Man Up Monday – Pull your Weight!

Weight Training in Vibrams

Good morning kids! Hope you had a great week end, but the fun stuff is over now and its time to get stuck into some hard work!

For todays work out there are 2 exercises:

Pull Ups & Deadlifts.

Obviously for the pull ups you will be lifting your body weight, but for the dead lift load the barbell up so that the total weight is equal to your body weight.

The workout will be

10 Deadlifts ( Start with bar on the floor, use your legs & keep back flat to lift bar up to hips height)

10 Pull Ups (pull your body up to bar until your chin is above the bar) 

x 5 sets

The aim is complete this workout in as quick a time as possible.

Have fun & remember to post your times below. 



Man Up Monday – Resisting the Band!

Hey Guys.

For todays workout we are going to get you familiar with some powerbands, a great tool that can be used for resistance and cardio training.

The workout is:

10 x Agility Band Sprint (Anchor band to a fixed point, place around hips sprint out as far as possible)

10 x Pull Ups (band assisted if needed) (tie band around pull up bar & place knee in it & pull body up until chin is above the bar)

10 x Agility Band Backwards Sprint (Anchor band to a fixed point, place around hips sprint out backwards as far as possible)

10 x Resisted Push Ups (hold either end of the band across the palm of your hand with the remainder stretched around your back. Perform a push up)

10 x Agility Band Crawl out (Anchor band to a fixed point, place around hips and crawl as far forward as you can)

10 x Band Lateral Step (step both feet inside band, hold remainder of the band infront of your chest, step as far to the side as you can. Go 10 steps one direction and 10 steps back)

      X 5 sets

Good Luck and remember to post your time below!

Check out the Australian Kettlebell link on the right to find out more info about the powerbands.

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Man Up Monday Workout – ‘Body Weight Ascending Ladder’

This weeks workout is an “Body Weight Ascending Ladder’ circuit. Each time you complete one round of the circuit the number of reps for the next round will increase.

The rounds will start at 3 reps an go up by 3’s to 21. so 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 will be your rep numbers for:

Narrow Grip Push Ups (Hands directly under shoulder,keep elbows close to your body and lower chest to the ground, then push back up)

Sumo Squats (Feet out in a wide stance and squat)

Chin Ups / Pull Ups (Using a chin up bar ull your self up until your head is above the bar)

Box Jumps (Jump onto a box at least 30cm high, step back down)

V Sit (Lay on ground with legs straight and arms stretched behind head, raise your legs and sit up to touch toes)

Lunges (Step forward and drop rear knee to the ground then return to a standing position and repeat on the other side)

All reps must be completed before moving onto to the next exercise. 

Good Luck! Remember to post your time below.

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Man Up Monday Workout – ‘Ropes & Bells’

Thats right folks the Man Up Monday Workout is back….Be afraid!

This weeks workout uses a combination of power ropes and kettlebells

Complete this sequence as fast as you can an post your time below.

Good Luck!

100 Rope Waves  (Continuous waves along the rope with both arms at the same time)

50 Kettlebell Swings (Both hands on the kettlebell swing together)

80 Alternating Rope Waves (Continuous waves along the rope alternating arms)

40 Alternating Kettlebell Swings (alternate hands with each swing)

60 Rope Circles (rotate arms in a circle making a circular pattern with the rope)

30 Over Head Kettlebell Squats -15 each side (hold kettlebell above head in one hand & squat)

40 Star Jumps (Just like when you are kid but hold onto the ropes)

20 Kettlebell Cleans – 10 each side (Swing up to cradle infront of shoulder)

20 Power Waves (same as the rope waves but range of motion is from ground to above your head)

10 Kettlebell Snatch – 5 each side (Swing to over head stance)



Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #24

Good Morning, hope you had a great weekend and you are all looking forward to some well deserved time off to relax over the next few weeks.

Yet again the weather today is looking a bit ominous so for todays workout we will be using exercise that can be done indoors just about anywhere, as long as you have the space to lay down on the ground and jump in the air you are set.

Our ‘Man Up’ Monday circuit for today is


Mountain Climbers

Push Ups

Get Ups

Tuck Jumps

V Sit

Ok, so here is the fun part start at 2 reps of each exercise as you complete the circuit add an additional 2 reps on each time building to 10 reps and then back down again (apart from mountain climbers – start @10 and add 10 more each time).

Good Luck, be sure to record your time and post it below.

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #23

sprint trainingWell it looks like it is going to be an amazing day today (getting so confused with this up and down weather). So for todays workout we are going to get outside and enjoy the glorious Melbourne sunshine while it lasts, just remember to put on a bit of sunscreen.

Ok so todays workout is going to be a pretty high intensity running session and you will need a timer & a couple of cones or markers 50m apart.

The workout is 10 x 50m sprints in 15 seconds. The aim is to sprint the 50m as fast as possible and use the remainder of the 15sec as your rest (ie: sprint 50m in 8sec & rest for 7 sec)

Keep doing this until you have done 10, 50m sprints then have a rest for 2 minutes repeat all of this for 4 sets.

However if you find you are tiring and just making it to the 50m marker and having to run again reduce the distance by 5m.

Good Luck.

Let us know how you go with it