Man Up Monday – Bodyweight ‘300’ workout

For this weeks Man Up Monday workout of the day we are going to be doing our version of the 300 workout using only your bodyweight. Go through this work out completing all reps of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise.

50 x Push Ups (hands at shoulder width lower body to ground and push back up)

50 x Sumo Squats (feet out in a wide stance, squat down making sure knees track over your toes)

25 x Pull Ups (pull your body weight up to an overhead bar, make sure you get your chin above the bar)

50 x Lunges (start with feet together, step out drop back knee to ground and push back till feet are together again. Repeat on other side. 25 reps each side)

25 x Dips (using parallel bars or rings, with feet off ground and arms extended lower body towards ground and push back up)

25 x Burpees (start in push up position, jump feet up to between hands, then jump in the air, place hands on the ground and jump feet out back into the push up position)

50 x Grasshoppers (start in the push up position, remove left hand from the ground and rotate shoulder to a vertical position. Extend right leg underneath body. Repeat other side. 25 reps each side)

25 x ‘V’ Sit (lay fat on your back with hands behind your head raise arms and legs at the same time and reach towards your toes)

Good luck and be sure to post your time in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Man Up Monday – Bodyweight ‘300’ workout

  1. Patywak

    mudlark 10 min flat        mudlark jnr 13.28      yeh try and take the glory away this time nathan ha ha

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