Man Up Monday – Rowing & Skipping Challenge

Well folks it’s Monday again so you know what that means. Its time to man up a little and get stuck into todays Man Up Monday workout of the day.

Just for a little challenge todays workout is a combination of rowing and skipping and you should aim to complete the session in the quickest time possible:

Row 500m
Skip  20 times
Row 400m
Skip 40 times
Row 300m
Skip 60 times
Row 200m
Skip 80 times
Row 100m
Skip 100 times
Row 200m
Skip 80 times
Row 300m
Skip 60 times
Row 400m
Skip 40 times
Row 500m
Skip 20 times

Make sure you time your self during this work out and post your results below.


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Man Up Monday Workout – Nothing But Push Ups

That’s right kids for todays Man Up Monday workout of the day we going back to our work out full of push ups to see how much we have improved. 

The rounds will start off with 10 reps of each type of push up, and reps will decrease by 2 each round. So 10, 8, 6, 4 , 2 reps of the all of the following

Push up (hands shoulder width apart, lower chest to ground)

Narrow Push Up (hands touching with thumbs together, lower chest to ground)

Decline Push Up (hands shoulder width apart, feet elevated, lower chest to ground)

Staggered Push Up 1 (right hand forward of chest, left hand below chest, lower chest to ground)

Staggered Push Up 2 (left hand forward of chest, right hand below chest, lower chest to ground)

Total reps will be 150 push ups!

Good luck & remember to post your times below

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Man Up Monday – How Strong Are You?

Good Morning and welcome to our first man Up Monday Session for 2012.

I hope you had a refreshing break and are raring to get stuck into some training.

For todays workout we are going to see just how strong you are with a 1RM (1 Rep Max) strength test. So for this one make sure you have a partner to spot you.

We are going to do 3 exercises

Bench Press –  Lay flat on the bench, lower bar down towards your sternum, stopping about 5cm off your chest, press the bar back up.

Deadlift – Start with the weight on the bar on the floor, with knees bent and back flat. Rise to an upright position while holding the bar.

Chin Up – Hold onto a chin up bar and pull yourself up until your chin is over the top of the bar. 

After a good warm up, start with a challenging weight and do 1 rep, if you can complete the rep add more weight on and repeat after a couple of minutes rest. Your final result will be the last weight you can successfully lift on your own. Ideally your starting weight will allow you to find this within 4 or 5 attempts.

You can add weight to the chin ups through the use of weight belt,chains, powerbands and a few other aids.

Remember to post you results below



Man Up Monday – Sleigh Bells

With less than a week to go until Christmas, even our Man Up Monday workouts are getting some Christmas cheer.

For your Christmas workout we are going to be using 2 of every ones favourite pieces of equipment, the Sled and the Kettlebells.

As for the workout, well thats is pretty straight forward.

You have 10 minutes to do as many rounds as you can or the following

50 x Kettlebell Swing (Hold on to the kettlebell with both hands. Using your hips to drive the motion swing the kettlebell in a pendulum motion. 

10 x 10m Sled Push (Pretty simple, get down low and push the sled)

Enjoy the workout, comment below to let us know your time. 

From all of us at Revolution Personal Training South Melbourne have a Merry Christmas!



Man Up Monday – The 10’s

Revolution T-ShirtGood morning, I hope you had a great weekend and are nice and fresh ready to get stuck into todays man up monday workout.

The workout for this week is:

10 Rounds for time of:

10 Chin Ups  (Reaching to a bar above head height pull your body weight up until chin is about the bar)

10 Push Press (Hold a barbell in a rack position across the front of your shoulders, perform a shallow squat, as you forcefully raise also push the bar above your head.)

10 Deadlift (Start with barbell of the floor, bend from hips, knees and ankles. Keeping your heels on the floor hold onto barbell and stand)

Do 10 rounds of theses exercise and post your time below.

Good Luck



Man Up Monday – Bye Bye Shoulders

It has been a while since we have brought them out to play so today girls and boys the kettlebells are back with a vengeance and your shoulders are going to be sorry.

For todays kettlebell training session you will need to set yourself up a timer, set for 10 minutes. In the 10 minutes you have to try and do as many reps as possible of the sequence below.

Kettlebell Swing: Hold the kettlebell in one hand with your arm straight down, pull your hips back and thrust forward, using the momentum to keep the kettlebell travelling up to level with your shoulders.

Kettlebell Clean:  Use the same thrusting motion as the swing but this time rather than keeping your arms straight bend your elbow and pull the kettlebell in and hold in front of your chest.

Kettlebell Press: Press the kettlebell above your head.

Kettlebell Overhead Squat: Continuing to hold the kettlebell above your head perform a squat

Kettlebell Snatch: Again using the hip thrusting motion, but this time getting the kettlebell to a position straigh aboce your head, with you arm locked out.

Go through this sequence once and then change sides and repeat. do this as many times as possible in 10 minutes, remember to post your times below.