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Fitness AppsFor a few years now there have been smartphone apps for just about anything you can think of to make our lives just a little bit easier. From doing your banking, to booking a cab and finding the nearest public toilet, they just about cover it all. So why should health and fitness be any different? 

There are 1000’s of apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Google operating systems. from the quirky to the informative, to assist you in getting into great shape – here are a few of my favourite iPhone fitness apps:



Map My Run, Run Keeper, Endomondo

There are a few different versions of this style of app, but whichever you choose, they all do a pretty good job. Simply strap your phone on, hit start, and your phone becomes a GPS unit measuring your walk, run, cycle or even drive. It will give you real-time feedback on how far you have gone, how fast you are going, and even elevation of where you are. Plus you can upload your activities to facebook or twitter to show your friends (or your trainer) just how hard you have been working, or just to challenge them to try and beat you.

Map My Run





My Fitness Pal

This handy calorie tracker is great for keeping track and learning about managing your daily energy intake. All you have to do is enter a few details about yourself and your goals and then the app will set you a recommend calorie intake. As you eat, select from the list of 1000’s of foods, and see if you meet the calorie target by the end of the day. If you add in your exercise, the app allows for a higher calorie intake to accommodate. A great app to help with weight loss and finding the right foods for you.

My Fitness Pal 






Boxing Timer

This or any other timer really can be a great tool to help to add a bit of variety into your workout. You can set your own work/rest periods, select any number of rounds, and choose from a whole host of funky buzzers to set you off and running, whether it is for Tabata training, long or short intervals, or sprint training. Some strange folk even use it as a boxing round timer.

Boxing Timer




Long gone are the days of being able to hide from your trainer in between your training sessions! This app allows your trainer to set you a program to follow, and as you go through it, fill out details such as the weight used, completion time, heart rate achieved and any other info from the session. Once you’re done your trainer is notified and can check all the data to monitor how you are progressing.




Zombies, Run!

One of the more quirky apps I have come across, but lots of fun and a great way to enjoy exercising even more that you do already. In real basic terms it is a game where you are one of a few survivors in a world that has been overrun by zombies. In order to collect supplies, medicine and construct buildings, you have to physically go out and run. There are even “zombie chases” to get you doing some interval training as you run or walk.

Zombies, Run!






There are just a few to get you started and help you change your training, you can click on the link below each one to go to the developers website to find out more information. If you have any others not on the list we would love to know about them. Just comment below and enjoy your high tech training. 

9 thoughts on “‘iTech Training

  1. Craig

    Hi Nathan…thanks for doing the research!  and thanks for the callout on FitnessBuilder!  We recently launched a B2B product called Private Label–you guys might want to check it out at fitnessbuilder.com/pl – it fits very well with all three disciplines of training–personal, group, and remote / virtual.  Craig from PumpOne (owner of FitnessBuilder and FitnessClass)

    1. Nathan Tieppo

      Hi Craig, thanks for reading I have using Fitness Builder with our clients as revopt and have found it great to keep them accountable and design fantastic training programs for the to complete as homework. Will definitely check out your new private label.

      Thanks again.

    2. Luke

      Hi Craig, Thanks for visiting our blog. We love fitness builder and have been using it our clients for over 12 months. Do you offer any integration with other web based CRM’s like MindBody? This would add an awesome element to both products and a fully encompassing product.

      1. Jeff Knox

        Essentially you set your days that you want to work out. If you go on the days you listed then you earn money from the users that did not go on the days they listed. Therefore if you are a regular at the gym then this would be great for you. It’s pretty new so not sure how it will work out but should be good if enough people use it.

  2. Jimmysmith

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