Man Up Monday – Double the Fun

We all know how much fun the good old kettlebell is. So for today’s workout we are going to make it even more fun by using double kettlebells for every exercise. 

The goal of the session will be to get through 5 rounds of the following as quick as possible. 

20 x D/B Kettlebell Swing (With a kettlebell in each hand perform a kettlebell swing using your hips to thrust the kettlebell up.)

20 x Rengade Row (Start in a push up position with hands on top of the kettlebell, pull one kettlebell up to your hip. Repeat on the other side. Each side will count as 1 rep.)

20 x Alternating Kettlebell Clean (Start with one kettlebell at shoulder height the other held down between your legs. As you clean that kettlebell up drop the other one down to between your legs. Each clean will count as one rep.)

20 x Floor Press (Lay on the floor in a hip bridge position holding both kettlebells and press them straight up from your chest.)

20 x Overhead Squat (Hold both kettlebells above your head and perform a squat.)

Good Luck, remember to post your time below



Man Up Monday – Chin Up Challenge

Happy Man Up Monday!

I hope you all like chin ups because there will be plenty of those for you to get through today.

For the challenge you will need to set up a timer to go off every minute. 

In the first minute you only need to do 1 chin up,
in the 2nd minute do 2 chin ups,
in the 3rd minute do 3 chin ups.

Continue this pattern, increasing the number of chin ups you need to perform by 1 every minute until you are unable to do the required number of chin ups inside the minute time frame.

Good Luck. Post the time you finished on and the total number of chin ups performed below.



Man Up Monday – Run The Tan

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Good morning, well it looks like an awesome day to get out amongst the sunshine so that’s exactly what we are going to do.

The Tan is one of Melbourne’s iconic running tracks, located in Alexandra Avenue the 3.8km track is a great run to do. With a challenging hill climb thrown in for that little bit of extra hard work…

So for today’s workout get down to the tan and do a lap as fast as possible and post your time below.

Have fun and enjoy the sunshine.



Man Up Monday – Row Your Boat

Good afternoon, hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a great Man Up Monday session.

Todays workout has a cardio training focus and is a pretty simple one to get your head around.

Using the rowing machine do:

1 x 2000m

Do this as fast as you can and post your time below or take a photo of the display when you are done and send it too us on facebook or twitter.

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Man Up Monday – 1000 Waves

Hey Guys, its a brand new week and what better way to get it started than with a big workout with the power ropes. The session is 10 exercises, 100 reps of each making a total rep load of 1000 waves for the workout.

100 x Double Waves (Hold rope in each hand, rapidly raise both hands from hip to shoulder height creating a wave in the rope)

100 x Alternating Waves (Hold rope in each hand, alternatively raise each hand from hip to shoulder height)

100 x Circle Waves In (Hold the rope in each hand and make large circles rotating hands in towards each other)

100 x Lateral Rotations (Hold the rope in each hand, starting with both hands next to your right hip, raise hands up to chin and back down to your left hip. Then do the reverse rapidly. 50 either side)

100 x Circle Waves Out (As with the circle waves in but in the other direction)

100 x Star Jumps (Hold the rope in each hand and perform a star jump)

100 x Crossovers (Hold rope in either hand, start with arms out wide then cross them over and back)

100 x Chop Waves (Hold rope in either hand. Start with hands at left shoulder height and whip down to right hip and back up. Do 50 then change to the other side)

100 x Quick Double Waves (Same as double waves but smaller faster movements)

100 x Quick Alternating Waves (Same as Alternating waves but smaller faster movements)

Make sure you time your workout and post your result in the comments below.

Good Luck!

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Man Up Monday – Breaking Balls!

For this weeks workout we will be using a trusty old favourite little piece of equipment… The medicine ball.

The workout will be 10 minutes, in that time aim to do as many rounds as you can get through o the following:

10 x Medicine Ball Squat Throw (Stand 1m away from a wall, squat with the medicine ball held to your chest. as you come up throw the ball as high as you can)

10 x Medicine Ball Lateral Throws Left (Stand 2m away from a wall side on with left side closest to the wall. Hold the ball on the right side and twist it across your body to throw against the wall)

10 x Medicine Ball Lateral Throws Right (Stand 2m away from a wall side on with right side closest to the wall. Hold the ball on the left side and twist it across your body to throw against the wall)

10 x Medicine Ball Slams (Hold the ball behind your head and throw down to the floor as hard as you can)

10 x Medicine Ball Chest Throws (Lay on your back with your knees bent, start with the medicine ball on your chest and throw it as high as you can)

Do this sequence as many times as you can with in 10 minutes and post the number of rounds and weight of the medicine ball used in the comments below.

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