Keep Active and Cool This Summer

The weather is starting to get warmer and it is going to get harder to motivate yourself to exercise in the heat, so we have compiled a list of fun activities you can do to keep you exercising on hot days but also to cool you off.
Firstly the obvious choice is to go for a swim, the local pool or beach is a great place for some exercise, whether you swim, walk or run, the buoyancy of the water means that there is low impact on your joints and you can keep cool while burning lots of kilojoules.
Next give surfing a try, if you head towards a surf beach there are lots of surf board hire places and for 1-2 hours it’s relatively inexpensive.
But be sure to get advice from locals about the surf conditions and the best spots for beginners. Or for less than $100 at most places you can get a lesson and board hire to get started.
If that’s not your style you could explore the scenery of the ocean with a guided snorkelling tour. Most places will take you on a guided tour will all equipment included for around $60.
So this summer try and mix it up and try something new you may even discover a new hobby!

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