Long awaited Online Programming and Coaching now available

We are taking registrations of interest for our first initial intake for our online programming and coaching program.

This is a unique opportunity to work with our highly skilled and qualified coaches even if you don’t have the ability to head in to work with us here at the gym in South Melbourne.

This opportunity would be idea if you’re outside of Metropolitan Melbourne or if you’re someone who prefers training on your own rather than in a gym setting.

If you’re keen to be a part of our initial intake of only 10 individuals please get back to us immediately as this is an extremely limited first intake.

This limited intake will be able to take advantage of our unique Foundation membership 50% ongoing discount.

To take advantage of this foundation discount and lock in this ongoing rate head across to our online store via the links below and use the discount code: revoptonlinefoundationmember

Who will you be working with?

The coaches launching our online programming and coaching program are none other than Jaimie-Lee Brown and Nathan McCulloch.

Jaimie-Lee Brown: “Strength and happiness comes from finding balance.”

Before personal training, Jamie-Lee was a teacher for children with special needs.

While the classroom may seem worlds away from RevoPT, to Jamie-Lee they’re not so different.

In both roles, she helps people realise their best selves – something that takes patience, understanding, communication and trust.

She moved into training after using exercise as a personal stress-relief that offered mental and physical results. When people started asking her for advice, she knew she’d found a new career. With clients that range from their 20’s to their 70’s, Jamie-Lee doesn’t have a set training style. Her focus is on using your individual strengths and goals to create a tailored program that suits you.

You can read more about Jaimie Lee here: revo.pt/jaimieleebrown

Nathan McCulloch: “Change is the best thing you can do.”

Like most people who’ve completed the Overland Track, Nathan has a natural sense of adventure and it comes through in the way he trains.

He loves clients who don’t just enjoy a challenge, but provide them too.

Whether it’s requesting a new type of exercise or working around a physical limitation, Nathan believes that every session should be something you shape together. He’s flexible, relaxed and always open to new ways of working.

Nathan believes that change is the single best thing a person can do. It’s what saw him move from Tassie to Melbourne, complete a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, change his lifestyle and ultimately start a career in Personal Training.

You can read more about Jaimie Lee here: revo.pt/nathanmcculloch

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BASIC Membership Normally $30 Per Week

Our Foundation BASIC member special ONLY $15 per week ongoing. Offer ends April 30th 2017!

Our Basic coaching package is the ideal way to get started with your Coach



  • Customised goal setting
  • Daily custom programming
  • FitBot online account
  • Up to 7 emails weekly

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ADVANCED Normally $50 Per Week

Our Foundation ADVANCED member special ONLY $30 per week ongoing. Offer ends April 30th 2017!

Includes all of the services offered with our Basic Coaching Package PLUS:

  • 1 hour initial assessment
  • Regular phone contact
  • Regular email contact
  • Input from multiple coaches

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Take advantage of our Foundation member ongoing 50% off rate

To take advantage of this foundation discount and lock in this ongoing rate head across to our online store here via the links below and use the discount code: revoptonlinefoundationmember



Welcome to the team: Jamie Crawford

South Melbourne Personal Trainer Jamie Crawform

Personal Trainer Jamie Crawford

Revolution Personal Training is delighted to welcome Jamie Crawford to our ever growing team of Elite Personal Trainers.

Jamie comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience including competing at an elite level herself in boxing as well as tackling a number of debilitating injuries giving her a unique approach to performance problem solving and strength and conditioning.

Jamie will be available for one on one personal training sessions in the evenings here at #RevoPT as well as running a number of our Group Personal Training classes at night.

If you would like to read more about Jamie you can visit her personal trainer profile on our website here: http://revo.pt/jamiecrawford

Or to book an appointment with Jamie email us on hq@revopt.com.au ✊



Revolution Personal Trainer: Chris Price

Chris Price

Revolution Personal Trainer: Chris Price (Pricey)

Specialty: Functional Movement

I’m a convert. I started my career as a Graphic Designer working enjoyable but long hours behind a desk before I made the decision to pursue my other passion and begin a career in Health & Fitness. And I couldn’t be happier.

For me, fitness is more than exercise. Fitness is about moving better, recovering from injury, changing behaviours, improving nutrition, having fun and ultimately feeling better. 

