Man Up Monday – Push Up & Chin Up Challenge

Good Morning Guys,

I hope you had a great weekend, and got lots of rest in preparation for todays session.

For todays workout we are expanding on the chin up challenge we did a few weeks ago and including push ups into the equation as well.

So, set up a timer to go off on 1 minute intervals. The challenge is to increase the number of push ups and chin ups you complete by 1 every minute until you cannot fit any more in.

In the first minute do 1 Push Up & 1 Chin Up

In the second minute do 2 Push Ups & 2 Chin Ups
In the third minute do 3 Push Ups & 3 Chin Ups

Continue this pattern for as long as you can fit the required reps for each exercise into the minute.

Have Fun & remember to post what rep number you got up to in the comments below.



Man Up Monday – Get Suspended

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed a little bit of sunshine, but you should be ready for another man up session to get your week kick started.

This weeks workout is going to be using suspension training to get you nice and sore all over! So using a TRX, rings or any other similar bit of equipment. The aim will be to complete the following circuit in the quickest time possible.

10 x Horizontal Row Start by laying on the floor with your chest underneath the handles, keep your body flat and pull your chest up to inbetween the handles (as in picture). Lower yourself down to just off the floor

10 x Single Leg Pistol Squats – Stand on one leg holding the handles with the opposite leg in front of you, lower yourself down into a squat position using the handles to help maintain balance. Stand back up making sure not to pull yourself up on the handles, use only your leg strength.

10 x Pike Press – Place your feet in the stirrups underneath the handles and assume a push up position, keeping your legs straight raise your hips as high up as you can so your torso is vertical. Lower your torso down to the floor and press back up, return to the push up position

10 x Rear Leg Suspended Lunges – Place one foot inside the stirrups, step forward with the opposite leg and perform a lunge dropping your rear knee to just above the floor and stand back up.

10 x Jackknife Push Ups – Place both feet in the stirrups and get into a push up position, perform a push up then bring your knees up to your chest and extend them back out again.

Perform 5 sets of this circuit in the fastest time you can.

Enjoy the work out, remember to post your time below.



Man Up Monday – The 8 Challenge

It Monday again and that means its time to Man Up a little with the perfect little way to get your week kick started.

This workout is based on the number 8. So you will be doing just 2 exercises but do as many sets of 8 repetitions as you can in 8 minutes.

The 2 exercises you will be doing are:

K/B Single Leg Deadlift: Holding a kettlebell in each hand, stand on one leg and bend from the hip, keeping your back flat, and touch the kettlebells to the ground. Use your glutes and hamstrings to pull yourself upright. (8 reps on each leg)

K/B Renegade Row: Start in a push up postion on top of the kettlebells, perform a push up, then pull the kettlebell up to you hip, on arm at a time.

Do as many sets of these 2 exercises as you can in 8 minutes and post your total sets in the comments below

Have fun!



Man Up Monday – Run The Cup

Mobile Personal Training

Good Morning, I hope you are enjoying a sleep in and a relaxing long weekend.

In the spirit of tomorrows Melbourne Cup this weeks Man Up Monday workout is a 3200m (3.2km) run in the fastest time possible. 

It takes the horses around 3:30 to cover the distance on Cup Day. 

How do you compare?

You can use a web site such as Map My Run to plot your course.

Remember to post your time in the comments below.



Man Up Monday – Ropes & Bells

For todays workout we are revisiting our ropes and bells workout, try and improve upon your previous time.

100 Power Rope Waves  (Continuous waves along the rope with both arms at the same time)

50 Kettlebell Swings (Both hands on the kettlebell swing together)

80 Alternating Power Rope Waves (Continuous waves along the rope alternating arms)

40 Alternating Kettlebell Swings (alternate hands with each swing)

60 Power Rope Circles (rotate arms in a circle making a circular pattern with the rope)

30 Over Head Kettlebell Squats -15 each side (hold kettlebell above head in one hand & squat)

40 Power Rope Star Jumps (Just like when you are kid but hold onto the ropes)

20 Kettlebell Cleans – 10 each side (Swing up to cradle infront of shoulder)

20 Full Power Rope Waves (same as the rope waves but range of motion is from ground to above your head)

10 Kettlebell Snatch – 5 each side (Swing to over head stance)

Good Luck, remember to post your time below!



Man Up Monday – Deadlift Challenge

Max Deadlift

Good Morning Man Up Mondayers, 

For this weeks workout we have a little challenge using just deadlifts.

The protocol for this challenge will be to set up a 1 minute timer. Then starting with a pretty easy weight and do 1 deadlift. Every minute add an extra 10kg onto the bar and repeat 1 deadlift, keep repeating the process until you cannot lift the weight with perfect form or 10 minutes elapses, which ever occurs first.

So your aim should be to start with a weight thats is easy enough that once you add on another 90kg you will be lifting your maximum.

Good luck and remember to post your first and your final weight in the comments below.