Drink More Water

Written By John McLachlan
From back pain, fatigue, arthritis and headaches to indigestion, high blood pressure, colitis and constipation, drinking more water can relieve many ailments and prevent the need for medication. Drink more water and you will have more energy and think more clearly. Use water in preference to any other drink especially cordial, soft drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol.
Most people need a minimum of two litres of water daily. Studies show many people mistake thirst for hunger, so if you think that you have eaten substantially, drink some water first, and see if the feeling of hunger subsides.
Natural spring water is best to drink, but storage in plastic (especially when exposed to heat) is not healthy. If you only have tap water, use a filter to remove chlorine and other health hazards, and make sure you change filters as recommended. If you must drink alcohol, have a glass of good red wine two or three times a week. Making sure you avoid cask wines and binge drinking.
Fresh vegetable juices are good, but do not substitute them for whole, fresh vegetables. Enjoy a little diluted fresh fruit juice occasionally, but avoid bottled juices and poppers that are loaded with sugars. It is more nutritious to eat the whole fruit and drink water, so do that as often as possible.

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