Lacking motivation in your training? Why not take up a sport?

While I have always believed that joining a sport was a great way to get my clients active and make them accountable to exercise outside of their personal training sessions. My encouragement is usually meet with I’m too old, I haven’t done it in years or I haven’t got the time. This post is inspired by a client of mine who actually went through with it and started playing football (Yes… real football AFL style haha) again.

Since then I have noticed a huge improvement in his training with a spring in his step and a realisation that with every little run, every weight lifted all of his hard work is going to help him play better and enjoy the sport he has chosen to play. It also helped him to realise just how fit all his training had actually gotten him. Most of us will train hard to loose weight and get in to great shape but never truly see how much all of the hard work actually pays off. To his surprise he was able to play the whole game running away from opponents with ease and with plenty left in the tank. A credit to how hard he has worked.

But that is not too say I think everyone should go out a join there local football team. Everybody has different preferences and is inclined to enjoy different sports. But no matter what the sport I can just about guarantee one thing. That the fitter and stronger you are, the better you will be able to perform. In every sport, from lawn bowls to cage fighting the higher your levels of fitness the longer you will be able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

The camaraderie that develops with in teams can also help to ensure you keep coming back each week giving you a great work out that you are sure to enjoy every time. So if you are lacking a bit of motivation, especially in the cold winter months perhaps you can take up a sport you enjoy to help reinvigorate your training and keep you motivated to succeed

Have you joined a sport to help you get fit? We would love to hear your story.

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