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Health and Fitness BlogsWe have recently been working very hard on the visual aesthetics and functionality of this blog and it got me thinking…

Why do you read blogs?

I mean judging from the traffic stats on this site we get a lot of visitors. A lot of visitors that stay on the site for a decent amount of time. Enough time you would think to read a few post and gather some information about what we do as a company and how we do it.

So that go me thinking. Why do our readers read blogs?

Is it for gaining some of the latest information on training and the fitness industry?

Is it to try and learn a little more about the company your considering buying a service from?

Is it to research your own industry and find out what is happening out there in the big wide world of health and fitness?

Either way I think all health, fitness and personal training blogs need to be viewed with a very objective (not just aesthetic, as unfortunately we have been placing a lot of focus) eye and see a blog for what it is.

Blogs are a great way to reach out and interact with people and keep them informed, but they should never been seen as an authority on exercise, or training.

Make sure any information your read out there in the big wide bloggospehere is viewed with an objective eye. If you want to apply something to your own situation, do it objectively.

And remember a blog is an opinion piece, not a research piece!

Stay healthy.

PS – Some great health and fitness blogs out there “in my opinion” are:

Craig Harper

Diesel Crew

There are a lot, lot more great health, fitness and personal training blogs out there. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Our Health and Fitness Blogs

  1. Amandaf

    Sometimes people will pull from one blog something that will stay in their minds and keep them motivated. It does make it worthwhile to have them.

  2. IMAN

    Reading blogs is a great way to learn about new things. For me, it’s a way to know what kinds of health practices/exercises work for some people. If I think one method works for a lot of people, I try to follow in their footsteps. However, I do this with a grain of salt since I know what works for some might not necessarily work for me. Also, I try to get in the habit of asking my doctor’s opinion whether or not a certain health diet/exercise is appropriate for my state of health. 

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