbourne but with the end of the season just a few weeks out  and teams desperate to make the cut come finals time, its a great chance to see some amazing games of football. While your at it I’ll even throw in a few ways to get in a bit of cheeky exercise while you are there.

If you are deciding to head on down to the MCG for some AFL action then a great way to get into the mood for the game is to catch a train in (also helps you to avoid the hassle of finding a parking space). Get off at Flinders St Station and enjoy the walk and atmosphere with all the supporters making their way into our great stadium. The 2km walk will be a great start to the day and get excited for the match.

If Etihad Stadium is your choice of venue then you can catch a train in to Southern Cross Station for a short walk or drive the car and park a little further away and enjoy the atmosphere on the walk leading into the ground.

And of course there is always the ramps & stairs to walk up and down once you are inside the stadium. Then there is the cheering and yelling at umpires to help get your heart rate up a little.

Alternatively if you would like to get up close to the action then perhaps a VFL game is more your style with smaller crowds you are able to get right up to the fence to view the action, and with most teams filled with young AFL stars trying to find there feet the games are always of a high standard. The best part is the opportunity to run out on the field and have a kick around yourself in between quarters giving you that bit of exercise to help keep you in shape.

For more info and fixtures click on the links below



Enjoy your lazy Sunday full of great football action!



How I lost 60kgs and became a personal trainer!

tim bruni dallHi, my name’s Tim; I am one of the personal trainers at Revolution Personal Training, and this is my story about the transition I undertook to change my life.

My journey began when I went for a regular check-up at the doctors. The doctor got me to hop on the scales, the arrow went back and forth before stopping and resting on the 150kgs mark. My heart skipped a beat as I thought to myself, “I knew I was fat, but not that fat”. The doctor looked up at me, shaking his head; he had seen me go from a fit healthy child to an obese young adult. He sat me down and proceeded then to tell me the risks associated with being this heavy. Did I really want all this?? Heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol? I would struggle to do anything; I was stuck in a routine of doing nothing and I needed help fast. So that was it! I finally decided – enough is enough. So I set out to start my new journey!


The Dukan Diet – Why The French Love It.

This is a diet devised by a French nutritionist Dr Pierre Dukan and has been around for over 10 years. It has been followed by many celebrities and for many people is a new way of life. This program allows you to lose weight and stabilise your weight loss in 4 stages, which are completely natural and simple.

The diet begins with a short attack phase, which is where you eat nothing but proteins (meats, poultry, fish, eggs and non-fat dairy). This sets the nature of the diet for your body and kick starts the initial weight loss in this stage, where you’ll see quick and immediate results (you can lose up to 3kgs in 5 days). This phase lasts anywhere from 1 day to 10 days (depending on your personal weight loss goals). The more weight you need to lose, the longer you need to stay in the attack phase. The main foods you eat during this initial phase include, lean beef, veal, rabbit, chicken, turkey, offal, ham (low fat), all fish varieties, shellfish, eggs (2 per day), non-fat dairy products (milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese). It is important to avoid all oils and butters, drink at least 1.5L of water per day, limit your tea/coffee intake, exercise at least 20 minutes every day and consume 1 ½ tablespoons of oat bran daily (as porridge, with yoghurt, or as a pancake).

The next phase is known as the cruise phase and is the main phase where you will gradually lose the weight (around 1kg per week) until you reach your goal weight. This is where you will alternate your days between pure protein, and protein and vegetables. This allows for more variety in your diet and continual weight loss results. The vegetables you can eat include: asparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, eggplant, green beans, onions, pumpkin, lettuce varieties, spinach, and tomatoes, to name a few. They can be eaten either raw, boiled, steamed or baked. There are also some vegetables to avoid, like starchy potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, lentils, beans and avocado. Still during this phase you are to drink at least 1.5L of water per day, eat 2 tbspn of oat bran and exercise at least 30 mins each day.
Once you have reached your ideal weight the final stages begin, the consolidation phase. This is the period between dieting and normal eating and is where you re-introduce a few indulgences. Fruits, breads, cheese and starchy vegetables are allowed once again, and it is also advised in this stage that you have 2 free/unrestrained meals per week. You still also have one day of pure protein (every Thursday for example). It is still important to exercise at least 30 minutes every day and continue with your 2 tbspn of oat bran. During this stage you should not gain or lose any weight; it’s about managing your current weight and consolidating all the work you have done to achieve this new ideal weight.

