Group Outdoor Personal Training

Group Outdoor Personal TrainingI have just finished up with our Saturday morning group and was so impressed with how far they have come over the past about 16 weeks that I thought I would dedicate a post to that group!  Also we have recently been receiving more and more interest in our group outdoor personal training sessions. The numbers are great and the feeling in the groups are fantastic.  We are looking at kicking off another Saturday morning session over the next few weeks and have earmarked an 8:00am start kicking off just before our current 9:00am group.  We thought a 10:00am time slot would cut into peoples Saturdays just that little too much.

We have found that these sessions have been great for our clients to use as an additional session to their personal training, as well as for customers who don’t train with us during the week to get a great tough structured session in if there schedule doesn’t allow for personal training. It is also fantastic as the cost of the groups makes them that bit more affordable to the one on one sessions.

Our small group personal training sessions are ran at alternating locations each week to keep things interesting and fresh so they are never dull and boring.  This morning we were at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, working around The Tan and even down within the gardens.  It’s a fantastic place to train and the surroundings around some of the best in Melbourne.  Even though it was a little cold this morning we couldn’t have asked for better conditions.

The locations are spread nicely across the city so that all of our sessions are just as convenient for all of our customers.  We might be at Albert Park Lake one week, then around the Maribyrnong River the next so the spread is great.

The Group Personal Training sessions involve activities like boxing, kick boxing, body weight training, running, interval training and a few curly surprises each session to keep you guessing.

We focus on full body work outs each and every session to make sure you get the most of training.

Numbers are kept under 10 so that we can supervise and guide everyone well, which is crucial to make sure things are done safely and that we can individualize things for everyone’s specific needs.  The groups are generally ran by Tim, he is a great trainer, but as mentioned occasionally the trainers will change and I took over this morning.

We hope that you can join us on these new sessions and that they are just what you need to push your training to that next level.  Send us through an email if you are wanting to get started, or if you would like any more information on the groups.

We hope to see you there!

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