Man Up Monday – 1000 Waves

Hey Guys, its a brand new week and what better way to get it started than with a big workout with the power ropes. The session is 10 exercises, 100 reps of each making a total rep load of 1000 waves for the workout.

100 x Double Waves (Hold rope in each hand, rapidly raise both hands from hip to shoulder height creating a wave in the rope)

100 x Alternating Waves (Hold rope in each hand, alternatively raise each hand from hip to shoulder height)

100 x Circle Waves In (Hold the rope in each hand and make large circles rotating hands in towards each other)

100 x Lateral Rotations (Hold the rope in each hand, starting with both hands next to your right hip, raise hands up to chin and back down to your left hip. Then do the reverse rapidly. 50 either side)

100 x Circle Waves Out (As with the circle waves in but in the other direction)

100 x Star Jumps (Hold the rope in each hand and perform a star jump)

100 x Crossovers (Hold rope in either hand, start with arms out wide then cross them over and back)

100 x Chop Waves (Hold rope in either hand. Start with hands at left shoulder height and whip down to right hip and back up. Do 50 then change to the other side)

100 x Quick Double Waves (Same as double waves but smaller faster movements)

100 x Quick Alternating Waves (Same as Alternating waves but smaller faster movements)

Make sure you time your workout and post your result in the comments below.

Good Luck!

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