Lazy Sunday @ The MCG and Etihad Stadium

Well yet again everyone’s favourite day is here. You have got to love a Sunday. But what to do? There is plenty on as usual in Melbourne but with the end of the season just a few weeks out  and teams desperate to make the cut come finals time, its a great chance to see some amazing games of football. While your at it I’ll even throw in a few ways to get in a bit of cheeky exercise while you are there.

If you are deciding to head on down to the MCG for some AFL action then a great way to get into the mood for the game is to catch a train in (also helps you to avoid the hassle of finding a parking space). Get off at Flinders St Station and enjoy the walk and atmosphere with all the supporters making their way into our great stadium. The 2km walk will be a great start to the day and get excited for the match.

If Etihad Stadium is your choice of venue then you can catch a train in to Southern Cross Station for a short walk or drive the car and park a little further away and enjoy the atmosphere on the walk leading into the ground.

And of course there is always the ramps & stairs to walk up and down once you are inside the stadium. Then there is the cheering and yelling at umpires to help get your heart rate up a little.

Alternatively if you would like to get up close to the action then perhaps a VFL game is more your style with smaller crowds you are able to get right up to the fence to view the action, and with most teams filled with young AFL stars trying to find there feet the games are always of a high standard. The best part is the opportunity to run out on the field and have a kick around yourself in between quarters giving you that bit of exercise to help keep you in shape.

For more info and fixtures click on the links below



Enjoy your lazy Sunday full of great football action!

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