Health Benefits Of The Humble Egg

Eggs are considered a complete protein food, as they contain all the 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to produce proteins, and each serve contains 6 grams of protein. They are also one of the only foods that have vitamin D naturally occurring in the product. This allows you to get your daily dose, without having to rely on getting outside in the sun. Eggs are a great source of Choline; this is an important nutrient that is used in many ways to help the brain, nervous system and the cardiovascular system function.

Another great benefit of eggs is that they are good for eye health; eggs contain a high level of 2 important carotenoids: lutein and zeaxanthin. They are essential for our body and help to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts, eye diseases that come with age.

Eggs are also great for healthy hair and nails. As they contain a high amount of the compound sulphur (and other vitamins and minerals), they are reported to help your hair grow faster, stronger and healthier. You can either consume more eggs in your diet; around 1-2 a day has been reported as ok, or even use eggs as a mask to wash your hair.

There have been numerous studies that state that people who consume eggs for breakfast on a regular basis are more likely to experience weight loss. People are more likely to lose more weight than those who consume a carbohydrate breakfast, as well as increased energy levels and a feeling of satiety.

Now the most important point, eggs (the yolks) are high in cholesterol; however you don’t need to be scared about eating them. Many recent studies are now stating that eggs are ok to include in your daily diet as it is saturated fats, not cholesterol found in eggs, that will increase your blood cholesterol levels. So eggs are the good guys here – they are a great source of good fats.

Like most foods, the way you cook eggs will affect their nutritional value. When the yolk of the egg is broken (and scrambled) and cooked, the proteins and fats are damaged and destroyed. Therefore vary how you have your eggs, boiled, poached, and occasionally scrambled and you can enjoy the many benefits that eggs have to offer.

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  1. Emily Hunter

    Eggs have got to be one of the most versatile creations on this planet.  Good in baking, in cooking, and just eating, it’s awesome for people to them in their household.  Thank you for this article, as I knew that eggs were pretty spiffy, but didn’t know the full details. 

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