At Home Personal Training

At Home Personal TrainingIf you are one of the 100’s of Australians finding it tough to get to the gym then hopefully we have a solution for you… and it’s not a new thigh master!

If you have ever thought, gee I wish I had a gym at home, or that the gym would come to you, then hopefully we can help.

Or maybe you do you have a gym at home and want to know how to utilize it better and get true value out of your purchase, (and stop using it to dry your clothes on!)

Then maybe personal training at home is for you.

Our mobile personal trainers are expertly equipped to help you achieve optimal results with all of the convenience of training from home.

If you ever dreaded getting to the gym after work, or having to find a parking spot, or even having to put up with a gym full of people enjoying their own looks in the mirror then this is the answer.

We run a fully equipped service and bring with us any equipment necessary to get the results you need.

We also are well versed in body weight training and improving your ability to move in all directions using your body weight as resistance. This as well as other activities like boxing, kickboxing, kettlebells, and running will be used to get you in the best shape of your life.

Even if your lifestyle is just needing a little bit of a tune up an a few tweaks here and there at home personal training is a great answer as the accountability is high. You have someone knocking on your door to get you butt moving. Nothing can get in the way of that!

Fire us an email if you think that at home personal training is the ideal option for getting your butt moving, all with the convenience of being done in home.


Private Personal Training

Private Personal TrainerI bet you’ve dreamed of having your own celebrity style private personal trainer. Somebody to focus on your over all health and get your body into the best shape of your life. Somebody to focus on your needs for that few hours a week while you run around after everyone else for the rest of the week.

Well the good news is the you don’t have to be living in Hollywood, or be a celebrity to have your own private personal trainer (although if you are we can help you too…)

A private personal trainer may be the best way for you to be get the most out of your exercise and improve your overall health and lifestyle.

Your private personal trainer can come to you where they are needed. If it’s a work out during your lunch break at the office or an outdoor session at your local park, or even a home based session in your garage, or even you lounge room, we are equipped to make it work.

We focus not only on your exercise and energy output but other crucial factors such as amount of time you spend sedentary throughout your day and obviously you energy input is just as important as the out put.

So if your Australia’s next superstar, or even if your not give us a call and we will spend spend a little time on you.



What should be done about the levels of obesity in Australia?

Australia's Obesity EpidemicAs Kevin Rudd makes his exit after telling us all how good of a job he has done through a face full of tears, and Julia Gillard is sworn in, we can start to ask ourselves if we will see any changes here in Australia as a result.  Chances are not much will happen in between now and the election but definitely one thing I would like to see getting more attention as a personal trainer is the obesity epidemic and the ongoing health and fitness of our Nation.  Hopefully the changing of the guard will bring this issue more into public focus and we can start to address what I feel in one of the biggest challenges facing our Nation.

Now I hear a lot of comments in the media that we are now the fattest nation on earth.  We have taken the highly estemed mantle from the firm grasp of American’s, which is something I would not of thought the possible!  Now I’m not entirely sure how this is calculated as I didn’t include my weight around this time last year when I lodged my tax return, but none the less we are now number 1!  Something definitely not to be proud of.  What happened to the image of the bronzed Aussie down at the beach, or fit female tennis player, or even Lara Bingle tanned up on the ‘bloody’ beach in WA.  Will they all now need to make way for the image of Australia to be a pastie, obese kid with nothing but the fittest thumbs of all the kids of the develpoed nations from his years of play station mastery?

I hope not.  As our waistlines change so does that of our potential for sporting greatness and the ability of our health system to cope as these now obese teen and mid twenties age.  Another statement I have heard recently is that my generation (being a 26 year old myself), is quite possibly the first generation that may not out-live their parents…  So rather than us living on to see our parent bundled off into a nursing home before making their final journey onwards years after that, it might be our parents fare-welling us as we are hospitalized at at the ripe old age of 40 of a sever heart attack, or due to complications from diabetes as we have our legs amputated.

It the modern world to think that this is possible is appalling.  Each generation has laid down the foundation to further that of the next.  To make the lives better and more simpler for those that come after them.  Now we have to ask “have we been too successful?”.  Have things gotten to easy for people?  Do we not know what a bit of hard work and exercise is anymore?  I have grown up with life becoming more and more convenient each year as new technology is developed and embraced.  But with every added convenience comes a reduced need for exertion and movement, and that’s not changing back anytime soon.

