Man Up Monday – 10 Minute Sled Challenge

Hey Guys,

Todays workout is going to be well, torturous to say the least so strap your self in and get ready for some pain courtesy of our old mate ‘The Mule’ the trusty sled we keep down at the South Melbourne Personal Training Studio.

There are 2 exercises you have to know for this work out.

The Sled Push: Basically pushing the sled, get as low as you can keeping you back flat and parallel to the floor and use you legs to push and propel the sled forward.

The Sled Pull: Start standing on the end of the sled holding onto the handles, without letting go jump back then in a rowing motion pull the sled towards you.

The workout will be 10 minutes of pushing and pulling the sled back and forth over a 10 m track (push one way, pull the other).

The aim is to complete as many laps as you can in the 10 minute challenge.

Have Fun. Post your lap total below once you have completed the workout

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