Do we need a Council for Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition in Australia?

Recently details were released from the US that President Obama is constructing a council dedicated to the integration of fitness, sport and nutrition in the American community.

There are obviously high hopes for the findings that this council will have and how more can be done to integrate more of the community into sport, fitness and good nutrition. The council is made up of personal trainers, Olympians, nutritionist and many other suitably qualified specialists.

I believe that we need to be placing a lot more emphasis on these issues at a government level here in Australia as well. With an election looming hopefully more initiatives surrounding community health will be looked at thoroughly and announcements of a similar nature will be made.

As a community we need to get kids involved in sport at a younger age and make it part of their lives for the long term. Getting these initiatives entrenched in our family routines and lifestyles is what we need to make the norm. The community as a whole will see the benefits.

I come from a family where it is part of the routine to head down to the local footy club on a Saturday. We are all not only involved in the activities of the afternoon but it is an opportunity for us to interact positively with other members of our local community.

It seems that this is a closed group here in Australia at the moment and we need to actively encourage many more Australian’s to get involved with sport and fitness in their local community.

I believe some of the initiatives such as the AFL Auskick program are great at encouraging local involvement and set up our children with many valuable skills for them to take into adulthood but we need more to be done across a board range of sports and age levels.

One of the focuses on the new US council will work in conjunction with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative working to tackle childhood obesity which is climbing tat a rapid rate here in Australia.

One of the big focus’s from the initiatives will be getting outdoors and active, something that has been taking second place here in Australia as we become professional spectators with many activities and our daily lives become more and more sedentary.

I would love to know your thought’s on these initiatives and if you think more needs to be done here in Australia to make a difference with our Fitness, Sport and Nutrition focus as a community.

What tools do you think you need to do this more effectively?

You can read up more on both of the initiatives below.



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