So what can be done?  How can this be fixed?  Suggestions such as medicare funded gym memberships have been suggested, private health funded personal trainers are now and option for some funds.  Are these type of initiative the answer?  Financially bribing people to get fitter and become more active and achieve more in their lives physically?  My industry will disagree with me as this would really become a cash cow but I hope not.  The mind set of Australian’s needs to change.  Ownership of individuals health needs to be placed on the shoulder of the individual.  Granted for many people this is not an option.  Complications and difficulties can lead to some of the population needing a little bit of a leg up here and there and I’m 100% for that.  Maybe this is where these above initiatives should be looked at.  Exercise specialists for the disabled etc.  But what about the rest?

Now this is not to say I am one for the program but, I am reminded of a quote Shannon Ponton from channel ten’s ‘The Biggest Loser’.  He once remarked when question on the safety of some of the training given to the severely overweight participants on the show.  His answer, ‘these people aren’t disabled, they’re fat!’.  Now obviously the contestants are adequately screened prior to the show to ensure safety of all exercise as they rightly should be, but I think we have been making too many allowances for too many, for too long.

Every day when you turn on the TV you will be bombarded with the latest ‘too good to be true’ solution to your weight loss and exercise goals.  Well guess what, the old saying has never been more applicable.  If it sounds too good to be true… IT IS!  Forget about the pills and potions and latest exercise machines and vibration platforms.  Get out there and start working your butt off.

If you ask anyone what they need to do to improve in their diet the chances are that 90% of people will get the answer just about 90% there.  Now that’s a huge start!  We know just about what we should be and shouldn’t be doing, so DO IT!  And if you lack the motivation to get out there and get it done, then pay someone to make you.  Get a personal trainer to keep you accountable.  Even if you only see them once every 6 weeks so your budget isn’t strained.  But do something!  Even if it is a family member to nag you each day.

I would love to know anyone else’s thought’s on this.  Do you feel the ownership for Australia’s obesity problems needs to be handed back to the obese?  Should hard work be once again valued in our society.  Now not saying everyone needs to go to this extent but shouldn’t people who work hard for their achievements like the extremely fit Tony Abbot, or the shapely Jen Hawkins, be once again applauded for their continued efforts and achievements and not ridiculed for being too busy and important to be able to be spending that sort of time on training.  Would love to know your thoughts and comments.



Low Carbohydrate Foods

by Michela DiTocco

There are many different ways and new diet trends for losing body-weight; most of the time they expect you to eat unrealistic foods or meals that don’t fit into your daily lifestyle. A safer and more natural way to lose that unwanted body-weight is to consume foods in your everyday diet which are low in carbohydrates, and avoid those nasty processed junk foods that claim to be healthy for you. Foods that are considered a low carbohydrate option are generally more nutrient-dense and help to satisfy your cravings, while providing fewer calories.
Firstly, let’s explore carbohydrates, how they affect the body, and their role in weight gain. There are two types of carbohydrates: simple carbohydrates (which are bad for you), and complex carbohydrates (which are good for you). Simple carbohydrates tend to raise your insulin and blood-sugar levels, which consequently leads to weight gain. Complex carbohydrates gradually raise your insulin and blood sugar levels over time, allowing you to feel fuller; they are generally lower in sugar and calories. The basic rule to maintain or lose weight is the ‘calories in vs. calories out’ balance. The fewer calories you consume and the more calories you expend (burn off through exercise), the more weight loss you can achieve. An energy imbalance (more in than out), can lead to obesity. You may think, as with some of the diets out there, that completely carbohydrate-free diets are the way to go for fast weight loss; however, there are many associated side-effects linked to such eating plans, and the negative effect they can have on your body can be long-term.
An important fact to remember is that by consuming simple carbohydrate foods (which are normally sweet and processed), there is a rapid rise in insulin released by the body. This in turn increases your body’s hunger cravings and consequently causes you to eat more food (i.e. more calories), and the vicious cycle continues. One way to break this cycle is to reduce your body’s insulin levels, by reducing simple (bad) carbohydrate intake, or switching to low-carbohydrate alternatives.  This thereby allows the insulin levels to not peak (you will also feel more full), and causes a consequent increase in levels of glucagon (a hormone that stimulates the burning of fat).
Overall, the best option is to opt for healthy and non-processed carbohydrates that are full of nutrients and low in calories. It is easy to include many of the foods from the list below into your everyday diet and watch the weight drop off, feel your energy levels improve, and have a feeling of satiety for longer.  A great way for you to make sure you are on the right track is to discuss this weekly in your mobile personal training sessions.

