Is Busting Your Butt Really Worth It?

LOutdoor Personal Fitness Trainingast year there were 2 amazing statistics that blew me away in regard business:
·         24.1% of founders of start up companies suffered start up burn out; and
·         54.2% of founders who feel their business adversely affected their personal life and health!
So why the hell do we do it to ourselves!?!

And I am one of this start up founders who have their life arse about – sorry about the French!
Seriously, as I strive to make an impact with Justin Tamsett.com in new industries I have been putting in long hours of reading, writing and web surfing. I consider this fun but my wife considers it work!
But when I step out of my life and into a helicopter to look down on my life, I say “What are you doing!”
I am one of these statistics! And what is worse I think I have met the 54.2% of founders of start ups who are suffering on Twitter or in LinkedIn or a Facebook – especially on Sundays!!
Us entrepreneurs are all workaholics! But it is not in our DNA, we can change . . . if we want!
I have never been an alcoholic (though my mum may challenge that as she remembers my days at Uni, I certainly can’t!) but according to TV, you are not an alcoholic until you admit you have a problem.

Well small to medium business owners . . . look in the mirror with me . . . we are all workaholics!

And we bend the truth: “It is not work because I love what I do”

Oh puleaze!!!!

I can empathise with every founder of a start up and owners of a SME because I was like you – skipped breakfast, didn’t work out, checked emails after 6pm, ‘play’ with work thoughts on the weekends. But these actions are killing us – potentially literally & metaphorically.

My wife has been much happier over the past 12 months as she gets up at 5:45am and walks for 45 mins. I hit the pavement 2 or 3 times a week and the gym a couple of times too. By taking time out for ourselves we both feel better about ourselves and together. There is an obvious change to the status quo when we lack time out.

I challenge you this week to take 30 minutes every day (second day if you have not admitted you’re a workaholic) to do something completely unrelated to work that will help you relax: read trashy magazine, watch a re-run of Seinfeld, walk, go to the gym, massage or even sex!

The way I look at it . . . if starting up a new business kills you then why do it?

About the Author

Justin is Australia’s leading fitness business management consultant.  He’s worked in the industry since 1989, as a personal trainer, sales manager and health club owner.  In fact, he is Australia only consultant who has ever owned a health club for 15 years or more!  As an international sought after speaker he really understand how the fitness business works and as a result is the only fitness business coach in Australia.  He practices what he preaches with the unique “JT’s Quality Assurance Guarantee: pay what his advice is worth to you!” Follow him on Twitter @JTActiveMgmt or check out his personal blog www.JustinTamsett.com or become a Facebook fan: www.facebook.com/ActiveManagement

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