Once you have completed the consolidation phase of the program, the permanent stabilisation phase begins. This is the phase where your body is in its new form and as long as you follow a few simple rules the weight will stay off and you can enjoy your new life. You can go back to eating other foods, prior to commencing the Dukan diet; however, use the principles from the consolidation phase to help you stay on track and still have your indulgence meals twice a week. Continue to have one pure protein day a week forever, drink at least 2L of water per day and continue to exercise 20 minutes every day (even a brisk walk is sufficient). If you get through the 4 stages and stick to this program you will definitely see the results. It’s not easy to change your eating habits, but in the long run your body will thank you for it and you will be healthier than ever.



Tuesday Newsday – Isn’t it time to ban smoking for good?

After viewing a story in ninemsn yesterday about Hobart and it’s ever tightening anti smoking laws and hearing an interview on the radio yesterday morning form a leading Adelaide lung surgeon calling for a total ban on smoking I too am drawn to ask… Isn’t it time to ban smoking for good?

There are no butts any more.  No buts about whether or not smoking is bad for you or not.  It is conclusive.  Smoking is not like alcohol and other vices that can have little to no harm with small amounts of consuption.  As we have all heard time and time again in the Quit campaigns, every cigarette is doing you damage!

So why are they not banned?

I, as I’m sure nearly every other Australian is, have been personally touched by the curse of cigarettes.  They took my grandfather from my family far before his time was due.  He was an addict.  He found it impossible to quit.  So why don’t we make smoking  impossible to all smokers?

Are the 20,000 something other grandfathers, grandmothers, mums, dads and brothers and sisters lives who are lost each year not worth the hassle?  Or is it that the billions of dollars ending up in the governments coffers too valuable?  Surely the cost to the health system would outweigh that tax anyhow!

Many smokers may argue that it is a lifestyle choice, and that they know the risks they are taking. However other harmful drugs that many people would also claim are lifestyle choices are highly illegal and very firmly policed. Why should cigarettes be any different, especially when you consider that many of those other drugs do not have the direct effects on other people that cigarettes can have. According to Quit it is estimated that over 1500 people die each year as a result of the passive smoke that has been proven to cause lung cancer and heart disease.

Do the non smoking general public really deserve to have those risks imposed on them by people who do choose to smoke cigarettes?

Would you like to see smoking banned for good? Let us know by commenting below.

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Lazy Sunday @ Melbourne Zoo

Stuck for ideas on how to spend a Sunday afternoon. Well look no further we have the answer with some great ideas for a fun and of coarse active afternoon.

Today why not check out the Melbourne Zoo, located on Elliot Avenue, in Melbourne. The Zoo offers a whole hosts of amazing animal attractions to see; lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, butterflies and over 300 other species of animals to admire.

The best part of it all is that it is recommended you allow at least 3 hours to see all of the exibits….and thats is 3 hours of walking that you wont even realise you are doing. Not a bad little calorie burner! If you are really organised preparing a picnic lunch would provide a nice little break halfway through your tour of the Zoo.

For more info jump onto the Melbourne Zoo website.

Hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday. Let us know your favourite animal at the Zoo!



The best excuse I heard this week…

Now I’m definitely not one for excuses. I don’t give them the time of day. I have been a personal trainer for almost 9 years now so I’ve heard most of them. Some of them are fantastic and deserve a little credit for their creativity. So I’ve decided to dedicate a post every Friday to the weeks more creative excuse I have heard form my customers or Friday as to why they haven’t or have done something they should have.

If you’ve got something better I would love to hear it in the comments.

I hope you enjoy this because I will!