How to get a body like Elle Macpherson’s

When I recently spent some time reading/watching the article:

How to get a body like Elle Macpherson’s at the Sydney Morning Herald’s site there were some pretty interesting things I took from the piece.

It was a piece by Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer.

The piece starts off with a pearla of a quote from James, “I wouldn’t like to take more than 95% of the credit for Elle’s body”.

Sorry… 95%! Now training Elle for around 10 years James is a pretty impressive feat, but I’m pretty sure she was in pretty good nick before she started training with you!

James goes on to say that it’s easy to have a body like Elle. Just cut out the CRAP.

You know what I think about that… Crap!

The fact is many people will NEVER look like this. James has some great points on improving lifestyle, and overall health, and I’m sure he is a fantastic personal trainer, but I think as professionals we really need to be weary of making outlandish claims like this to the wider population who can some times be very vulnerable and easily convinced of miracles.

The fact is someone who has never exercised or is obese will never be able to achieve this type of physique.

As responsible personal trainers we want as many people a possible to train with us and achieve great results. No matter who they are, and what we have done in they past we can achieve some great results. But I feel we should place much more emphasis on the health and wellness aspects of our work with our customers and not just the aesthetic changes that can be achieve. I know a lot of people will say “that’s all well and good but unless some is seeing something in the mirror, they aren’t going to continue”, and I agree. But I think we have a responsibility to shift peoples mind set and focus to how they are feeling.

Are they waking up every morning more energized, is their conically high blood pressure decreasing, are there stress levels lowering, is there performance improving, these are the things I feel we should be drawing more attention to as professional.

Exercise needs to be seen as something to be done for improvement of health not just improvement of looks. Until then we will be fighting an uphill battle with people who want to look like Elle over night. Luke Scott Revolution Personal Training Melbourne

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