Lazy Sunday @ The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Good Morning, hope you are having a great weekend. And even if you are not it is about to get there, if you have nothing to do today you can get some laughs from one of the numerous funny men/women that are on show for the comedy festival.

Over the next month or so Melbourne is playing host to some of the best comedy acts in the world as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. There are plenty of acts to go and see including Arj Barker, Adam Hills, Car Barron, Charlie Pickering, Josh Thomas and Wil Anderson just to name a few.

You can check out a full list of the acts showing by jumping onto the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website and head on down to get a huge abdominal workout courtesy of the worlds best comedians.

Comment below and let us know who your favourite is.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday @ The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

    1. Luke

      Good to see that the man of yours is getting you out of the house Nicole. How is your training going? Good to see you getting things going!

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