Examples of Low-Carbohydrate Foods

Vegetables: Carrots, Broccoli, Green beans, Snow peas, Green leafy vegetables, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Squash, Fennel, Celeriac, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Peppers, Eggplant, Radishes, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Onions, Leeks, Spring onions, Celery, Pumpkin, Avocado, Brussels sprout,

Dairy: Milk (low fat), Yoghurts/cheese (without whey), Grains/cereals, Oatmeal, Brown rice
Lentils: Barley, Beans (kidney/chick peas/butter)
Fruits: Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Cantaloupe, Tomatoes



Is MasterChef making Australia fatter?

This is a post I wrote way back in June 2010… But as another years MasterChef kicks on it’s way I thought what better time to give it another run.

Have a read and I would love to know what you think with a comment or two bellow.

Bon appetit!

MasterChef has been an absolute phenomenon here in Australia.  It’s ratings have been amazing and every time I seem to turn the television on, there it is!  I have been watching it here and there (because you can’t get away from it!) and recently I was thinking “Is MasterChef making us fatter?”

Many people I know has been trialing recipes from MasterChef, having a go on a nightly basis, watching the MasterClass episodes, and learning more about how to cook great tasting food.  I personally have benefited from this with my wonderful girlfriend cooking me some amazing dishes.

But as I was watching last night’s episode and preparing for another MasterFeast I was thinking, is all of this just making us fatter?

I mean, not once has there been a focus on healthy cooking, on watching portion size, on lowering saturated fat intake.  I mean, I enjoy a meal out and a glass of wine just as much as the next person.  But not every night!  Everyone’s nightly pilgrimage to the TV set to research the next nights meals has definitely switched the focus off healthy eating food in Australia.

As a Melbourne personal trainer, a customer today commented to me, “I love that show, but how much butter do they use, should I be cooking like that?”.  The simple answer is, No.  At least not all the time!

I don’t want to sound like a lettuce leaf eating, tofu scoffing stick in the mud but maybe a little bit of a focus on making healthy eating delicious on MasterChef could go a long way. At least one episode?

And also I think a few of the judges could do with a drop in their calorie intake!



How to get a body like Elle Macpherson’s

When I recently spent some time reading/watching the article:

How to get a body like Elle Macpherson’s at the Sydney Morning Herald’s site there were some pretty interesting things I took from the piece.

It was a piece by Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer.

The piece starts off with a pearla of a quote from James, “I wouldn’t like to take more than 95% of the credit for Elle’s body”.

Sorry… 95%! Now training Elle for around 10 years James is a pretty impressive feat, but I’m pretty sure she was in pretty good nick before she started training with you!

James goes on to say that it’s easy to have a body like Elle. Just cut out the CRAP.

You know what I think about that… Crap!

The fact is many people will NEVER look like this. James has some great points on improving lifestyle, and overall health, and I’m sure he is a fantastic personal trainer, but I think as professionals we really need to be weary of making outlandish claims like this to the wider population who can some times be very vulnerable and easily convinced of miracles.

The fact is someone who has never exercised or is obese will never be able to achieve this type of physique.

As responsible personal trainers we want as many people a possible to train with us and achieve great results. No matter who they are, and what we have done in they past we can achieve some great results. But I feel we should place much more emphasis on the health and wellness aspects of our work with our customers and not just the aesthetic changes that can be achieve. I know a lot of people will say “that’s all well and good but unless some is seeing something in the mirror, they aren’t going to continue”, and I agree. But I think we have a responsibility to shift peoples mind set and focus to how they are feeling.

Are they waking up every morning more energized, is their conically high blood pressure decreasing, are there stress levels lowering, is there performance improving, these are the things I feel we should be drawing more attention to as professional.

Exercise needs to be seen as something to be done for improvement of health not just improvement of looks. Until then we will be fighting an uphill battle with people who want to look like Elle over night. Luke Scott Revolution Personal Training Melbourne