How does Small Group Personal Training Compare to other Fitness Plans?

Over the years, many different weight loss and fitness programs have popped up.  Each one promising better results faster and easier than the last.  How do these plans compare to each other?  Which program is truly going to help individuals achieve the results they desire in the healthiest and quickest manner?  Is small group personal training a feasible option for you?  

Small group personal training is a new trend on the rise among people all over the globe with weight loss , motivation and fitness goals.  A lot of things in life are more fun when tackled in a group environment.  Going to the movies and eating out are not very exciting when done alone; the same goes for exercising.  Small group training provides constant motivation and heavy doses of encouragement between members to help each other reach their goals.  People tend to lose interest in sticking to their goals when training alone and can easily slide back to being a couch potato again but if working out with other people who all share the same goals, each individual can reach their goals faster by being part of a motivating group.  There are cost-saving aspects to it too since personal training is much easier to afford when the cost is split between members.  Even people who have found results from the previous exercise programs find that there are definite cons and setbacks that are not suffered in small group personal training.

A few years back, the thirty minute training session was introduced as an alternative to the normal one hour personal training session.  This session was shorter and less expensive than traditional workouts and made it possible for people with time constraints and slim wallets to benefit from having a personal trainer.  Some critics of this method complain that thirty minutes is not enough time to truly experience the lasting effects necessary for goals to be met.  However with a healthy diet, a good warm up and cool down strategy; the quickie thirty minute session with a trainer can do wonders for the body.  Boot camps are another development and seem to have been the most affordable one in the past.  Similar to small group personal training, these classes offer the benefit of having a group of people that can motivate each other while still providing a qualified personal trainer to guide the sessions along.  However, due to the larger group size, it does not allow for much one on one time so it is not a feasible option for people with medical issues or special needs who require individualized attention. There are many other “fun” classes that are available such as Zumba and line dancing.  Zumba is fun in the way that once the workout begins; it’s possible to forget that it is a fitness routine.  Zumba features dance moves that are easily learned by young and old alike and is especially popular among seniors who find the moves easy on the body.  Unfortunately these classes do not offer the benefit of having personal attention from a the profession personal trainer for questions, needs and focus on individual body areas that need extra work.  This is where people can get lost in the crowd.

Out of all the options and variety of classes discussed, it is clear that small group personal training is the most effective way to reach fitness and performance goals in a group environment.  Small group training offers the one on one attention that a lot of people need and desire in order to achieve their goals.  The motivation provided by the other participants can be a good kick in the rear end that is needed from time to time in order to not give up and keep in gear.  Make working out fun!  Do it with other people who share the same goals in a small group personal training class found with us here at Revolution Personal Training.

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