Regardless of your fitness background, whether pro or participant, getting basic movement and nutrition fundamentals right will lead to greater performance in everything that you do.

So if you are looking to move better for everyday life or looking for specific gains in your chosen sport seek me out for a chat as I might just have a few tricks up my sleeve to share.

Training Style & Influences

Most people start exercising thinking that they move correctly but are just unfit, however the fundamental aspect of exercise is how we move.

What we do throughout the day has a great effect on our body’s ability to move effectively. Anytime you exercise with incorrect movement, all you are doing is reinforcing that incorrect movement, leading to poor posture, pain and even injury.

Focusing on improving the body’s compensations while having fun will lead to better results in the long term.


Certificate III Fitness Instructor

Certificate IV Personal Trainer

Trigger Point Performance & Self Myofascial Therapist

ViPR Functional Movement Instructor

TRX Suspension Trainer

Sport & Exercise Nutrition Coach (currently completing)

Stair Climbing Coach

Level 2 First Aid / CPR

Personal Profile

Favourite Food: I’m not fussed. I love the experiences that all foods provide.

Favourite Drink: Water and Beer.

Favourite Sport: Stair Climbing (most people think I’m crazy).

Favourite Music: Anything with a good beat that suits the mood.

Favourite Movie: Anything that keeps me entertained and seated.

Likes: Positive attitudes and a sense of adventure.

Dislikes: Deflators.

Hobbies: Surfing, Trail Running and ViPR flip’n good times!

Who inspires you: Ian O’Dwyer founder of Fitness Personally and PTA Global

Life Philosophy: Go Spoons!

Why I Became A Trainer:

I believe that you will become successful and achieve satisfaction by doing the things that you love. This is why I’m a Personal Trainer as I get to share my experiences, skills and ideas about something I am deeply passionate. 



Revolution Trainer: Timothy Riley

Personal Trainer Tim RileySPECIALITY: Crossfit

Fitness for Timothy is a serious subject. After 8 years in the Australian Army he sees fitness as not only a great way of staying healthy but an integral part of preparing one’s self for the challenges and trials that life can throw at you. This former Infantry soldier saw service in the Solomon Island, East Timor and Afghanistan knows all about how fitness shapes you mentally as well as physically. He qualified as a Combat Fitness Leader, slogged it out on a Reconnaissance Course, and successfully passed the SAS Selection Course. He loves doing obstacle courses and how they have found their way into the civilian fun run world. After completing his Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness his intent is to combine his knowledge learnt during his career and bring that same know how and ethos to those willing to challenge themselves. So see you in the gym. Who dares wins.

Training Style & Influences

I love my fitness to be functional and applicable to everyday settings. I believe that your fitness needs to be across multiple disciplines from running to boxing, from weights to gymnastics. Crossfit is definitely what I spend most of my time doing, however I believe there are a lot of other forms and styles of fitness that can be applied to ready oneself for the combat of daily life. Obviously my time in the military has shaped this view and I fervently believe that inside every person there is a warrior spirit waiting to burst out, a warrior spirit which can be applied to everyday living.


  • Level 1 Master Trainer

  • Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

  • Punchfit Trainer Qualified

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Certificate III in Fitness                   

Personal Profile

•    Favourite Food:     A good gourmet pizza.

•    Favourite Drink:   Water always does the job.

•    Favourite Sport:    Boxing and obstacle courses.

•    Favourite Music:   Probably the only person who loves the bag pipes, but for day to day listening I’m always tuned to Triple J.

•    Favourite Movie: Warrior, Thin Red Line, The Odd Man Out (don’t know it, look it up, classic!).

•    Likes:     A good sunny day, the potential feels endless.

•    Dislikes:     The word can’t.

•   Hobbies:     Hiking, fun runs and the occasional computer game.

•    Who Inspires You:     My family and anyone who pushes themselves to the limit.

•    Life Philosophy:     Nothing ventured nothing gained. Who dares wins.

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

I’ve always enjoyed instructing and training people. One of the best courses I did in the army was the Combat Fitness Leaders Course. A course designed to qualify soldiers in taking their comrades through fitness testing and group fitness circuits. I loved that course and once I had the chance to put it into practice I went at it whole heartedly. Upon leaving the army I wanted to bring all that knowledge and experience to the rest of the world, so becoming a personal trainer seemed the right fit for me.